RPG World-Building Species Infographic Template

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This free template is great for roleplay administrators and gamemasters engaged in the wonderful fun of RPG world-building. Provided as an easily-customizable Adobe Photoshop PSD, it is easy way to provide basic information about different species in your roleplaying world. Basically — you use it to create “species infographics” for your roleplayers.

Sound silly? A fast overview of species can help your RPG participants have a better experience. Especially if you’re roleplaying somewhere that has a lot of different species. Double-especially if your species are all really detailed. Sometimes people just need a quick overview — and infographics are a surprisingly good way to provide that information.

Why Create a Species Infographic?

Roleplaying games often have complex species, different from game to game and world to world. It can be tough keeping everything together. There’s always a ton to consider — tabletop RPGs have entire books dedicated to these subjects for a reason. It can be really hard to provide enough detail for seasoned roleplayers to give their writing and story-telling great depth — while also providing a quick-and-easy overview for new players, or returning roleplayers in need of a refresher.

But world-building — although difficult — is a worthy goal. It has many rewards for forum roleplayers! Providing detailed information about the species in your world — especially if you have a fantasy game with its own creatures and creations — can help your players write and create better stories. It also aids their immersion in your roleplaying game. This is true whether you’re playing with friends in real life over a table — or with friends on the internet over a forum.

All roleplaying games benefit from detailed world-building — and creating detailed species is a huge part of that! This free Adobe Photoshop RPG template can help you world-build even better, while giving your players the information they need quickly and concisely.

World-Building RPG Species Infographic Features

This free template has a range of features, both for easy editing and pretty display.

Display Features

  • Space for a map of your fantasy species’ range.
  • A color palette for typical hair, skin, or fur colors.
  • Two spaces for images of your species.
  • Text content to provide a basic overview of the species.

Editing and Customizing Features

  • Colorizable – base is all gray, with color overlays possible (see example). Several default color options are provided.
  • Flexible, fluid – built with fill layers, masks, shapes, and other non-destructive, fluid Photoshop elements. Want to make it 1500 pixels tall? Change the structure of the boxes? Go for it!
  • Helpful “information” layer helps you know where and what to edit.
This is meant to be a basic overview and a supplemental resource. Be wary of shoving all of your species information into a PSD. A more comprehensive text-based document is always easier to edit. Text is also way more usable for your viewers and players: text copying, highlighting, etc. is unavailable with image-based info.

Downloads in RPG World-Building Species Infographic Template

Downloads: RPG Species PSD Template


RPG Species PSD Template Preview Image


  • Made in Adobe CS6.
  • Fonts: Century Gothic, Arial (web-safe: you should not have to download any fonts)

You can also view the deviantART work and favorite/save them there, if that’s your preference. Enjoy!

Colorized Examples

Download RPG Species PSD Template