White Sand Empire



A call echoes from the rolling sea of bleached dunes to the derelict ruins beneath the sands. From the spiraling toadstool towers of Fungi Forest to the glassed wilderness or crystals—the deepest depths of the Obsidian Canyon, to the thick blanket of ash coating the volcanic heart. Between this arid world and that of the primordial bosom to the north lurks a highway of pastures, where hamlets of bone and ports reside. Beyond that, the virulent swamplands, abundant jungle, misty mountains, and delipidated remains of a prior epoch slumber. Towers of lumber reach to the firmaments while denizens nestle within its verdant-hued branches. Welcome to the dream, and it is that call to adventure that has beckoned you. Our world is one of depth and internal logic. The populace possesses diverse cultures, where even the NPCs are people.

This setting, like clay, is yours to mold. A light of hope where everything is earned, nothing is given, and what is merited may no one strip away. ​Each roleplay is interwoven, formulating the tapestry that is our collective story. The consequence of actions, formulating ripples, drifting far beyond the RP or the setting the incident occurred. Here, characters grow on their in-universe pursuits, and death can be around every corner. Be it a merchant, warrior, wizard, scholar, noble, captain, bandit leader, farmer, courier, or anything in between. Make what you desire, watch as the setting yields to your struggles. Our world may be dark and Darwinian, yet, it is the melodies we as players forge that glisten within the darkness. So join us, and see what lurks within the sands of time.

https://discord.gg/APPsSP5Jdv (OOC Discord)

Fodlan Chronicles

Fodlan Chronicles Visit

Fodlan Chronicles is a role-playing forums board based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focusing on the Garreg Mach Monastery’s Officers Academy, Fodlan Chronicles is made up of original characters and follows an original storyline, making it suitable for those who have not experienced the game but are fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

DSRP, A Demon Slayer Alternative Universe Roleplay

July 2, 2022 Fandom RPGs

Demon Slayer Roleplay (DSRP For Short) is a premium JCINK forum that lets you make a demon or a demon slayer in our original AU! We thrive on creativity and originality, and we do not function on grading other people’s writing. There are no time limits, and no word count requirements (except for special rewards!) and we offer you quality roleplay of your choosing. If you are interested, come check us out! We have lots to offer. We have the 12 Kizuki as well as the Hashira available for members to join as well if they qualify!

We have a very in-depth turn-based combat system that derives from the manga’s breathing styles. We also have custom Blood Demon Arts for those demon characters! If you like, we also offer custom breaths of your choosing! You simply need to write it 🙂

We offer pretty much any RP that you can imagine, whether it’s becoming a Slayer or a Demon, or just acting as a wandering shopkeeper or samurai!

Hope Rises: A DC Comics RP

Hope Rises: A DC Comics RP
June 30, 2022 Fandom RPGs

The players and staff of Hope Rises would like to invite you to join us for a new DC Comics universe RP! Hope Rises is set in the modern DCU, and is informed mostly by the Rebirth and Infinite Frontier canon.

What We Are: Open, friendly, accepting, sandbox-y, and canon.

What We Aren’t: Panfandom, DCEU, or Marvel/DC crossover.

What We Might Be: Cool?

There are still major canons open, and the futures of the heroes, villains, and teams of the DC Comics universe is in our hands. We hope you come join!

Other Notes: We are not a DCEU/Snyderverse RP. Character origins must be rooted in comic canon, but are allowed to be ‘inspired’ by other media. Although the rating is 3-3-3 to allow for maximum freedom of writing, we are NOT a smut/sex site, and it should not be the focus of your RP. There are other sites just for that, and we respectfully direct you there if that’s what you’re looking for.

it’s Eleven Eleven – Make a Wish

it’s Eleven Eleven – Make a Wish Visit

…Close your eyes and make a wish. Welcome to Mount Angel!

11:11 is a no word-count, inclusive roleplaying community interested in playing slice-of-life roleplays with creative individuals who are looking to escape into a world full of wishes.

11:11 is a Premium JCINK roleplaying forum featuring small-town living, full of big experiences – and creative storytelling. 18+ and 3-3-3 rated, we invite anyone and everyone to join us on this journey!

Mount Angel has everything – from the small-town drugstore to the local grocery store, preschool to the local college, beautiful parks to public services, and everything in between. All that is missing is you!


[ Small-Town Real Life ][ Community-Driven ][ 18+ ][ Discord ]

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search Visit

Finding Forever – the fast-paced game of finding your Scientifically Proven™ soulmate!

Be a STAR in the newest international reality TV show game, pairing psychology and science to find TRUE LOVE!

Inspired by shows like Are You The One, Love Island, Temptation Island, Paradise Hotel, etc.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Inclusive Community, and VERY PLOT DRIVEN!

[ 18+ ]|[ Player-Oriented ]|[ Premium JCINK ]|[Fast-Paced]|[ Discord ]

Blood of the Covenant

Blood of the Covenant Visit

Guidebook ☼ Rules & Regulations ☼ Setting & Lore ☼ Mav Species ☼ Discord

Blood of the Covenant is an elemental creature adoption RP set on the newly-discovered continent Solaris. The first travelers to step foot on this untouched land encountered what came to be known as mavericks—intelligent animals with the ability to control the elements. They found that, with a little effort, a telepathic bond could be formed with the mavericks, and a unique economy sprang up around those who were brave enough to forge these bonds. Word quickly spread back across the ocean and countless settlers have traveled to Solaris to seek fame, fortune, and freedom.

• human characters can bond with elemental animals known as mavs, using them to explore, do battle, and build a new civilization.
• discover new areas, elements, mav species, abilities, npcs, items, and more.
• stat-based leveling.
• simple dice-based combat system.
• events and plot hooks—both site-wide and individualized.
• encounter system.
• join as a trainer, tamer, artisan, or civilian.

Three on a Match

Three on a Match Visit

Three On A Match is an 18+ 3-3-3 modern-day fantasy and supernatural RP set in the fictional city of Easthaven, Massachusetts. Our lore draws inspiration from Lovecraft, works like The Dresden Files and Hellboy, penny dreadfuls, and folklore and mythology from all over the world. We have seasonal events, robust magic lore that allows you to customize your characters to your heart’s content, and an agile storytelling dice system that is optional to use. Join us as we explore the life and times of supernatural creatures, spooky spectres, and witchy humans.

In this world, everything mythical and unknown is real, the good and the bad.



Scripturient Visit

Scripturient is a multi-genre forum website for literate adult writers to RP together.

🖋 18+
🖋 Places for both group and private roleplays
🖋 No minimum word count but there are literacy rules for roleplay posts
🖋 Mature content is allowed with a clear warning tags requirement
🖋 RP focused but with places to socialize and share writing outside of roleplays

Come be a part of our growing community!

Siliren – A Unique Preindustrial Fantasy World

Siliren – A Unique Preindustrial Fantasy World Visit

The world of Siliren was born over 300 years ago after a great calamity caused huge environmental and social changes. Now a stranger in their own land, the Human race has been forced to adapt to the new sentient beings that have settled on their planet. Based largely in a preindustrial renaissance era, the people of Siliren are slowly expanding their knowledge of their own world. Our dedicated moderation team is here to help new players personalize their experience on Siliren by helping form plotlines that create a unique experience for each character. New arrivals to Siliren can find an active community of writers roleplaying their way through worldwide plotlines as they continue to discover hidden parts of the map, or build their character’s reputation in society through participation in underground organizations or fighting their way through the growing racial tension on the surface. Explore more of our world’s unique features on our Discord – https://discord.gg/hguWZXpxe7