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RPGs and icons go together. Icons have always been a part of roleplaying games with graphics and visuals. Forum roleplaying games are no different! Some forum roleplayers like to use little icons to denote their character’s current inventory, while others use emoticon-styled RPG icons to denote character mood, appearance, etc. RPG admins may wish to use icons as graphical decorations for forums, groups, or other elements of their roleplaying game.

RPG Icons Tutorial

These are quick, simple, and messy RPG icon creation tutorials created in Adobe Photoshop. They’re not truly in depth and are rather simplistic — they will, however, help you get the basics down for creating and editing RPG icons.

Free RPG Icons

‘Souls members, you may be aware of the Inventory Icons. Inventory icons and the icons offered here are separate. You’re free to use icons on this page wherever. Icons listed elsewhere aren’t necessarily mine. In other words: anything you find on this page? Use it wherever you’d like. Anything elsewhere? I don’t know, it might not be mine! If you’re in doubt, ask first.

These icons are made so they will work on dark or light backgrounds; they have an outer white border with an inner black border, and they have withstood the wide variation of layouts at ‘Souls and in other places. Feel free to re-color any of these RPG icons to suit your roleplay character appearance, or use them as-is.

Wolf and Werewolf RPG Icons

These are useful in wolf, shifter, and werewolf RPG games. They can be used to denote the character’s form in your individual RPG posts, or used in character profiles to show your character’s different appearances in each form. RPG admins might want to use differently-colored icons to denote different packs, groups, or species. Or — whatever you want, really! Go wild.

Full Body

Wolf RPG Icons

Standing half-werewolf rpg icon
Standing wolf rpg icon
Female werewolf rpg icon
Male werewolf rpg icon
Sitting wolf rpg icon
Big werewolf rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Wolf and Werewolf RPG Icons

Other Canine Species RPG Icons

Coyote canine rpg icon
Dingo canine rpg icon
Dog canine rpg icon
Jackal canine rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Canine Species RPG Icons

Wolf Faces RPG Icons

Wolf RPG Emoticon Set

These can be modified and customized (or not) and used as emoticon set for your wolf roleplay character. It’s really neat to include these icons in your RPG post to denote your character’s current mood. Alternatively, you can set a more general mood in your forum signature and update it more periodically. Sidenote: wolves don’t actually cry.

Innocent wolf emoticon rpg icon
Angry wolf emoticon rpg icon
Upset wolf emoticon rpg icon
Devious/Mischevious wolf emoticon rpg icon
Sad wolf emoticon rpg icon
Happy wolf emoticon rpg icon
Surprise wolf emoticon rpg icon
Playful wolf emoticon icon wolf emoticon rpg icon
Wink wolf emoticon icon wolf emoticon rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Wolf Emoticon RPG Icons

Wolf Faces RPG Icons

This is a set of twelve wolf faces, colored in various “realistic” shades (sorry, no magenta wolves!). These would work well in a wolf forum roleplaying game to denote different species of wolves, different packs, or even different characters of a given player.

White wolf face rpg icon
Two tone steel wolf face rpg icon
Steel wolf face rpg icon
Two tone red wolf face rpg icon
Red wolf face rpg icon
Light gray wolf face rpg icon
Light brown wolf face rpg icon
Dark gray wolf face rpg icon
Dark brown wolf face rpg icon
Cream wolf face rpg icon
Black wolf face rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Wolf Faces RPG Icons

Other Icons


Realistic Horse Colors

Based off of SheWolff’s Equine Coat Coloration chart. Pixels of every horse color!

Flaxen Chestnut horse rpg icon

Flaxen Chestnut
Chestnut horse rpg ico

Liver Chestnut horse rpg icon

Liver Chestnut
Seal Chestnut horse rpg icon

Seal Chestnut
Light Bay horse rpg icon

Light Bay
Bay horse rpg icon

Dark bay horse rpg icon

Dark Bay
Steel Gray horse rpg icon

Steel Gray
Dapple Gray horse rpg icon

Dapple Gray
Rose Gray horse rpg icon

Rose Gray
Light Gray horse rpg icon

Light Gray
Fleabitten Gray horse rpg icon

Fleabitten Gray
Bloodmark horse rpg icon

Bay Dun horse rpg icon

Bay Dun
Red Dun horse rpg icon

Red Dun
Grullo horse rpg icon

Palomino horse rpg icon

Buckskin horse rpg icon

Smoky Black horse rpg icon

Smoky Black
Cremello horse rpg icon

Perlino horse rpg icon

Red Roan horse rpg icon

Red Roan
Bay Roan horse rpg icon

Bay Roan
Blue Roan horse rpg icon

Blue Roan
Silver Dapple Bay horse rpg icon

Silver Dapple Bay
Silver Dapple Black horse rpg icon

Silver Dapple Black
Gold Champagne horse rpg icon

Gold Champagne
Amber Champagne horse rpg icon

Amber Champagne
Sable Champagne horse rpg icon

Sable Champagne
Classic Champagne horse rpg icon

Classic Champagne
Tobiano horse rpg icon

Frame Overo horse rpg icon

Frame Overo
Splash horse rpg icon

Sabino horse rpg icon

Leopard horse rpg icon

Blanket horse rpg icon

Snowflake horse rpg icon

Varnish Roan horse rpg icon

Varnish Roan
Solid Black horse rpg icon

Solid Black
Rabicano horse rpg icon

Brindle horse rpg icon

Bend or Spots horse rpg icon

Bend or Spots
White horse rpg icon

Chubari Spots horse rpg icon

Chubari Spots
Lacing horse rpg icon


Download .RAR of all Horses Colors RPG Icons

“Realistic” Horse Colors

This is a set of horses, colored in various “realistic” shades (sorry, no magenta ponies!). They work great in a stable or horse forum roleplaying game.

White horse rpg icon
Red horse rpg icon
Pinto horse rpg icon
Gray horse rpg icon
Gold legged horse rpg icon
Gold horse rpg icon

Golden brown horse rpg icon
Chestnut horse rpg icon
Brown legged horse rpg icon
Brown horse rpg icon
Black horse rpg icon
Appaloosa horse rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Horses RPG Icons

Cat RPG Icons

This is a set of six cats. You can recolor them for your cat roleplay character, or you can use them to represent your human character’s feline companions, and so forth! RPG administrators of cat roleplaying games may wish to use these to denote different species, types, or groups.

White cat rpg icon
Tawny cat rpg icon
Tabby cat rpg icon
Orange cat rpg icon
Gray cat rpg icon
Black cat rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Cat RPG Icons

Medal RPG Icons

This is a set of twenty medals. The ribbon colors are blue, red, yellow, and green. The medal colors are gold, silver, bronze, copper, and iron. RPG admins — these icons would be great as prizes and rewards for your players, such as an achievements system!

You must download the archive to get ribbon colors in red, yellow, and green.

 medal reward rpg icon
Silver medal reward rpg icon
Bronze medal reward rpg icon
Copper medal reward rpg icon
Iron medal reward rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Medals RPG Icons

Ribbon RPG Icons

This is a set of ten ribbons in pretty much random colors. RPG admins may wish to use these icons as prizes in competitions or contests, or as indicators for levels and achievements.

 ribbon reward rpg icon
Blue ribbon reward rpg icon
Yellow ribbon reward rpg icon
Green ribbon reward rpg icon
Olive ribbon reward rpg icon
Cerulean ribbon reward rpg icon
Pale blue ribbon reward rpg icon
Lavender ribbon reward rpg icon
Purple ribbon reward rpg icon
Magenta ribbon reward rpg icon

Download .RAR of all Ribbon RPG Icons

Space RPG Icons

This is a set of different planets and a sun and a moon. These would probably work well in an alien or space forum roleplaying game! Use them in your forum descriptions to add a little spice to your forums without going overboard with big, bandwidth-heavy images for each forum (a design element of some bad RPGs).

Water planets and space rpg icon
Sun planets and space rpg icon
Ringed planets and space rpg icon
Red planets and space rpg icon
Moon planets and space rpg icon
Inhabitable planets and space rpg icon
Desert planets and space icon

Download .RAR of all Space RPG Icons

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