Intermediate Roleplaying

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These roleplay resources provide a little bit more than the basics. It may take some time for newcomers to adjust to these intermediate ideas in roleplaying.

Resources in Intermediate Roleplaying

  • Balancing RL and RP

    Balancing roleplay and real life can be perilously difficult for some roleplayers. You’re already in school and you’ve got extracurricular activites, along with real life friends — sometimes it may seem impossible to keep up with your roleplaying posts. There are a few things you can do to make your life easier, though. Techniques for […]

  • Non-Player Characters (NPC)

    NPCs are non-player characters, as opposed to Player Characters (PCs). Player Characters have a roleplayer behind them, directing their actions. NPCs generally do not. NPCs occur in various forms in roleplaying games, but are generally always are treated as side or supporting characters. They usually serve to advance the plot in some way, whether by […]

  • Software, Programs, and Apps for Roleplayers

    This is a brief list of programs, add-ons, and other relevant services roleplayers might find useful. These programs and add-ons are often useful outside of just roleplaying, too! But they can really help super-charge your roleplaying — whether that’s creating graphics for your characters or actually writing your RP posts. Images The GIMP is a […]

  • RPG Character Inspiration

    RPG Character Personality Psychology Personality Systems Psychology provides several different frameworks for understanding human psychology. Naturally, these systems can be applied to our roleplaying characters. Whether you’re creating a new RP character and you need somewhere to start — or you’re trying to decide where an existing RPG character falls on these systems — it’s […]

  • Create a Lasting Roleplay Character

    Roleplay characters are important. If you don’t like your roleplay character or you find them difficult to write, you won’t have fun roleplaying! A lot of players cycle through characters quickly, trying to find something that works. Instead of starting over, try some of these ideas with an existing character. You never know — it […]

  • Writing a Great Roleplaying Post

    So you are already familiar with basic forum roleplaying etiquette. Now you need to take your posting and roleplaying to the next level — beyond just “good” and into “great” territory! Forum roleplaying may seem easy on the surface — and some aspects are! But writing a great roleplaying post and being a great roleplayer […]