RPG Pixel Icons

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RPGs and icons go together. Icons have always been a part of roleplaying games with graphics and visuals. Forum roleplaying games are no different! Some forum roleplayers like to use little icons to denote their character’s current inventory, while others use emoticon-styled RPG icons to denote character mood, appearance, etc. RPG admins may wish to use icons as graphical decorations for forums, groups, or other elements of their roleplaying game.

Free RPG Icons

These icons are made so they will work on dark or light backgrounds; they have an outer white border with an inner black border, and they have withstood the wide variation of layouts at ‘Souls and in other places. Feel free to re-color any of these RPG icons to suit your roleplay character appearance, or use them as-is.

‘Souls RPG members, you may be aware of the Inventory Icons. Inventory icons and the icons offered here are separate. You’re free to use icons on this page wherever. Icons listed elsewhere aren’t necessarily mine. In other words: anything you find on this page? Use it wherever you’d like. Anything elsewhere? I don’t know, it might not be mine! If you’re in doubt, ask first.

Resources in RPG Pixel Icons

  • Editing RPG Pixel Icons

    These are quick, simple, and messy RPG icon creation tutorials created in Adobe Photoshop. They’re not truly in depth and are rather simplistic — they will, however, help you get the basics down for creating and editing RPG icons.

  • Wolf and Werewolf RPG Pixel Icons

    These are useful in wolf, shifter, and werewolf RPG games. They can be used to denote the character’s form in your individual RPG posts, or used in character profiles to show your character’s different appearances in each form. RPG admins might want to use differently-colored icons to denote different packs, groups, or species. Or — […]

  • Horse RPG Pixel Icons

    These horse RPG pixel icons are offered in two sets — one based off a completely realistic horse color chart, and one with semi-realistic (but also definitely not completely realistic) color patterns. You can use these horse pixel icons for a stable RPG, to represent your warhorse stables in a medieval RPG, or just as […]

  • Miscellaneous RPG Pixel Icons

    Here are a couple of RPG pixel icons that don’t really fit in on any other page. Included are cats, space, medals, and ribbons. Pretty weird collection, but hopefully useful to an RPG about cats in space — or useful to RPG administrators who want to hand out prizes and include icons as part of […]