Join the Shiloh County Emergency Response Team!

Join the Shiloh County Emergency Response Team! Visit

Join the Shiloh County Emergency Response Team, and become a firefighter, sheriff’s deputy, or emergency medical technician! SCERT is a forum-based play-by-post roleplaying game set in a fictional US state where members take on the roles of members of the fire department, sheriff’s department, and emergency medical services. No real life experience is required.

Give No Quarter

Give No Quarter Visit

We are a fantasy realm, set in a kingdom called Atelus. Ruled by a young queen, the kingdom has been mostly at peace for some time.
Pirates have long plagued the land, but recently rumors of more daring pirates have reached the kingdom.

Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse

Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse
December 15, 2018 Fandom RPGs

Ever wondered how fantastic the beasts are in Australia?

Tallygarunga is a Potterverse-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

Characters can attend school at Tallygarunga, become part of the Narragyambie community, or even get their magical university degrees at Victoria Magical University. A wide range of opportunities is available for characters aged six to six-hundred, and include positions in the Ministry of Magic, create your own shops, run classes, and earn or lose house points!

There’s no need to be intimately familiar with Australia or the Harry Potter series to join, our community is relaxed and happy to teach as you go. Our discord is available for any questions from guests, members, and lurkers alike!

Come join the fun!

Ilvermorny Pride

Ilvermorny Pride
January 25, 2020 Fandom RPGs

Congratulations! You have been invited to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

A dark wizard has been revealed, having been kidnapping young children for his own purposes. Was he brainwashing an army or simply the kind old Grandfather these children claim when they finally rejoin society at America’s only wizarding school? Is he connected to this unusual appointment of a new, virtually-unknown superintendent who promises to bring the school into the 21st century? With eerie pranks being perpetrated, a student attacked, and a sudden exodus of residents shocking the castle as a whole, who can know what will happen next…?

Ilvermorny Pride is looking for students and teachers to fill its halls. This is an 18+ play-by-post forum RP. We are a small community looking to expand. All skill levels welcome. No required word count. We are currently finishing December 2018, heading into the Winter break. Now is the perfect time to introduce a character for the Spring 2019 semester!

USS Birger

February 20, 2020 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

The year is 2330. As the USS Birger finishes the last of a minor refit, she preps to depart once more for the outer edge of Federation space where she is tasked with providing emergency response and relief for vessels, starbases, and colonies. The Birger is equipped to handle and assist with SAR, natural disasters, medical aid, damage control, and any other emergency thrown her way. With a mix of salty crew and fresh faces, she stands ready to be the safety net when times are dire.

The USS Birger is looking for crew interested in exploring the emergency response world of Star Trek. The small crew will be relied on to be multi-faceted and to think out of the box to solve problems and protect the lives of the UFP Citizens on the outer edge of Federation space.



RPG Rating: 222

Many open positions!
*Chief Positions
*Junior Officer Positions
*Enlisted Positions

Deck Of Heroes Kickstarter – 5e RPG Supplement

Deck Of Heroes Kickstarter – 5e RPG Supplement
February 16, 2020 RPG Resource Sites

Deck Of Heroes is a deck of pregenerated level 1 character cards with awesome art, unique backgrounds, roleplaying hooks and all the necessary information to take the first steps into DnD 5e.

The goals are:

*Make it easier for DMs to introduce new players into the hobby by giving the players the Deck of Heroes, let them choose a character based on what it looks fun to play, and start the game in a just few minutes.

*Being able to plan a one-shot without having to spend too much time prepping pregens.

*Have a pool of inspiring characters for players and DMs, to use as player characters or flavourful NPCs.

Take a look and join the campaign!

Storyteller’s Circle

Storyteller’s Circle Visit

Storyteller’s Circle: A multi-genre roleplay forum designed to support a wide array of stories and player interests.

We offer a supportive staff, numerous features to help support roleplays of all types, a live discord, and above all a healthy dose of enthusiasm and inspiration derived from a group of people dedicated to seeing Storyteller’s Circle prosper.

If you’re a roleplayer looking for a fresh start on a new site and who values a healthy community and supportive environment, then I welcome you to come join us at Storyteller’s Circle.

** We provide personal forum space for large roleplays or tabletop roleplays that include multiple sub-forums for sorting threads, tabbed threads for organizing information,  an integrated bbcode dice system, google document embedding, moderator privileges over the roleplay’s forums, and optional co-GMs.

The Golden Realm

The Golden Realm Visit

The Golden Realm is a fantasy roleplay world, with original lore and a selection of races to choose from.

What we Offer:

*Five Races to select from Magician, Vampire, Werewolf, Human, Elf
*Discord RP
*Friendly players
*LGBTQ Friendly
*Structured World

Come join us !!

Estorica – An Original Fantasy RP

Estorica – An Original Fantasy RP Visit
Open Beta is Here!
user posted image

Age Requirement: 18+ (Does not mean there is a focus on smut, just a requirement for our member base)

user posted image
user posted image

Estorica is a roleplaying company dedicated to providing a forum roleplay experience to our users. The company is two years old, while the most recent version of our site will be opening soon. We are providing a jcink premium platform, set in an original world influenced by different parts of the world before the 1900s. The world and its setting are backed up by a dedicated lore team. We love to answer questions about our creation, the little and large intricacies, and the limitations invented to keep things fair and balanced. We do not require character sheets to get started, as that can inhibit the creative process. We do encourage long-lasting roleplay, with connections to other plots across the entire forum. Our goal is to create something with a group of people that everyone enjoys reading and adding onto as time passes. If all of this sounds interesting, feel free to drop in at and check out our living world.

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Abstraction is an all-animal fantasy open-world rpg with very few restrictions when it comes to character creation. We also allow characters from franchises or your own universes! Let your imagination run wild!