Remnants | New Zombie Survival Roleplay | High Ranks Open!

Remnants | New Zombie Survival Roleplay | High Ranks Open! Visit


The world has fallen, and the undead have taken over. It’s a story we’ve all heard hundreds of times. For roleplayers looking for a twist on this classic formula, Remnants is the place for you!
Remnants is a forum roleplay in which everyone over the age of 16 has been turned into flesh-hungry zombies. Now, it’s up to the children of the world, to rebuild.
This roleplay includes different factions, all of which hold their own space in the landscape of fallen Seattle.The City Council – As far as these kids are concerned, laws are the backbone of civilization. They live in the Space Needle, and have the power to create forcefields.The Legion – In direct opposition to the Council, these kids view life as little more than one long battle. They live in Pike Place Market, and have the power to enhance their fighting abilities.The Pacifics – These kids are split into two factions: Those dedicated to faith, and those dedicated to science. They live in the Pacific Science Center, and have the power of divination. The two factions constantly find themselves at odds.

The Kids of the Pasture – These kids have dedicated their lives to service of a deity whom they call The Core– a deity who lives at the center of the Earth and who can only be worshiped via planting crops, as the roots are believed to nourish this god. They live in Chihuly Glass and Garden, and have the power to control animals (and, possibly, even humans.)

The Jackals – These kids have no care for law, order, or structure. They are rogues, with only a home base uniting them. They live in the Seattle Central Monorail, and have the power of illusion.

The Boardwalk Kids – These kids are perceived as being incredibly brave, but, despite a perfect-seeming exterior, the boardwalk kids live under the constant fear of being thrown out of their home, if they inspire their leader’s ire. They live in the Seattle Aquarium, and have the power to enhance their natural abilities.

These are only the current groups in Remnants. The world is changing, and anything can happen! Remnants is waiting for you. Come and help put the world back together!

The Wicked Web We Weave

The Wicked Web We Weave Visit

About an hour east of New Orleans lies the fictional town of Raconteur, Louisiana. The citizens live, work, and play while experiencing the joys, sorrows, excitement, and heartache of the good ol’ fashioned Southern life.

There is trouble brewing underneath the surface though. Troubles involving the more supernatural species dwelling this earth. Age old feuds are rising to the surface again, power struggles that are starting to grow exponentially with every passing moment. The Vampires, creatures of the night, are growing increasingly impatient, not only wanting to possess dominion over the bustling city’s nightlife but setting out to conquer the world. Perhaps the witches of New Orleans could help with that? Or have they struck up an allegiance with the Undead’s age old enemy the Wolves? The community is unsettled and people are afraid. A war is brewing, how long will it take before the city of Raconteur can no longer take the heat and everything around them will fall to ruins?

Writer looking for a safe space and or partner to join up with


Okay, so here is the deal. I love to write. I’ve been writing in roleplaying games for the better part of my life. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now and it’s my cure for the insanity that is my life.

I am someone that posts regularly, loves to participate and I am open to anything. I have a broad range of interests and that shows in everything I do. Even one on one writing.

I’ve always considered myself a nice an easy going person with an open mind. However I have been badly injured by people in my writing circle. People I considered friends. It made me realise that perhaps this is exactly what we are missing here, a place where all people all welcome, where they feel appreciated and excited about creating a new world and not judged by other writers who believe their skills are above others, or seek to replace you first chance they get.

Be kind to others in times likes this, have fun and be free to create a wonderful world together.


sonic high school RP

sonic high school RP
August 11, 2020 Fandom RPGs

Exactly what it sounds like! a semi-lit, freeform roleplay where you can be a canon character and/or your own OC!

Whether you’re a new fan or just trying to relive the cringe days of your youth, all are welcome!


Biandri Visit

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RPG Rating: 3 2 3

We here at Biandri are a play by post fantasy canine RPG. Let your imagination run rampant, engaging in an immersive community of intermediate to advanced writers. Start your journey as a Biandri native, or cross the threshold into an entirely new world, gaining magical blessings to further primitive survival.

Whether you’re here for the writing or relationships, we surely have something for everybody; captivating and devastating Players vs Enemy boss fights, a character stat system to measure development, easy-to-learn mechanics, and both IC and OOC events and competitions with out-of-this-world rewards!

With the Gods’ and their active influence over Biandri, we hope to provide imaginative freedom to our writers, exploring the continent shrouded with mystery and beauty alike.

Estorica: The Land of Cavus

Estorica: The Land of Cavus Visit

Age Requirement: 18+ (Does not mean there is a focus on smut, just a requirement for our member base)

user posted image

Estorica , a land brimming with magic, once had magic before. It was a world filled with gods but now they are nowhere to be seen and dangers are starting to crawl from a hole in the world aptly named The Abyss. No one knows why it suddenly appeared, but it seems not to have been the first time as crumbling building

Fodlan Chronicles

Fodlan Chronicles
December 5, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Fodlan Chronicles is a role-playing forums board based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focusing on the Garreg Mach Monastery’s Officers Academy, Fodlan Chronicles is made up of original characters and follows an original storyline, making it suitable for those who have not experienced the game but are fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

The Roleplay Network

The Roleplay Network
July 16, 2020 RPG Resource Sites

A new way to find what you need!

TRN’s unique filtereable directories allow you to quickly browse roleplays, faces, graphics, tutorials and more, with a faceted search system that makes finding what you need simpler than ever!

We accept roleplays of all types, and are currently accepting listings for:

  • Roleplay groups (any format)
  • Resource hubs (such as other directories, communities, resource makers, RP help blogs and more on any format!)
  • Tutorials (for anything roleplay related, including graphics, coding, advertising and more!)
  • Graphics resources (such as premade icons, gifs, graphics templates and so on!)
  • Faces for our ever-expanding face directory!

So let’s get connected! List your groups and resources at The Roleplay Network now!

Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse

Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse
December 15, 2018 Fandom RPGs

Ever wondered how fantastic the beasts are in Australia?

Tallygarunga is a Potterverse-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

Characters can attend school at Tallygarunga, become part of the Narragyambie community, or even get their magical university degrees at Victoria Magical University. A wide range of opportunities is available for characters aged six to six-hundred, and include positions in the Ministry of Magic, create your own shops, run classes, and earn or lose house points!

There’s no need to be intimately familiar with Australia or the Harry Potter series to join, our community is relaxed and happy to teach as you go. Our discord is available for any questions from guests, members, and lurkers alike!

Come join the fun!