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As of 2018, Forum Roleplay offers over seventy different roleplaying game resources — ranging from roleplaying guides to roleplaying code templates. Whether you need pixel icons or a detailed guide to roleplaying game etiquette, Forum Roleplay can help you improve your play-by-post roleplaying skill.

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Myriad Paths

Myriad Paths
March 19, 2023

Myriad Paths is a roleplay inspired by Xianxia novels and Chinese folklore. In a world where humans, demons, spirits, and beasts can cultivate the energies of Heaven and Earth, what will be your path to Immortality?

Highlights include:
• An expansive world to explore
• A wordcount-based progression system designed for flexibility and freedom
• An **optional** combat system designed for use with the above
• Hunting and gathering for use in a flexible crafting system
• LGBTQIA+ Friendly


Elysia Visit

Elysia is a literate warrior cats site set in Vancouver Island following two Clans, CloverClan and GroveClan as they battle against the elements, and each other.

After the mysterious disappearance of three scouts, CloverClan comes to realize that they aren’t the only cats in Elysia. Their mutual hatred is spurred, as CloverClan concludes that GroveClan is keeping their warriors hostage, while GroveClan is unaware of the scouting patrol’s existence. While the two Clans remain distracted, cats are vanishing from patrols, dens, and even the nursery. They both have a common enemy, in the most unlikely of places.

[Recruiting] Unknown Stars RPG

[Recruiting] Unknown Stars RPG Visit

Hello, I am the Leader of the CAS Roleplay group and community on discord, we have a Space RP hosted on our Discord.

Stellaris-like mix of civilization building and geopolitics in a space pbp RP with a custom map and freedom to create your own leader, race, history, and spot on the map.

So, if you are interested in participating and giving the RP a shot, please do join!

There are other channels not related to the RP you will see, so please do keep that in mind if you do join as not to be confused. A server mod will help you sort out where to go for the RP if needed.

The overview doc and the world map shall be provided in the links below as well as a link to our discord if you wish to join.
Galaxy RP Map, each star represents a star system of a potential player or NPC:

RP Details:

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