User Agreement

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  • You: the reader or user of the site.
  • Forum Roleplay: the site, its staff, its connected accounts (e.g., Twitter).


Agreement: Your use of Forum Roleplay is agreement to these terms of use. If you do not agree, please navigate away from the site.

Forum Roleplay reserves the right to change this agreement at any time without notice to the user.


Forum Roleplay is NOT liable or responsible for:

  • anything that may happen when you use Forum Roleplay;
  • the accuracy of Forum Roleplay’s information;
  • third party cookies, links, websites, or other third party content;
  • the security of your personal information;
  • the content, links, or messages posted by users of Forum Roleplay;
  • your safety when interacting with other Forum Roleplay users.



You must be 13 or older to use Forum Roleplay. If you are under 13, you may be permitted to read the content on Forum Roleplay with the permission of a parent, depending on your locality. However, users under 13 are never permitted to register accounts, submit content, or otherwise connect with Forum Roleplay.


Users agree not to post RPG links except in areas designated for such purposes (e.g., do not post a comment on one of the Roleplaying Guides with your RPG link — it will be deleted).

Abuse, intolerance, and other hateful behavior will not be tolerated on the site. On the contrary, however, Forum Roleplay will not moderate debate or disputes that are not abusive, intolerant, or hateful.

In simpler words, if someone is commenting and calling you abusive names or cursing at you, Forum Roleplay will moderate their comments and possibly ban them from the site. However, if someone is simply critiquing your post, behavior, etc. — that’s fine. Forum Roleplay adopts an Iron Fisted approach when it comes to user interaction. Forum Roleplay’s time is best spent curating and bringing you the best roleplaying resources possible, not micro-moderating.

User Submitted Content

  • Public information and content such as: comments, contact form submissions, forum posts, votes, staff contacts, uploaded images, or anything else not considered personally identifiable or sensitive private information submitted during use of Forum Roleplay.
  • Private information and content such as: your e-mail address, your IP address, your real name, your address, or any other personally identifiable or otherwise sensitive private information submitted during use of Forum Roleplay.

Uses of User-Submitted Content

  • User submitted content may be used for Forum Roleplay resources (e.g., creating a guide from a user-submitted question).
  • User submitted content may be used for Forum Roleplay contacts (e.g., sending you an e-mail about an update). Forum Roleplay will never spam you or voluntarily pass your e-mail on to third parties.

Public information you submit to Forum Roleplay becomes Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial. This is so your content can be freely used in resources, guides, promotions, and other relevant Forum Roleplay materials. You can choose to release your comment under Creative Commons Attribution, but other licenses cannot be selected.

Non-Uses of User-Submitted Content

  • User-submitted content IS NOT sold, given, or otherwise transmitted to third parties except where noted.
  • Where Forum Roleplay collects PRIVATE data, intentionally or unintentionally, it will never be published, transmitted to third parties, or otherwise disseminated.

Forum Roleplay’s Content

See the License information.



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Please contact Forum Roleplay if you have any questions regarding these policies or if you wish to note a dispute.