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As of 2018, Forum Roleplay offers over seventy different roleplaying game resources — ranging from roleplaying guides to roleplaying code templates. Whether you need pixel icons or a detailed guide to roleplaying game etiquette, Forum Roleplay can help you improve your play-by-post roleplaying skill.

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Hunters: The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross

Hunters: The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross Visit

A World of the Occult and Paranormal…
Imagine the world today, with its bustling cities, advanced technologies, and daily challenges. Yet, in the shadows, a darker and older truth lurks. Creatures you thought existed only in fairy tales roam the darkness, and forces beyond scientific explanation manipulate the threads of destiny from distant planes of existence.

You are a member of the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, a Rosicrucian, a hunter belonging to a secret society that has existed for centuries, working in the shadows to protect humanity from paranormal threats. Your daily life is a mix of ancient mysteries and modern dangers. Alien technologies, mystical artifacts, and occult rituals are part of your arsenal in the fight against forces not understood by most humans.

In this world where some truths are hidden behind the Veil, each mission is a battle against the invisible, a quest to uncover forgotten truths and neutralize threats that defy imagination. Navigate betwee…

RoleplayRealms [RPR] RoleplayRealms.Me

RoleplayRealms [RPR] RoleplayRealms.Me Visit

At RoleplayRealms, We believe in the magic of storytelling and the power of imagination. Here, you’ll find a diverse group of writers who are eager to collaborate, share ideas, and create unforgettable stories together. The Realms were crafted by taking what was left of old Worlds, Realms that were on the brink of destruction through the process of ecological succession and reconstruction via the old and new gods help, these places were intertwined together after this process aiding in the creation of The Realms in which your character is now apart of. Because of this – It allows all Genre’s or Roleplayers to be able to Roleplay Together! RoleplayRealms is looking for Serious Roleplayers to become Lifetime Roleplay Members and Staff to aide in not only the Grand Opening of the site but also to the Realms. Dear Roleplayer, Please consider us RoleplayRealms. Your New Community and Home.

Obsidian Citadel: Academy of Magic

Obsidian Citadel: Academy of Magic Visit

↷. ೃ₊✎Dear Upcoming Student,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Obsidian Citadel, a prestigious institution of magical learning. Your academic achievements, magical prowess, and potential for greatness have earned you a place among our esteemed student body.

↓﹋﹋↓﹋ ° ﹋ ❁ ﹋ ° ﹋↓﹋﹋ ↓

Obsidian Citadel’s Location

Obsidian Citadel, a prestigious magical academy, stands on an island by the name of Elyria, bordered by the treacherous Wendigo Woods and nestled near the charming town of Akraisa. While the forest poses a constant threat, Akraisa offers a welcoming respite, its quaint streets and shops filled with friendly faces and enchanting wonders. Students often visit Akraisa to explore its hidden gems, sample local delicacies, and practice their magical skills in a more relaxed environment. However, even in Akraisa, whispers of dark forces and ancient secrets linger, reminding students that the shadows of Wendigo Woods are never far away.

Uncover the secrets of the Obsidian Citadel, a mysterious academy with a turbulent history. Once a reform school, then abandoned, now a hub for magical learning and deadly training. But beneath its surface, a hidden organization, the Men of Night, manipulates events to serve their own agenda. As students navigate this treacherous world, they must choose between ambition and morality.

Obsidian Citadel’s Lore

Uncover the secrets of the Obsidian Citadel, a mysterious academy with a turbulent history. Once a reform school, then abandoned, now a hub for magical learning and deadly training.

Extra Information

❦ 18+ only
❦ Active/Friendly Staff
❦ AI and RL faceclaims only
❦ Options for numerous OCs and NPCs
❦ Chance to own property
❦ Fun Events
❦ Optional NSFW sections
❦ Extensive roleplay channels
❦ Chance to rule your own story

Congratulations on your acceptance.

Headmistress Chastain.

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