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Being a roleplaying game admin — sometimes called a game master or GM — isn’t the easiest job in the world. Crafting an online community is really hard work, no matter whether you’re trying to start a social network or an RPG forum. Forum Roleplay offers a wealth of guides useful to the newbie and veteran roleplay administrator. Whether you are starting your first RPG or your fiftieth RPG, you will benefit Forum Roleplay’s guides and information about how to run an online forum RPG.

Like joining games, becoming an RPG admin is easy. Just set up your roleplaying forum, and roleplayers come to you, right? Yeah, no! There are things you can do to improve your administrative experience — and in turn, the experience of your roleplayers. For instance, RPG admins can very easily make a Bad RPG with only a few mistakes. Even mediocre RPGs are unlikely to succeed.

If you want to establish a long-term online community, keep reading! You can learn how to collaborate with additional staff members, when you can no longer run your game on your lonesome. If you’re joining an existing game with an existing administrative structure, read Becoming RPG Staff. Every game is different, but there are some basic tenets that will help you no matter where you go.

And don’t forget — Forum Roleplay provides a few resources for RPG administrators and group leaders. You can inspire your roleplayers with thread prompts or present your RPG group information in a clean, organized way. It’s not all about reading up — sometimes adding new features is the best way to engage your roleplayers!

Resources in RPG Admin Guides

  • RPG Administrator Basics

    There’s no catch-all guide for starting a forum roleplaying game (yet…). There are a few things you can do to be a better RPG administrator, however. They are simple and effective no matter the type of community you hope to create in your online RPG. Don’t Be a Bad RPG Administrator Avoid being a bad […]

  • Becoming an RPG Moderator or Administrator

    Becoming a moderator or administrator of someone else’s game can, in some cases, be as stressful as creating your own RPG from scratch. This guide will help you get acclimated to your new staff position, and will (hopefully) help you be the best moderator or administrator your can be! Read Everything Read everything. Seriously — […]

  • Common RPG Starting Mistakes

    Starting an online roleplaying game can be difficult, especially when you’re starting on a forum. There’s no guarantee you’ll be successful, but there are some common mistakes you should be aware of. You don’t want to make a bad rpg, after all! Document Your Roleplaying Game Information Failing to document your game information leads to […]

  • RPG Rules Template

    One of the hardest challenges a new admin faces is the creation of RPG rules. Forum roleplaying games are no exception. Your rules will dictate the operation and success of your game. Too long and complicated, and you probably won’t be able to follow them. Too restrictive and controlling, and no one will join. Creating […]

  • RPG Rules and Members

    Enforcing RPG rules is one of the toughest things RPG admins do. Unfortunately, it is also one of the things for which it is difficult to receive advice. Even if you ask an RPG community what to do, you’ll receive a variety of subjective answers that may be wildly different. None of the answers will […]

  • Adding RPG Staff

    Adding new RPG staff can be a harrowing experience. Maybe you’ve been burned before by another RPG admin who ripped you off or even stole your game from you. Even if you haven’t, by adding someone else to the game staff, you run the risk of changing your forum roleplaying game’s perspective. Adding new RPG […]