Roleplay Images

Although writing is the essential of roleplay, images have always been an important part of many forum roleplaying games. Some are very graphically-focused, whereas others ban “fancy graphics” altogether in the hopes of creating a better writing experience for their roleplayers. It really depends on the game!

Before you go crazy making any roleplay images, using templates, or anything — take a hard look around your RPG. What is everyone else doing? If you don’t see any post templates, they might well be banned from the game. If you’re not sure, check your RPG’s rules. If you’re still not sure, ask your RPG’s admin. Don’t break the rules because you want to ”look cool“ with a shiny RPG graphic.

Roleplay images can be a great extra resources — a custom-edited avatar showing your character’s appearance (complete with newly-edited scar and newly-dyed hair) is great for letting other roleplayers know just what your RP character looks like. A RPG Post Template displaying a particular mood for your post can help enhance your writing. It’s important to remember, though — your graphics shouldn’t outshine your writing. Make sure you remember what’s really important — the roleplaying!

If you are interested in RPG graphics, Forum Roleplay can help! From RPG icons to templates and other graphics, there are numerous resources to help the code-savvy (and the non-code-savvy!) forum roleplayer.

Roleplay Images: Resources

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  • RPG Photoshop Templates

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