RPG Achievement Tracker

This RPG achievement tracker logs different achievements for your roleplay character. Many forum roleplaying games offer achievements, whether In Character or Out of Character. It is helpful to have an easy way of tracking and displaying these archievements. This RPG achievements tracker template makes use of HTML, CSS, and ordered lists — that’s it! There are no images in this achievement tracker, yet offers fancy custom baubles that can display the status of a given thread easily.

It is flexible enough to be used as a post log or even a thread archive, if you so choose. It also makes use of CSS which may not display correctly in non-modern browsers. However, roleplayers generally have a good handle on technology — severely outdated technology isn’t often seen.


Some of the CSS techniques used in the RPG achievement tracker are very advanced. It is suggested you do not alter the CSS too much. You can always add on top of what’s already there (backgrounds, colors, etc.) pretty safely! However, altering margins, paddings, and other values may result in breaking the template.

Adjusting the RPG Achievement Tracker

  • Use the Colorzilla Gradient Editor to change the default gradients or create your own gradients.
  • You can add more default achievement, thread, or post classes, of course. The CSS has detailed instructions as to how you can do this.
  • Change the embedded font with Google Web Fonts
  • .

RPG Achievement Tracker


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