Roleplay Character Sheet Templates

These roleplay character sheet templates are flexible enough for any forum roleplaying game, from fantasy to small town. They are quite detailed, covering everything from name to appearance to history and biography. Of course, you can edit the fields to suit your forum roleplaying game — either as a player, for your character in particular, or as an RPG admin to offer to all your forum’s players.

The first of these simple RPG character sheets is designed to flow with the theme and style of your forum roleplaying game. It does not use text colors or links, so it survives forum skins changing pretty well. However, a colored/styled version is also available for those who want something a bit fancier in their roleplay character profile. Additionally, a third version, in paragraphical rather than list format, is also available for roleplayers’ use. Which you use is up to you!

Text Roleplay Character Sheet

If you dress this character sheet up — either don’t change the font color at all, or add a background and a font color. If you use a specific font color on your forum, when the RPG admin decides to change the forum skin, you’ll need to change your character sheet’s font colors.


Text Roleplay Character Sheet Preview Image


Skinned Roleplay Character Sheet

This is the same exact content as the above RPG character sheet — same headers, etc. This one is just a little fancier, with built-in CSS skinning. Turn it red/orange to match your roleplay character’s fiery personality — or just use it as is, either way! It’s up to you.


Skinned Roleplay Character Sheet Preview Image


Paragraph Roleplay Character Sheet

This character sheet is pretty different from the other two templates. Rather than having every single thing with its own little subheader, this is simpler, using mostly block paragraph text. Rather than using an individual subheader for your character’s name’s pronunciation, meaning, origin, etc., you should just combine it all under one header. This may help you out if you don’t want to think about all the tiny details of your character; it works great as a starter character sheet!


Paragraph Roleplay Character Sheet Preview Image


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