Forum RPG Group Code Templates

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Great, you’ve formed an RPG group! RPG groups are wonderful. Whether it’s a House in a Harry Potter roleplaying game or a pack in a werewolf roleplaying game, creating with other people is always more fun. These RPG group code resources may help you in your quest for group success. Feel free to use them as free RPG templates. Alternatively, you can modify them to suit your game, group, or forum.

Other RPG Group Resources

The Roleplay Administrator Guides can help you run a small online RPG group. Many of the principles that apply to administrating a whole game apply smaller groups, too.

Resources in Forum RPG Group Code Templates

  • RPG Group Bundle

    An RPG group bundle of four different resources: ranks list, leader link hub, roleplay group member maintenance or information thread, and forum announcement box for RPG group leaders. RPG admins may find these free templates useful; the announcement boxes and informational topics can be styled to suit your game. You do not have to change […]

  • Thread and Writing Prompt Auto-Changing Rotator

    This thread and writing prompt rotator uses PHP to provide up to 5 different ideas for threads for roleplayers in a group. This can be a great way to get your roleplayers interacting with each other in a group, and it can encourage participation in recurring themes the group experiences. Using the Prompt Rotator The […]