Simple Roleplay Archive

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This simple roleplay archive template is houses your forum RPG character’s past threads. Reserve your roleplay archive for finished threads only, and use an active post log. Keeping a separate post log for active threads may help you stay organized and remember which posts need your attention.


  • The roleplay archive is designed to flow with a forum theme/skin. It doesn’t use colors or links or whatever, so it survives forum skin changes pretty well!
  • Each roleplay thread can have a paragraphical description (or not).
  • Built-in mature thread markers.
  • Everything is coded with lists. You can use something else coded with lists for active threads, and it will be easier to transfer threads from post log to archive.

How to Use

There are directions within the roleplay archive template code. You can remove them if you want. Forum Roleplay suggests leaving them if you’re less proficient with coding. They may help you later.

Downloads in Simple Roleplay Archive

Downloads: Simple Roleplay Archive


Simple Roleplay Archive Preview Image


This simple roleplay archive is designed to hold your character’s past, ended threads. There are various features including optional descriptions, mature thread markers, and coding in lists.


Downloads: BBCode Simple Roleplay Thread Archive


BBCode Simple Roleplay Thread Archive Preview Image


The BBcode version of the Simple Roleplay Archive. There are fewer features in this roleplay archive as BBcode has limited features.