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Forum Roleplay delivers RPG resources specially made for forum-based games and roleplayers. Our RPG resources were crafted with years of expertise in roleplaying, administrating RPGs, and various relevant skills. Forum Roleplay was founded as a personal RPG character site in the early 2000s. Over many years, it became an RPG resources site, providing helpful guides, templates, and other resources for roleplayers.

Why RPG Resources?

In short, because the Staff believes in granola hippie sharing and free stuff.

In a longer format, forum roleplay in particular offers a unique chance for people to be creative and free. The fact that it’s also totally free makes it awesomely creative. Anyone can play, and the different types of people, games, and communities found among forum roleplaying is mind-boggling.

There are a few sites dedicated to forum RPG resources, a few sites dedicated to listing different forum RPGs, and quite a few RPG graphics communities. However — there is no one place on the Internet explaining what forum roleplaying is and why people should do it. There are probably a lot of people who would like a free creative hobby, and maybe they’re not getting enough out of Farmville or whatever the latest click-and-play game is.

Forum Roleplay aims to be the site attracting people to forum roleplaying itself, by explaining some of its basic aspects and offering newcomers a path to starting off. Our resources are just a nice bonus for the roleplayers who already know what they’re doing, too!

CONTACT: Critique, Feedback, Complaints

Please feel free to offer feedback, critique, concerns, and criticisms on our RPG resources. Please let Forum Roleplay know what you think, good or bad. Thanks in advance!


Forum Roleplay does not provide individualized support for resources.
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Can I use X resource for Y purpose?

See the License. Most resources are Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial — that is, if you’re linking back to me and you’re not making money, you can do as you please with the resource. Some resources do not fall under this license: those resources are explicitly noted. If you’re still not sure, Contact Forum Roleplay.

Can you help me change _____ about a resource, or help me with coding? Can you answer questions about specific techniques?

Direct and individualized resource support is not provided, sorry. Try posting your query on a roleplay resource forum, code support forum, or other area. If you have roleplay-based questions, do feel free to ask a question — Forum Roleplay will answer with a post tailor-made for play-by-post roleplayers such as yourself!

Why so few BBcode resources?

BBcode is a fairly limited language — there’s honestly just not a whole lot you can do with it. Most of Forum Roleplay’s resources are too advanced to be easily ported to BBcode — there aren’t equivalent codes for the functionality built into the resources, unfortunately. BBcode also has issues of being implemented slightly differently according to different forum softwares (align=center versus center, for example) and being different in capability (some boards can handle lists within lists; some simple forum softwares cannot).

You are welcome to convert Forum Roleplay resources to BBcode, though — and you can even submit them for inclusion on Forum Roleplay, should you choose to do so.

About the Site

Forum Roleplay’s History

  • 2013: Moved to forumroleplay.com and became Forum Roleplay
  • 2009: Founded as Tears, Bones & Desire, RPG resources site
  • 2003?: Founded as Tears, Bones & Desire, personal roleplaying characters site

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