Saga of the Crown

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Hello! I am relaunching a fantasy role-play. It will be a large group role-play for those desiring a fleshed out world with actual weight and risk. The inspiration of this role-play came out of my desire to create a long lasting world that has meaning — to me this gives more importance and relevancy for the characters in the world.

📕 — Main Plot: In more recent years, the latest human king – The Storm Killer, The Unbroken, The Slayer of orcs, The Unchained, The Man of Many Lovers, The Unchallenged – Raenaldus Iskander, has passed. The fate of Aeria is among the current generation of heroes and lords…who will become the next ruler of this land of chaos, and who will help them?

🌎 — Large World
📖 — Open Lore
⚔️ — Fleshed out RPG/Skill System
🎌 — Fantasy Politics & Adventure

Give No Quarter

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We are a fantasy realm, set in a kingdom called Atelus. Ruled by a young queen, the kingdom has been mostly at peace for some time.
Pirates have long plagued the land, but recently rumors of more daring pirates have reached the kingdom.

The Golden Realm

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The Golden Realm is a fantasy roleplay world, with original lore and a selection of races to choose from.

What we Offer:

*Five Races to select from Magician, Vampire, Werewolf, Human, Elf
*Discord RP
*Friendly players
*LGBTQ Friendly
*Structured World

Come join us !!

Estorica – An Original Fantasy RP

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Open Beta is Here!
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Age Requirement: 18+ (Does not mean there is a focus on smut, just a requirement for our member base)

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Estorica is a roleplaying company dedicated to providing a forum roleplay experience to our users. The company is two years old, while the most recent version of our site will be opening soon. We are providing a jcink premium platform, set in an original world influenced by different parts of the world before the 1900s. The world and its setting are backed up by a dedicated lore team. We love to answer questions about our creation, the little and large intricacies, and the limitations invented to keep things fair and balanced. We do not require character sheets to get started, as that can inhibit the creative process. We do encourage long-lasting roleplay, with connections to other plots across the entire forum. Our goal is to create something with a group of people that everyone enjoys reading and adding onto as time passes. If all of this sounds interesting, feel free to drop in at and check out our living world.

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Seven Pillars

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We are small site looking to expand, with plenty of sign-up incentives!

Magic is a part of everyday life for many, but it is also dangerous, and rightfully feared by those with less experience with it. The world was nearly destroyed once… but that was a long time ago, and has nothing to do with anything, really – but you know what they say about those who forget their history.

Whether you enjoy high-stakes games of international politics, or plumbing the depths of forbidden magics, there is a story for you to help tell on Seven Pillars. From prince to beggar, and pirate king to guildmaster, whether capricious fae or loyal patriot, there is both room to explore your personal character stories, and nation and site-wide plots for everyone to participate in.

Play as humans, elves, fae, were-creatures, and orcs, royalty, gladiators, pirates, mages, oracles, and more.

Pveth, a Discord Medieval Fantasy RP


Pveth is medieval fantasy role-play set in a fictional world. It is a role-play that features dark, gritty and mature elements. It is not a role-play of good versus evil, rather a role-play sitting in shades of grey. The personal ambitions of the character that make up its roster, the agenda of lords, and the everyday challenge of surviving. Politics and intrigue are a very large part of the role-play. The actions of a role-players character are not limited (as long as they are within the realm of possibility), and the big rule in the server is every action = reaction.

The goal of Pveth is to create an authentic and immersive role-play experience. To create a role-play that is not only centered around the characters that are of the royalty but also of the nobility that wishes to claw their way to the top, the peasantry looking to survive and maybe make a name for themselves or even a lone knight trying to prove his honor.

Can you survive Pveth?

Welcome to Exonia

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🧙 The Realm of Exonia, a magical world that is mostly unexplored at the beginning of our stories. Because it all starts in the city of Alderworth, a city that has earned its name the Citadel by its favorable position and high walls that reach up to the mountains of the Barren Tips. The city merges perfectly into the countryside from the green fields of the Giant Armadillo Valley into the dangerous Barren Tips mountains to the north. The city has about 80% of humans and when you go to the more expensive areas you will find Ithiris that makes up the remaining 20% of the city population. The city is ruled by a wise and strong viscountess named Euphrasia Constance Aldithley, many know her the Mage of Alderworth, but few know that she is actually not a Mage but a Warlock, a forbidden class in the realm of Exonia.

Sound interested? Hop onto our discord or check out our forum! We are looking for new adventurers to begin their quest!


WAR CRIES: A Colonial RPG Visit

THE YEAR IS 1756 and war has broken out among the British and French Colonies. Alongside their Native allies, they wage a fight over the much coveted Ohio territory, one which will end in many dead, and many families fractured. Men, women, and children are carted off to the Canadian wilderness, some never to be seen again. Towns burn to the ground. And all we can do, all of us, is fight, for our freedom, for our lands, for our homes.

Welcome to WAR CRIES, a French and Indian War RPG full of intrigue, war, survival, and romance. Set against the backdrop of one of the most gruesome “Indian” wars, you can either make history, or become another very dark chapter in it. So grab your muskets, and prepare for an RPG unlike any other!


Terapersü Visit

Terapersü is a brand-new medieval fantasy roleplay community with original lore, including a race of shapeshifters called nalosci and a completely made-up language of elves and magic. There is unlimited opportunities to help with world-building or simply create a character and jump in! This original world includes many of the same animals and plants as ours, but check out the Lore forum to find many original creatures and plants. The available races that you can roleplay as are below.

Humans • Elves • Dwarves • Merpeople • Faeries • Nalosci

We are also searching for anyone interested in staff positions! Check out our discord for more information about applying for staff. While roleplay is set to begin on January 1st, you are more than welcome to create your characters and have them ready.