Swooping Jobberknolls

Swooping Jobberknolls
January 30, 2020 Fandom RPGs

SwoopingJobberknolls is a Wizarding World roleplaying forum based on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, set in the present and running on real time to allow for adequate character development and RPing opportunities.

All Harry Potter books and publications, as well as Fantastic Beasts films, are considered canon EXCEPT The Cursed Child, the events of which are mostly in the future and could unfold differently in our story.

The plot is member-driven and we’re excited to see what we can collectively come up with as key roles are taken on.

We believe in creativity! You can be anything you want! Join and help us shape the story!

Heart of the Wild

Heart of the Wild Visit

Heart of the Wild is a fun, tight-knit community full of mature individuals actively looking for more like-minded people to join us in creating a story that everyone can enjoy! This is a Canine pack-life roleplaying group that is set on an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific, giving members the choice of joining one of the packs, The Bellatores or Aza’Muar, or roughing it as a Loner and even with the new Character Creation system that has been implemented into the server- There is still a lot of room to let your creativity shine! Since HotW’s initial opening about a year ago now, we have made tremendous changes to our Servers layout and story-line. Pair that with with the cool new bots and features that have also been added to keep things alive and interactive. Some of the other new features include; A currency system and player shop options, A new list of neat mutations your fuzzy pooch could receive, Weekly game and movie nights, And a revamped aging/growth system!

Pveth, a Discord Medieval Fantasy RP


Pveth is medieval fantasy role-play set in a fictional world. It is a role-play that features dark, gritty and mature elements. It is not a role-play of good versus evil, rather a role-play sitting in shades of grey. The personal ambitions of the character that make up its roster, the agenda of lords, and the everyday challenge of surviving. Politics and intrigue are a very large part of the role-play. The actions of a role-players character are not limited (as long as they are within the realm of possibility), and the big rule in the server is every action = reaction.

The goal of Pveth is to create an authentic and immersive role-play experience. To create a role-play that is not only centered around the characters that are of the royalty but also of the nobility that wishes to claw their way to the top, the peasantry looking to survive and maybe make a name for themselves or even a lone knight trying to prove his honor.

Can you survive Pveth?

Rated M Doing Things Non-Straight Style

December 1, 2019

Guy x guy Yaoi / girl x girl Yuri Only, Be in any world / story line you please either your own, or fandom related with smut / lemons being included. Clean roleplays are allowed too, but make sure your partner is down with it first.


[Don’t knock it ’til after visiting our forum. You might find something that interests you.]

Adult Fantasy Roleplay

November 3, 2019

Adult 18 plus Everyone is either an role player, or writer with any type of genre, fandom, character, and pairing at their fingertips in this town.

The About section of our welcome note.
First off you have been given a collection of cards with notes, and blanks.
Below is your first note which says more about our town.

‘What is this town you say?
Well this continuing night covered town is where various role players, and writers between 18, and older, who are interested in all kinds of clean, or smut filled like tales stalk the night for the fantasies they crave under these darken skies.
Good luck stranger’


[Don’t knock it ’til after visiting our forum. You might find something that interests you.]

Welcome to Exonia

Welcome to Exonia Visit

🧙 The Realm of Exonia, a magical world that is mostly unexplored at the beginning of our stories. Because it all starts in the city of Alderworth, a city that has earned its name the Citadel by its favorable position and high walls that reach up to the mountains of the Barren Tips. The city merges perfectly into the countryside from the green fields of the Giant Armadillo Valley into the dangerous Barren Tips mountains to the north. The city has about 80% of humans and when you go to the more expensive areas you will find Ithiris that makes up the remaining 20% of the city population. The city is ruled by a wise and strong viscountess named Euphrasia Constance Aldithley, many know her the Mage of Alderworth, but few know that she is actually not a Mage but a Warlock, a forbidden class in the realm of Exonia.

Sound interested? Hop onto our discord or check out our forum! We are looking for new adventurers to begin their quest!

The Gungan Council

The Gungan Council
January 7, 2020

The Gungan Council is a play by post roleplaying community established in 1999. We feature a very open and relaxed atmosphere where players have endless opportunities to explore the galaxy far far away while meeting new friends and discovering adventure around every corner. Weather it’s starting a new character or transferring over one from another community there will be limitless fun to be had for all involved. No application required, play any rank you wish, in any time period you desire! Be you Sith or Jedi, Rebel or Imperial solider, Smuggler or Bounty Hunter, we welcome all who would come write and discuss everything that Star Wars has to offer at our new location www.thegungancouncil.com.

Please always remember to respect our staff and your fellow community members, but most of all HAVE FUN!

Rating: 3/3/3 – PG-13 image restrictions do apply


November 2, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Greetings! We are an active 18+ Once Upon A Time (OUAT) role-play group on the MeWe platform. In fact, we’re the largest OUAT role-play group on MeWe as well as the most active. And we’re looking for more writers to join our family – more specifically you! Many of your favorite Fairy Tale characters live in the land of Evermore so pop on over to our Application Site and fill out an app.

Our Wanted Characters

Henry Mills (must be able to play him as a child and as an adult)
Robin Hood (Sr)
August Booth
Doctor Facilier
Cora Mills
Will Scarlet
Roland Hood (adult for Season 7)
And many more