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Forum Roleplay offers a wealth of roleplaying guides for forum roleplayers — from the fresh-faced newcomer to the seasoned RP administrator. The roleplay guides cover everything from finding your first RPG to adding moderators and administrators to your current RPG.

In addition to “roleplay how-tos” there are a number of guides for template creation and image editing — as graphics and templates are prevalent in the forum roleplay world! From creating custom roleplay character archives to editing and colorizing an image for your RPG character, Forum Roleplay’s guides can help you!

Most guides are Creative Commons and can be downloaded and modified for your RPG. Or — if you always want to get the most up-to-date version, simply link to Forum Roleplay’s page!


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As of 2018, Forum Roleplay offers over seventy different roleplaying game resources — ranging from roleplaying guides to roleplaying code templates. Whether you need pixel icons or a detailed guide to roleplaying game etiquette, Forum Roleplay can help you improve your play-by-post roleplaying skill.

All forum roleplaying resources on Forum Roleplay are completely free and fairly licensed. You can modify RPG resources for your roleplaying game, customizing them exactly how you and your players need them. Or — you can use the resources as-is, linking players back to Forum Roleplay. We only ask for a small credit link back to the Forum Roleplay site — so that others can discover our awesome RPG resources!

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Naturally, Forum Roleplay provides a list of forum and text-based RPG games! Browse the on-site list for the perfect new game. Or — if you’re an RPG administrator — register an account to share your RPG. Enjoy unlimited bumping — keep your RPG on the top of the list!

Silver Rivers

Silver Rivers Visit

Silver Rivers is a 3/3/3 Play-by-Post, original science fiction roleplay community set in year 3042 isolated aboard a colony ship that has been sabotage, lost in space and far from its destination. Designed for psychological horror, intrigue, and realism.
Designed with advanced writers, mature adults 21+ in mind who prefer 300+ wordcount, a dash of critical thinking and a love for interpersonal connections. In Silver Rivers, everything a character does matters from the air that they breathe, words spoken, and actions made.
Consider Silver Rivers a “space scenario” and collectively characters through decisions, interactions, actions, and collective skills choose their own ending. So, while there is an overarching story that matters, it is up to the characters to drive where it goes and if the colony ship ultimately ever gets to its destination (or finds a new one). Cause and effect are high here because…. Space is not safe.


Exadia Visit

An Original Medieval Fantasy // no word count // LGBT+ friendly.

A medieval fantasy post-by-post role-play site that takes place in the so-called ‘utopian’ realm of Exadia. Filled with Magic and deadly creatures.

A character-driven textbase role play with tons of unique races, titles, and so much more. Forbidden Romances, Monster hunting, and political intrigue can be found within our diverse and dangerous world. For your character’s actions affect what happens in the story. With its rich lore, player-involved world-building, and wild magic, there is something for just about everyone.

Romance Shores


An place you got stranded on that’s open to either your own thing, or something fandom based for worlds while being either a fandom, or own character either human, non-human, or anthro / talking animal. Mature / lemon


still new, and seeking members

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