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Technical problems plaguing your forum? Got spam, or hackers constantly breaking in and messing with your RPG posts? New feature, no know-how? If you want to implement a new feature on your RPG, you might be lost at how to get started doing it. Great writing, no graphics? If you aren’t sure how to work Photoshop, it can be daunting trying to create graphical sets for your RPG.

I can help! I know from prior experience as an RPG administrator… there were sometimes features I wanted to implement, but I did not have the technological know-how to do so. Whether it’s RPG design work or RPG web development work, Forum Roleplay has it all: domain-specific knowledge about RPGs and games, technical expertise in forums and websites, and creative digital asethetic abilities.

Examples of Forum Roleplay’s RPG Customization and Support Services

  • This whole site.
  • Created forum themes.
  • Migrated forum softwares from one type to another (e.g., InvisionPowerBoard to phpBB).
  • Added chat scripts or applications.
  • Installed self-hosted forum software.
  • Implemented CAPTCHAs to combat spam.
  • And a lot more.

About RPG Customization and Support Services

  • This is not a free service. My rate for forum RPGs is somewhat lower than the rate I charge businesses, but it’s still a paid service.
  • I’m a freelance web developer. I do this stuff for a living these days. Everything is above-board and legal. I send you a contract, you sign it. The signer/payee of the contract needs to be 18+ — minors can’t sign contracts. You’ll get a W9 and if you pay me more than $600, you’ll need to file tax paperwork.
  • Yes — you have to probably give me admin access to certain things. I realize that is scary as a forum administrator. I promise you as a professional who does this work as a living, I do not care at all about your secret forums or banned user lists. I have zero interest in learning anything about your RPG other than what I need to do to complete my job.

Interested in RPG Customization and Support Services?

RPG Customization & Support

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Want to Learn More?

Visit my portfolio for more information and work examples. You may not find much RPG specific work there, but you can see plenty of examples of my general web development and design work.