Roleplay Graphics and Images

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If you are interested in RPG graphics, Forum Roleplay can help! From RPG icons to photoshop artwork templates and other graphics, there are numerous resources to help the code-savvy (and the non-code-savvy!) forum roleplayer. You can use the templates and pre-made graphical sets — or use the graphics tutorials to learn how to make your own custom graphics in advanced photo-editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Either way, you’ll walk out with some awesome new roleplaying graphics!

Although writing is the core of forum-based roleplay, images have always been an important part of many forum RPGs. Roleplayers use images for a variety of purposes — from RPG admins showing off the species in their world with the species template, to individual roleplayers creating awesomely customized RPG character family trees, all the way to the more simple uses of character or post banners.

Roleplay images can be a great extra resources. A custom artwork forum avatar showing your character’s appearance (complete with newly-edited scar and newly-dyed hair) lets other roleplayers know exactly how your RP character looks. A RPG Post Template displaying a particular mood for your post can help you get in the right mood for writing. Pixel icons can be a good way to show off your character’s inventory items or moods with custom emoticons.

Graphics aren’t a must-have for forum roleplayers… but they add to the fun! 🎉

Resources in Roleplay Graphics and Images

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