Graphics Tutorials

Even if you’ve used PSD templates before, it helps to learn Photoshop and photo-editing programs. Tutorials provide ways for you to learn specific techniques and how to create certain types of graphics — such as family trees! You can also learn how to find roleplaying images, as that can be a huge task in itself. Hopefully the graphics tutorials can help you learn and grow your graphical-editing skills!

Graphics Tutorials: Resources

  • Finding Roleplay Images

    Images are an essential part of most RPG templates. You can do some pretty snazzy stuff with CSS and HTML these days, but to really make your RPG graphics stand out, you need images. ContentsOff-Site Roleplay Image ResourcesPhotographsTexturesIconsRoleplay Images & Copyright RespectLicenses For Roleplay Images Off-Site Roleplay Image Resources Photographs Flickr Using Flickr’s advanced search, […]

  • RPG Family Tree Tutorial

    Visual representations of your roleplay character’s extended family can be extremely useful; they are also a fun RPG graphic to show off on your profile or character sheet. This tutorial teaches you how to create a basic, flexible family tree for your roleplaying character using Adobe Photoshop. This style of family tree works best for […]

  • Coloring Character Images

    So, you found the perfect image for your RPG graphic — except the hair, fur, or eye color is wrong. Your roleplay character has green eyes, but this model stock image has brown eyes. What ever shall you do? Well, you’d do well to read all parts of this tutorial, first off. Even if you […]