RPG Character Sheets

The character sheets and profiles offered by Forum Roleplay range in size from a whole website to a simple in-post sheet, that will help you in your quest to keep your character profiles updated!

Character Sheets — A History

RPG character sheets arose in older forms of roleplaying. You may already be familiar with them from your forays into tabletop and live action RPGs. Roleplaying character sheets and forum roleplaying character sheets aren’t too different.

Forum Roleplaying Character Sheets

A forum roleplayer’s generally more focused on writing, characterization, and character traits and details. A traditional roleplaying character sheet may include far more statistics and numbers.

You may, of course, include statistics and numbers in your RPG character sheet! It’s your game to play, after all. However, many forum-based RPGs don’t use such systems. In a forum roleplay setting, they are often difficult to track. Sometimes, they can be integrated with the forum software — this is an interesting concept you may wish to pursue.

In online forum roleplay, character sheets are commonly called profiles. This arises from your forum account profile, user page profile, etc. It is an Internet term rather than a forum roleplaying term. “Character profile” is interchangeable with RPG character sheet, though.

Why Keep a Character Sheet?

No matter what you call it, keeping an updated character sheet is essential to intermediate or advanced forum roleplaying. An updated, detailed RPG character profile helps fellow roleplayers get to know your character. It helps them write better. It also helps you write and characterize better. When you’re down on inspiration, it can be a great boost to optimize a character profile. Updating and changing their information can rekindle your desire to write as that character.

RPG Character Sheets: Resources

  • Roleplay Character Sheet Templates

    These roleplay character sheet templates are flexible enough for any forum roleplaying game, from fantasy to small town. They are quite detailed, covering everything from name to appearance to history and biography. Of course, you can edit the fields to suit your forum roleplaying game — either as a player, for your character in particular, […]

  • RPG Character Profile Site

    This RPG character profile sheet offers a lot more than your average character sheet! If you like super-extensive profiles, posts embedded into a forum are insufficient. Many advanced roleplayers enjoy keeping very detailed character information. For this purpose, this is an entire, blank RPG character profile website. You can: Upload it onto your own webspace […]