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There are a great deal of resources for RPG advertising. RPG admins will find it easy to discover new places to post, promote, and otherwise advertise their game! You already know you need to advertise your RPG constantly to stay afloat! Many administrators choose the traditional route of posting to other forum roleplaying games in advertisement sections, as well as affiliating with other roleplaying games. There are new ways of advertisement, too — many forms of social media are great for roleplay!

Forum Roleplay offers a few resources to help those looking advertise an RPG. If you own a roleplaying resource site, there are certain areas you can use, too!

Forum Roleplay’s RPG Advertising Resources

Resources in RPG Advertising Resources

  • RPG Advertising 101

    RPG advertising can be an easy way to attract new players to your game — if you do it right. Unfortunately, it’s easy to do RPG advertising the wrong way. This can deter players from your game, and in the most severe cases (i.e., when you spam), it can really garner negative attention (and even […]

  • RPG Advertising 201 – Advanced Techniques

    Let’s face it. Everyone posts on other roleplaying games when trying to advertise their RPG. Everyone tries to affiliate with other sites. Everyone does the same old, same old — you might want to try some new tactics with your roleplaying game! Even so, don’t forget your basic advertising techniques, either. Make sure you have […]

  • Creating RPG Ad Forums

    Advertisement forums aren’t thought of as very important. And, in truth, they really aren’t. Yet they appear almost universally in online roleplaying games — advertising forums have become a staple of play-by-post roleplaying games. Many forum roleplaying games have wildly different ad forum structures, rules, and so forth — some more effective than others. There […]

  • External Sites for Posting RPG Ads

    There are a number of RPG advertisement sites where you can post your RPG to a wide audience of forum and online roleplayers. Outside of advertising to individual roleplaying games in their advertisement forums, it’s really helpful to list your roleplaying game on a number of roleplaying game listing sites. RPGfix (Strongly Recommended) Distant Fantasies […]