RPG Advertising

There are a great deal of resources for RPG advertising. RPG admins will find it easy to discover new places to post, promote, and otherwise advertise their game! You already know you need to advertise your RPG constantly to stay afloat! Many administrators choose the traditional route of posting to other forum roleplaying games in advertisement sections, as well as affiliating with other roleplaying games. There are new ways of advertisement, too — many forms of social media are great for roleplay!

Forum Roleplay offers a few resources to help those looking advertise an RPG. If you own a roleplaying resource site, there are certain areas you can use, too!

Forum Roleplay’s RPG Advertising Resources

  • Forum Roleplay’s Advertising Board

    Any roleplay-related content welcome. Advertise your RPG or your own roleplaying resource site. If you keep a roleplay blog, it is also welcomed here. Basically, anything related to roleplay goes! Best of all, the forums repost to Twitter and Tumblr. Hooray!

  • Forum Roleplay’s Topsites

    Enter your roleplaying game or vote for your favorite RPG — make sure you come back each day to vote! Our topsites are moderated for inactive and old roleplays every few months.

  • Forum Roleplay’s Tumblr

    Submit your RPG to Forum Roleplay’s Tumblr. Our Tumblr reposts to the Twitter for a wider audience.

  • Forum Roleplay’s Subreddit

    Submit your RPG to Forum Roleplay’s subreddit!

  • Forum Roleplay’s Twitter

    The Twitter reposts from Tumblr — put your game on the Tumblr and your RPG advertisement will be repeated in both places! You can also @ForumRoleplay for retweets.

Other Recommended RPG Advertising Resources


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