Dragon Lore

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Welcome to Elesya. A place where magic runs rampant and the creatures of fairy tales are real. A place where humans and wizards coincide harmoniously and peace has fallen over land for one hundred. One hundred and fifty years ago the beings of Elesya were torn apart by war. Searching for the ultimate weapon. For twenty years they searched until they finally learned of the Dragon Gems.

Fiercely guarded by their dragon protectors, the Dragon Gems gave their holders the powers they possessed. There were twelve gems in total. The only confirmed powers were the four elements (fire, earth, water and air), the winter gem (control of ice and snow), and the shadow gem (the ability to make the shadows corporeal).

The Fair Folk, Elves, Humans and Magic Users all formed together to try and take down the powerful dragons. For fifty years the Dragon/Elesyian war raged on until one day, the dragons disappeared, taking their gems along with them. Since then, the alliance has fallen apart and the


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We are an 18+ modern Supernatural Premium JCink roleplay site taking place present time in a fictional city on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. We are a pretty laid back site that focuses on plots and character relationships. We allow both rapid fire and full length posts on this site. We have both site wide & side plots running to get you started and we encourage our members to develop some on their own. We have 8 different species to choose from which include established groups for each!

No Word Count | Events | Character/Member Driven Site


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We are a beginner-friendly, semi-realistic, multi-species canine text-based rpg. We feature a friendly community, large and beautiful world with 100 unique territories to explore

Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse

Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse
December 15, 2018 Fandom RPGs

Ever wondered how fantastic the beasts are in Australia?

Tallygarunga is a Potterverse-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

Characters can attend school at Tallygarunga, become part of the Narragyambie community, or even get their magical university degrees at Victoria Magical University. A wide range of opportunities is available for characters aged six to six-hundred, and include positions in the Ministry of Magic, create your own shops, run classes, and earn or lose house points!

There’s no need to be intimately familiar with Australia or the Harry Potter series to join, our community is relaxed and happy to teach as you go. Our discord is available for any questions from guests, members, and lurkers alike!

Come join the fun!

Shannii Writes Forum

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This website has many other things besides just an RP section. As a staff member of the forum, we are looking for as many members to the RP section as possible. The community is welcoming, and accepting of new RPers and new members. We want all of you if possible! The RPs here range from fantasy to RPs based on shows to modern day high school RPs. Anything you can imagine really. We use discourse as our format, so this site is really user friendly and isn’t complicated whatsoever. Anyone is free to participate and create RPs (or SGs). You just need an e-mail to make an account! Feel free to DM me @BlondeGlassesGirl with all of your questions regarding anything! Thank you so much love!

Metro: Beyond

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In the year 2013 World War III erupted in a nuclear storm. Billions of lives were erased from the world. The desolate bones of what was once Moscow now stand over the last bastions of humanity.

26 years later the survivors exist in a state of near constant war – against mutants, against disease, against starvation.

Against themselves.

The last remnants of humanity exist by clawing out a life in the deep tunnels of the Moscow Metro system. But even with the collapse, mankind has not gotten over its thirst for blood and war. Both the Fourth Reich and Red Line exist in a constant state of struggle. With Red Line leadership destabilized, the Fourth Reich is poised to take over and expand.

Caught in the middle, the rest of Metro braces.


Metro: Beyond is a Post Apocalyptic survival horror with both sci-fi and sci-fantasy elements.

– No App
– No Word Count
– No Character Cap
– No Activity Checks
– Character Mod for easy posting and customization – no account switching!


RPG Initiative

RPG Initiative
August 5, 2019 RPG Resource Sites

RPG Initiative is a community for all roleplayers. We focus on all text based roleplaying forms that are hosted on the internet. We encourage roleplayers to find new partners, discuss roleplay in all its forms, and grow as collaborative writers in a safe environment.

Site Features

RPG Directory. Advertise your forum with a free listing, or browse a vast variety of Active roleplay forums across all genres.
Playby/Face-claim Directory of over 1,000 options, and detailed filters to help you find the perfect face for that new character!
– Personal RP Blogs
Pre-made Graphics & Resources including banners, avatars, signatures and more!
Themes and Mods
RPG Resource Directory
– Software and Hosting Options
– Guides for RP, Coding, and Software usage.
– Discussion Forums for both Players and Staff to ask advice, explore interests, and discuss various aspects of text based roleplay.
– And Loads More!

Join the Initiative!

La Soldier

La Soldier
April 1, 2020 Fandom RPGs

“An amazing amount of power gathers here…and from there everything begins to follow down a path that leads to destruction…All of this was ushered along by fate…” – Sailor Saturn (Infinity Vol. 11, Act 37 – Judgment)

La Soldier is a forum roleplay focused on creating a unique re-telling of the popular anime/manga series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

La Soldier is an epic tale that takes the history and mythos of Sailor Moon, its characters, and elements and incorporates them in new and innovative ways providing a character-driven and character-rich story.

La Soldier is taking applications for canon and original characters.

One Piece – Here We Are.

May 5, 2020 Fandom RPGs

Tired of One-Piece Role-Plays that never get anywhere? Irritated by players who ghost and/or post infrequently?

OP-HWA is an episodic arc-based roleplay that allows players to take on any roles they choose. We are a group of active players that are looking to expand our player base, and we’d love to have you on board.

Players of all skill levels are welcome to join, but do be aware that our core group posts frequently. If you are incapable of keeping up with our pace, there’s a good chance this RP won’t be for you.

Players may take on a primary protagonist role either as an upcoming crew member, a role with the marines that constantly work to stop the pirate menace, an antagonist role during any of the major arcs, or a role with its own unique goals in mind. There is no limit to the amount of characters that a person can create.

Our roleplay is hosted on Discord, and as GM, I am very active in helping new players get started.

Hope to set sail with you soon!

Little Homeworld RP


Looking for people that want to form a new RP community. We have a discord setup for various RP settings/themes, and the forum will facilitate character creation and world building. The categories we are exploring are Medieval Fantasy, Modern Superpower, Inter-Stellar Sci-Fi, and the center of the Multiverse.