Free RPG Graphics Templates

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Forum Roleplay provides a wide variety of editable roleplaying character and game graphical templates. There’s everything from character graphics and art to roleplaying game information and promos. Whether you want to spice up your RPG character’s post log with a fancy header containing some basic graphics, or you need an infographic template for some of your fantasy RPG species — Forum Roleplay has you covered. Wolf and werewolf roleplayers — there’s a ton of template art you may enjoy.

Most templates were made in Photoshop, so they’re PSD files. PSDs are editable graphics. You download them and open them in your editing program. While Adobe Photoshop is the premier photo-editing program, free alternatives such as GIMP also exist and can sometimes handle files made for Photoshop. If you aren’t sure what program to use, check out Tech for Roleplayers. It provides a handy list of the graphical editing programs you may be able to use.

You can edit the templates to suit your purposes, or you can use parts and pieces of the templates, or just draw inspiration from Forum Roleplay’s Photoshop roleplay resources. It’s up to you! Happy creating!

Resources in Free RPG Graphics Templates

  • Free Roleplaying Character PSDs

    Roleplaying character PSDs are customizable Adobe Photoshop templates. You can download them, open them in Adobe Photoshop, and then edit the images to your liking — whether that’s changing out the images, changing the name, or adding custom information onto the image. Character PSDs are very popular on Tumblr, where you can find many character […]

  • RPG Promotion PSD Templates

    Roleplaying games need players — and one way to attract players is through the use of shiny graphics! RPG promo images are pretty much a must-have when you’re creating an advertisement for your RPG. They draw the eye and often give an idea of what the RPG is about just at a glance. The RPG […]

  • RPG World-Building Species Infographic Template

    This free template is great for roleplay administrators and gamemasters engaged in the wonderful fun of RPG world-building. Provided as an easily-customizable Adobe Photoshop PSD, it is easy way to provide basic information about different species in your roleplaying world. Basically — you use it to create “species infographics” for your roleplayers. Sound silly? A […]

  • Free Photoshop Canine Art PSD Templates

    Customize your canine forum roleplaying character with these hand-drawn digital artwork Photoshop templates. These templates are natural, realistic form canines: wolves, coyotes, and canine hybrids. Most templates are made in Adobe Photoshop 6, with lineart and color layers separated for easy customization as you’re working in Photoshop. Often a sketch layer is included, which you […]

  • Free Photoshop Animal Art PSD Templates

    These free Adobe Photoshop templates consist of hand-drawn, custom artwork. The templates on this page consist of animals in their natural form: horses, cats. Layers are separated into color and lineart layers — customize to your heart’s content! Use these animal artwork templates for free RPG characters or companion animals — or whatever you’d like, […]

  • Werewolf Art PSDs

    Werewolf forum roleplaying characters get custom art, too! These digital artwork templates were created in Adobe Photoshop. They consist of were-canines: wolves, coyotes, and canine hybrids. Most templates are made in Adobe Photoshop 6, with lineart and color layers separated for easy customization. Often a sketch layer is included, which you can remove if you’d […]

  • Free Wolf and Werewolf Lineart Templates

    Forum Roleplay’s wolf and werewolf lineart templates are hand-drawn, custom artwork you can use for free! Customize your roleplaying characters with awesome artwork, or just throw together a quick forum avatar. You can bring these templates into Photoshop or your graphics-editing program of choice — they’ll probably still require a little bit of clean-up, but […]