Fodlan Chronicles

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Fodlan Chronicles is a role-playing forums board based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focusing on the Garreg Mach Monastery’s Officers Academy, Fodlan Chronicles is made up of original characters and follows an original storyline, making it suitable for those who have not experienced the game but are fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search Visit

Finding Forever – the fast-paced game of finding your Scientifically Proven™ soulmate!

The newest international reality TV show, pairing psychology and science to find TRUE LOVE!
Inspired by shows like R U THE ONE, Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, Temptation Island, Love Connection, etc.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Inclusive Community, and VERY PLOT DRIVEN!

[ 18+ ]|[ Player-Oriented ]|[ Premium Board ]|[ Discord ]

Pokemon Romance Adventures

May 2, 2021 Fandom RPGs

Be either an human, anthro of any kind, or a regular talking animal in a storyline of your choice whatever it may be between in, and outside the pokemon world universe with either an fandom related, or own character. Let’s do pokemon in more of a adult manner that focuses more on the romance, and lemon / mature stuff. Grow up the young characters you enjoyed, and take them on an different adventure this time.

Çità de Masca (ÇdM)

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The City of Masks, or Çità de Masca (ÇdM) is a play-by-post (p-b-p), historical fiction roleplaying forum about Venice, circa 1574, during the Italian Renaissance when all of Italy was changing… and so the world, where stories about normal lives, loves, intrigue, mystery, conspiracy, corruption, instability… courtesans, honored and lower class… greed and abuse of religious power… and government cover-ups were never so appealing… even with the stories of **Sala Consiglio dei Dieci** (*Trial Chambers of the Council of Ten*), where Venice’s “Star Chamber” plots anonymous accusations of treason… as innocent victims, as well as the guilty, reside in the Pozzi (prison)…

And to alleviate the fear of unfamiliarity with Venice, Italy, or Europe, you need not know the history, for there are story information readily available at a fingertip to aid you, should you

REIGN OF THE APES: A Planet of the Apes RP

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The year is 2157 and the world as we know it is fractured. From the ashes of nuclear war, apes have risen to become the dominant species. Humans? Are left to serve as their pets and slaves. But somewhere in “The Forbidden Zone” there is talk of a revolution lead by the mythical ape Caesar. Talk that may just spark hope for peace among the species, or spell doom for them both.

Reign of the Apes is a heavily-AU Planet of the Apes RP that combines all aspects of its parent canon. Newly reopened with a short app, and no word count, there’s a million reasons to GO APE.

Emeria- An Original Fantasy Medieval Rp

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Emeria. A medieval fantasy RP. Humans have developed psionic abilities which they believe are granted to them from the heavens. Many choose to use these abilities for the betterment of mankind, but there are those who use their Gifts for their own personal gain, and still, others use theirs for less than honorable purposes. Join our two kingdoms as they work to discover the true nature of a brutal cold spell that has turned the continent into a frozen wasteland. Your character may be the final piece needed to help Emeria solve this puzzle!

PAX-18 // virus/zombie original RPG

PAX-18 // virus/zombie original RPG Visit

The government has practically fallen. It has been ninety days since the virus was noticed, and sixty days since the first death – and the first case of the dead attacking the living. The state of New York is in shambles, people scrounging for necessities and to survive. Sanctuaries that were set up are over run, most have fallen, there is one left that anyone in the state knows of. That sanctuary found in Central Park is small and no longer allowing any survivors inside in order to keep those already inside alive. Because of this, survivors have started teaming together, creating their own groups in order to try and fight for their lives.

How long will the sanctuary last before it falls with the rest? Will those inside survive? And how long can those on the outside survive? No one knows what’s happening outside the New York, but rumors are that bombs have started to fall in the worst areas, and the fear is that it’s only a matter of time before no one is left.

Eden’s Requiem

Eden’s Requiem
April 24, 2021

The Plot

Set in the year of 2045 on the planet Earth, Eden’s Requiem takes place in a world not completely unlike our own– albeit a bit more along the line in technological developments. Humans live fairly similarly to how they do in the modern day, with a bit of a twist; the world is teeming with magic and supernatural creatures lurk around every corner. There are several various factions that are currently caught in a state of conflict and tension, the latter of which is only building, and several places have already been targeted by different factions.

The roleplay itself weaves together fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural themes all while focusing on character development, narration, and world-building. A discord account is required, be warned!

Love Island Replay

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Love Island Replay

Now accepting applications for Season 4 – celebrating love in the snow just in time for Christmas!

Join a premium JCINK community focused on the fun of playing together & the thrill of finding love! Romance & ship roleplay inspired by the hit reality show Love Island and Love Island the Game. LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Inclusive Community, and VERY PLOT DRIVEN!

Super active & interactive community, since June ‘20.

[ 18+ ]|[ Player-Oriented ]|[ Premium Board ]|[ Discord ]

Love by Chance the RPG

Love by Chance the RPG
April 23, 2021 Fandom RPGs

Love by Chance is a RPG based around the story and characters from the TV show Love by Chance
and the book My Accidental Love Is You. The story begins where the end of season one ended. Ae
and Pete are happy, together – but something is stirring, will Pete’s father suddenly become involved
in his life and try to end the relationship? Tin is alone, Can’s request for friendship denied because
that is the exact opposite of what Tin wanted. He’s now left alone in a home that leaves him feeling
as though he is drowning. The other characters? That’s for you to decide! Join us and tell the story
as you see it. Complete story takes place in Thailand.
LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY as the story is a BL. Canon and Original characters are very welcome.