Miscellaneous RPG Pixel Icons

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Here are a couple of RPG pixel icons that don’t really fit in on any other page. Included are cats, space, medals, and ribbons. Pretty weird collection, but hopefully useful to an RPG about cats in space — or useful to RPG administrators who want to hand out prizes and include icons as part of the prize package! Feel free to modify the icons to your liking!

See RPG Pixel Icon editing tutorials for customization and editing tutorials.

Downloads in Miscellaneous RPG Pixel Icons

Downloads: Cat RPG Icons

This is a set of six cats. You can recolor them for your cat roleplay character, or you can use them to represent your human character’s feline companions, and so forth! RPG administrators of cat roleplaying games may wish to use these to denote different species, types, or groups.

White cat rpg icon Tawny cat rpg icon Tabby cat rpg icon Orange cat rpg icon Gray cat rpg icon Black cat rpg icon

Download Cat RPG Icons

Downloads: Medal RPG Icons

Medal RPG Icons

This is a set of twenty medals. The ribbon colors are blue, red, yellow, and green. The medal colors are gold, silver, bronze, copper, and iron. RPG admins — these icons would be great as prizes and rewards for your players, such as an achievements system! You must download the archive to get ribbon colors in red, yellow, and green.

medal reward rpg icon Silver medal reward rpg icon Bronze medal reward rpg icon Copper medal reward rpg icon Iron medal reward rpg icon

Download Medal RPG Icons

Downloads: Ribbon RPG Icons

This is a set of ten ribbons in pretty much random colors. RPG admins may wish to use these icons as prizes in competitions or contests, or as indicators for levels and achievements.

ribbon reward rpg icon Blue ribbon reward rpg icon Yellow ribbon reward rpg icon Green ribbon reward rpg icon Olive ribbon reward rpg icon Cerulean ribbon reward rpg icon Pale blue ribbon reward rpg icon Lavender ribbon reward rpg icon Purple ribbon reward rpg icon Magenta ribbon reward rpg icon

Download Ribbon RPG Icons

Downloads: Space RPG Icons

This is a set of different planets and a sun and a moon. These would probably work well in an alien or space forum roleplaying game! Use them in your forum descriptions to add a little spice to your forums without going overboard with big, bandwidth-heavy images for each forum (a design element of some bad RPGs).

Water planets and space rpg icon Sun planets and space rpg icon Ringed planets and space rpg icon Red planets and space rpg icon Moon planets and space rpg icon Inhabitable planets and space rpg icon Desert planets and space icon

Download Space RPG Icons