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Welcome to Elesya. A place where magic runs rampant and the creatures of fairy tales are real. A place where humans and wizards coincide harmoniously and peace has fallen over land for one hundred. One hundred and fifty years ago the beings of Elesya were torn apart by war. Searching for the ultimate weapon. For twenty years they searched until they finally learned of the Dragon Gems.

Fiercely guarded by their dragon protectors, the Dragon Gems gave their holders the powers they possessed. There were twelve gems in total. The only confirmed powers were the four elements (fire, earth, water and air), the winter gem (control of ice and snow), and the shadow gem (the ability to make the shadows corporeal).

The Fair Folk, Elves, Humans and Magic Users all formed together to try and take down the powerful dragons. For fifty years the Dragon/Elesyian war raged on until one day, the dragons disappeared, taking their gems along with them. Since then, the alliance has fallen apart and the


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We are an 18+ modern Supernatural Premium JCink roleplay site taking place present time in a fictional city on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. We are a pretty laid back site that focuses on plots and character relationships. We allow both rapid fire and full length posts on this site. We have both site wide & side plots running to get you started and we encourage our members to develop some on their own. We have 8 different species to choose from which include established groups for each!

No Word Count | Events | Character/Member Driven Site

Estorica – An Original Fantasy RP

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Open Beta is Here!
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Age Requirement: 18+ (Does not mean there is a focus on smut, just a requirement for our member base)

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Estorica is a roleplaying company dedicated to providing a forum roleplay experience to our users. The company is two years old, while the most recent version of our site will be opening soon. We are providing a jcink premium platform, set in an original world influenced by different parts of the world before the 1900s. The world and its setting are backed up by a dedicated lore team. We love to answer questions about our creation, the little and large intricacies, and the limitations invented to keep things fair and balanced. We do not require character sheets to get started, as that can inhibit the creative process. We do encourage long-lasting roleplay, with connections to other plots across the entire forum. Our goal is to create something with a group of people that everyone enjoys reading and adding onto as time passes. If all of this sounds interesting, feel free to drop in at http://estorica.org and check out our living world.

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Silversteel is a play-by-post RPG with a medieval fantasy theme, home to a small, but friendly community of writers. Set in the fictional land of Kedwen, we explore the conflict between humans and shifters in a unique, historic setting, with a focus on engaging story lines without limitations.

What we offer:-

  • A mature-minded and writing-focused community.
  • Unique lore with the option to contribute to and develop the setting.
  • An emphasis story lines that explore characters’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • A simple, clean layout with both light and dark options.

Seasonal Roleplay

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A multi-paragraph/literate, 16+ and SFW Discord roleplay server which cycles through seasons that feature new story arcs and new characters. Here’s info about our current season:

This season takes place in Shoreline, a present-day U.S. city. The world was drastically changed by an event known as the Grand Link, which summoned creatures known as Mythics from other dimensions. These beasts were once deemed mere folklore tales, yet have become a new reality.

Upon arrival, Mythics disturb the natural balance of the world, causing a series of drastic changes to the places we once knew. These events spurred on a new age for humanity, rife with confusion and anger. Ten years later, in the wake of severe disasters and a heated political climate, humans and Mythics are still struggling to live cooperatively, though collaborations between species have spurred hope for the future.



Freeform Creative Writing in the Wild West

Folks we need:

Good and Wicked Saloon Girls
Evil fast guns henchmen for Mayor Bosch
Cowboys to work the ranches
Good or Evil gamblers
Bounty Hunters
Shop Owners
and more
who can YOU think of???

The civil war ripped the heart out of a young nation but now is the time for mending it back. You have to be tough to settle in a land that teeters on the border of being a state or a Country all its own. Yet there is Law & Order in the west either by court, hanging or the law of the gun.

GAME LINK: https://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=70988&date=1584631522

Thank You from LS xx



1600s King Charles Stuart II on the throne. The Royal Court in London is so full of diabolical intrigue and decadence with Nobles that are not quite so noble, many are Murderers, Highwaymen, Smugglers or Pirates! Some even the King’s own Privateers!


Noblemen that are or are not quite so noble
Ladies of the Court not quite the noble lady
Pirate Crewmen on several ships
Highwaymen or gang members of The Scarecrow’s smuggling gang
Durnley’s Henchmen (Thugs)

GAME LINK: https://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=32118&date=1583206800

Thank You from LS xx


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Terapersü: The Lost Earth**

Terapersü is an original medieval-fantasy land that is made up of several Realms filled with various fantasy races, including an original shape-shifting race called Nalosci. Join us in a land filled with magic, swordplay, and various original creatures and plant-life. The Lore is continually being updated and added to as members submit their own ideas and suggested improvements. You can simply live within the world we have created or take part in various plot events. While this forum is not exclusively for those 18 and over, we require our members to use novella and paragraph roleplay styles and so you will need to have advanced literacy skills. There is also a lot of lore to look through to get to know our world, so it may not be for very casual roleplayers. There are no character limits, so create as many as you can keep up with!


Server Features Summary

Extensive, Continually Growing Lore
Paragraph and Novella Roleplaying
Roleplay as Human, Elf, Faerie, Dwarf, Merfolk, Dragon or Nalosci
Plot Events
NSFW Roleplay Channel
Acquire points with our Abilities and Skills System
Custom-Created World Map
Self-Roles (only get pinged if you choose to)
Fun Bots to Play With
Music Channels

Saga of the Crown

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Hello! I am relaunching a fantasy role-play. It will be a large group role-play for those desiring a fleshed out world with actual weight and risk. The inspiration of this role-play came out of my desire to create a long lasting world that has meaning — to me this gives more importance and relevancy for the characters in the world.

📕 — Main Plot: In more recent years, the latest human king – The Storm Killer, The Unbroken, The Slayer of orcs, The Unchained, The Man of Many Lovers, The Unchallenged – Raenaldus Iskander, has passed. The fate of Aeria is among the current generation of heroes and lords…who will become the next ruler of this land of chaos, and who will help them?

🌎 — Large World
📖 — Open Lore
⚔️ — Fleshed out RPG/Skill System
🎌 — Fantasy Politics & Adventure

Give No Quarter

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We are a fantasy realm, set in a kingdom called Atelus. Ruled by a young queen, the kingdom has been mostly at peace for some time.
Pirates have long plagued the land, but recently rumors of more daring pirates have reached the kingdom.