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As of 2018, Forum Roleplay offers over seventy different roleplaying game resources — ranging from roleplaying guides to roleplaying code templates. Whether you need pixel icons or a detailed guide to roleplaying game etiquette, Forum Roleplay can help you improve your play-by-post roleplaying skill.

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Dreams of Tomorrow Supers RPG

January 21, 2024 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

Advertisement: Original Supers roleplaying game with tabletop RPG elements including a progression system. We’re on an expedition to Antarctica in a terraformed home base in the north, looking to uncover the mysteries as to what the heck happened there to cause the things like the weird radiation and Super readings along with what is up with the Eternal Storm that blocks access to the center of the continent.

Characters will by default start without powers, not fully formed, and have their origin stories and ‘Eruption Event’ where they gain their powers on screen. Antarctica is cut off from the rest of the world most of the year, with PCs being the head of governments and member groups able to be created and made official if you make them relevant!

Four key design pillars are Cinematic, Undetermined, Fantasy, Evolution. Let’s write some cool stories, have some fun, and make some friends.

**Site Discord:**

Jujutsu Kaisen RP

December 24, 2023 Fandom RPGs

Welcome to Jujutsu Kaisen RP!


Jujutsu Kaisen RP is an 16+, Premium JCINK Roleplay set fifty years ahead of the current anime timeline. Itadori Yuji is missing, presumed dead, and Gojo Satoru has retired, leaving a power vacuum in the Sorcerer Society. Here at JJK RP, you will be given the ability to progress through the *Sorcerer School*, and become a Jujutsu Sorcerer. You are also able to play as a Cursed User, acting as a villain in our setting of Modern Japan. You can even be a non-sorcerer or Citizen. The possibilities are endless here at JJK RP.

You can enjoy countless features on our RP site, but here are a few of our major highlights:

– An advanced combat system for PvP (Never forced)
– A skill progression system that accurately tracks and measures your strength.
– A quick application process to get you RPing as fast as possible.
– An organized discord for easy staff requests and easy

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