RPG Species PSD Template

Roleplaying games often have complex species, different from game to game and world to world. It can be tough keeping everything together. This species template provides an easy way for you to give some basic information about the different species in your roleplaying world. This can help your players write better stories, and help keep them immersed in your roleplaying game!

You can also view the deviantART work and favorite/save them there, if that’s your preference. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is meant to be a basic, not comprehensive, overview and a supplemental resource. I’d be very, very wary of shoving all of your species information into these PSDs. A text-based document is always easier to edit; it’s also way more usable for your viewers and players (text copying, highlighting, etc. is unavailable with PSD info).

Roleplaying Game Species PSD

Colorized Examples


Features and Info

  • Made in Adobe CS6.
    • Shows some basic information about a species in your RPG game.
    • Colorizable – base is all gray, with color overlays possible (see example). Several default color options are provided.
    • Flexible, fluid – built with fill layers, masks, shapes, and other non-destructive, fluid Photoshop elements. Want to make it 1500 pixels tall? Change the structure of the boxes? Go for it!
    • Helpful “information” layer helps you know where and what to edit.