RPG Post Templates

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In forum roleplaying games, RPG post templates are extra formatting and layouts for your individual roleplay posts. They are a form of RPG graphic, and are most often used to emphasize the mood or tone of a particular RPG post or thread. Post templates are usually optional at roleplaying games. Some roleplaying games mandate them, just as some others ban them entirely. Make certain you double check with your forum roleplaying game’s rules before you use a post template. You don’t want to break the rules.

HTML/CSS post templates attempt to provide the easiest method of updating and maintaining your post templates. It can be painful to go back and edit old posts if the forum skin changes and suddenly your text size or color is no longer compatible with the forum skin. Using a CSS post template may help you in this regard. If you want to write your own RPG post templates, these tutorials and free templates can help you. Alternatively, if you’d rather not write your own code, there are also free RPG post templates available for your use, too!

In addition to post template code resources, Forum Roleplay has a wealth of roleplaying image resources. From finding free images to use in your post templates to RPG graphic tutorials and walkthroughs, you can find a wealth of image and graphics resources, too. Don’t forget the graphics: they’re the extra spice that makes all of these templates really come to life!

Resources in RPG Post Templates

  • Forum RPG Post Templates 101

    Learn how to code a HTML and CSS RPG template. These RPG templates are flexible, easy to edit, and easy to use (when done correctly). They can be used to create a very basic style, or something more complicated. Feel free to recycle the coding and the table exactly as it stands if you’d like. […]

  • Forum RPG Post Templates 201

    So you’ve read over the first part of the forum roleplaying game template tutorial and now you’d like to go deeper into template creation — maybe they’re even your new favorite type of RPG graphic. This second part of the tutorial teaches you to build several different styles of RPG post template — using HTML, […]

  • Free Forum RPG Post Templates

    These RPG templates do not come with accompanying explanations; however, familiarity with the aforementioned tutorials will assist you! You can use these post templates as they are, or you can create your own RPG graphics with images, colors, and styles appropriate for your RP character. Totally up to you! Look at them as both templates […]

  • Responsive Flexible RPG Post Template

  • Forum RPG Post Template Generator

    Generate a custom HTML post template to use in your roleplaying posts! You can can individualize and customize easily with the color picker, font customizer, and Imgur-connected image uploader. Your RPG characters are sure to look awesome when you post using the generated templates. This generator helps you get started coding your own HTML post […]

  • RPG Forum Signatures

    Signatures on forums are a great way to transmit information to other roleplayers. Whether simple or complex, your forum signature can greatly enhance your roleplaying experience. Need to make a note about your character? Go for it! Want to make it clear your character has a unique physical characteristic that should be noticed? Do it! […]