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TESV: The Black Circle Role Play Server (Recruiting)

TESV: The Black Circle Role Play Server (Recruiting)
September 27, 2020 Fandom RPGs

TESV: The Black Circle Role Play Server (Recruiting)

Hello and greetings, I have been working on a purely role play based Skyrim Together server where people who love to role play may use Skyrim to create their own Unique Story that ties in with the main storyline of the Role Play and Role Play Lore, you will be required to download a list of mods but this requirement is just so that we all see what the other sees. This server will have many roles that falls under the RP Factions, if you do not like to get immersed in guild ranks, guild tasks and Guild rank rewards then this mod is not for you as there is indeed a ranking system. We have our own private server, let me mention that there will also be the option to do text based RP sessions as well.

Occult Adventures In Misty Maine


This is a T-1 based Text based role play and is a LoveCraftian/SCP like story taking place in Maine.

The Dreamer stirs, he calls out to those who may aid in his release and spreads madness all throughout Maine. Will you be the one to stop him or will you succumb to his will? Play as a member of SAP or a simple Private detective and try to either stop the wakening of The Dreamer or be the one to waken him, or follow a different path. This story is of your own making, but be careful choosing what road you wish to travel as some may only lead to peril or even death.

Playable Races:

The playable races are Humans, Psychics, Mutated and Hybrids.

This is a Discord RP only.

Steampunk 1888

Steampunk 1888 Visit

Welcome to London, A Shadow Organization has taken over London from within and as a result the gang activity has grown substantially worse than it once was leading to the gangs running all of London, as if things couldn’t get worse London’s government has succumb to corruption. It is up to you to join either a gang, the government or the Shadow Organization. The way you play out the story is up to you as it is your own story to tell, welcome to London and we hope you enjoy your stay…try not to die out there.

Tex Based RP, T-1.

Story Rich RP.

18+ ( There isn’t exactly a focus on adult content though such things as nudity and sex may be in the storyline.)

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