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An place you got stranded on that’s open to either your own thing, or something fandom based for worlds while being either a fandom, or own character either human, non-human, or anthro / talking animal. Mature / lemon


still new, and seeking members

it’s Eleven Eleven – Make a Wish

it’s Eleven Eleven – Make a Wish Visit

…Close your eyes and make a wish. Welcome to Mount Angel! 11:11 is a no word-count, inclusive roleplaying community interested in playing slice-of-life roleplays with creative individuals who are looking to escape into a world full of wishes.

11:11 is a Premium JCINK roleplaying forum featuring small-town living, full of big experiences – and creative storytelling! 18+ and 3-3-3 rated, we invite anyone and everyone to join us on this journey.

Mount Angel has everything – from the small-town drugstore to the local grocery store, preschool to the local college, beautiful parks to public services, and everything in between. All that is missing is you!

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search Visit

Finding Forever – the fast-paced game of finding your Scientifically Proven™ soulmate!

The newest international reality TV show, pairing psychology and science to find TRUE LOVE!
Inspired by shows like R U THE ONE, Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, Temptation Island, Love Connection, etc.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Inclusive Community, and VERY PLOT DRIVEN!

[ 18+ ]|[ Player-Oriented ]|[ Premium Board ]|[ Discord ]

Pokemon Romance Adventures

May 2, 2021 Fandom RPGs

Be either an human, anthro of any kind, or a regular talking animal in a storyline of your choice whatever it may be between in, and outside the pokemon world universe with either an fandom related, or own character. Let’s do pokemon in more of a adult manner that focuses more on the romance, and lemon / mature stuff. Grow up the young characters you enjoyed, and take them on an different adventure this time.


[still seeking members]

Fodlan Chronicles

Fodlan Chronicles Visit

Fodlan Chronicles is a role-playing forums board based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focusing on the Garreg Mach Monastery’s Officers Academy, Fodlan Chronicles is made up of original characters and follows an original storyline, making it suitable for those who have not experienced the game but are fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

Silver Rivers

Silver Rivers Visit

Silver Rivers is a 3/3/3 Play-by-Post, original science fiction roleplay community set in year 3042 isolated aboard a colony ship that has been sabotage, lost in space and far from its destination. Designed for psychological horror, intrigue, and realism.
Designed with advanced writers, mature adults 21+ in mind who prefer 300+ wordcount, a dash of critical thinking and a love for interpersonal connections. In Silver Rivers, everything a character does matters from the air that they breathe, words spoken, and actions made.
Consider Silver Rivers a “space scenario” and collectively characters through decisions, interactions, actions, and collective skills choose their own ending. So, while there is an overarching story that matters, it is up to the characters to drive where it goes and if the colony ship ultimately ever gets to its destination (or finds a new one). Cause and effect are high here because…. Space is not safe.


Exadia Visit

An Original Medieval Fantasy // no word count // LGBT+ friendly.

A medieval fantasy post-by-post role-play site that takes place in the so-called ‘utopian’ realm of Exadia. Filled with Magic and deadly creatures.

A character-driven textbase role play with tons of unique races, titles, and so much more. Forbidden Romances, Monster hunting, and political intrigue can be found within our diverse and dangerous world. For your character’s actions affect what happens in the story. With its rich lore, player-involved world-building, and wild magic, there is something for just about everyone.

Ilvermorny Pride

Ilvermorny Pride
January 25, 2020 Fandom RPGs

Congratulations! You have been invited to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

The long shadow of the dark wizard known as The Grandfather looms over the castle as students and teachers recover from his show of power. Does the school return to business-as-usual in spite of the fear lurking in every dark corridor? Will the Masked Lords of Ilvermorny finally step out from the darkness and into the light to save the school as they were intended? An ancient evil waits in the wings to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting, biding its time for the opportune moment to make itself known.

Ilvermorny Pride is looking for students and teachers to fill its halls and for members of MACUSA to help build our main story arc. This is an 18+ play-by-post forum RP. We are a small community looking to expand. All skill levels welcome. No required word count. Now is the perfect time to introduce a character for the Spring 2019 semester!

Beyond the Thames

Beyond the Thames Visit

Beyond the Thames is a Victorian Historical Fiction community set primarily in the 1870’s in London, England. We’re a 18+ Premium jcink board with a 3/3/3 rating. Comedy to Tragedy and
everything in between, we welcome every genre that fits into the historical setting. At this point in time, Londoners were right in the middle of the reign of Queen Victoria. It is a class-based society where the population was growing greatly in its ability to vote, create a better state and economy, and show Britain’s status as the most powerful empire in the world. Players are welcome to create their own original characters or collaborate to take a wanted character or plot.

We use Discord as our primary Out of Character medium of communication and greatly encourage anyone interested in the site to join us there for more information. (

Çità de Masca (ÇdM)

Çità de Masca (ÇdM) Visit

The City of Masks, or Çità de Masca (ÇdM) is a play-by-post (p-b-p), historical fiction roleplaying forum about Venice, circa 1574, during the Italian Renaissance when all of Italy was changing… and so the world, where stories about normal lives, loves, intrigue, mystery, conspiracy, corruption, instability… courtesans, honored and lower class… greed and abuse of religious power… and government cover-ups were never so appealing… even with the stories of **Sala Consiglio dei Dieci** (*Trial Chambers of the Council of Ten*), where Venice’s “Star Chamber” plots anonymous accusations of treason… as innocent victims, as well as the guilty, reside in the Pozzi (prison)…

And to alleviate the fear of unfamiliarity with Venice, Italy, or Europe, you need not know the history, for there are story information readily available at a fingertip to aid you, should you