RPG Character Profile Site

This RPG character profile sheet offers a lot more than your average character sheet! If you like super-extensive profiles, posts embedded into a forum are insufficient. Many advanced roleplayers enjoy keeping very detailed character information. For this purpose, this is an entire, blank RPG character profile website.

You can:

  • Upload it onto your own webspace or keep it privately on your hard drive (HTML version only — and remember, it’s really good roleplaying etiquette to let other roleplayers see your character profile).
  • Use the built-in theme or skin it to create a truly unique RPG character profile.

    Warning! Advanced resource, tutorial, or technique.

    Themers please note that the instructions included are not in-depth. There are a few comments here and there in the CSS, but otherwise you’re pretty much on your own. If you are not proficient with HTML and CSS, it is suggested you leave the theme alone.

RPG Character Profile Site Preview

RPG character profile website template preview

Download the RPG Character Profile Site

There are two versions of the roleplay character profile site available: HTML/CSS and HTML/CSS/PHP. All versions have the same theme (shown in the preview image). The functionality of each version is slightly different.


Download (HTML/CSS)

This version runs on HTML and CSS. If your server does not support PHP (most free servers probably won’t) you should use this version. It is slightly more painful to edit, but if you use Notepad++ you may have learned a few tricks to make it less painful.

11 Files: archive.html, bg.png, bullet.png, css.css, gallery.html, header.png, history.html, index.html, profile.html, relationships.html


Download (HTML/CSS/PHP)

This version runs on HTML, CSS, and a tiny, tiny bit of PHP. This one is much easier to edit, since there’s just two files to control the layout (header.php controls the header; footer.php controls the footer) and the CSS.

13 Files: archive.php, bg.png, bullet.png, css.css, footer.php, gallery.php, header.php, header.png, history.php, index.php, profile.php, relationships.php

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