Forum Roleplay offers some compiled forum RPG resource archive files. This page lists all such available downloads — feel free to grab as many as you’d like.

Remember, do not remove the credit link from any of the forum RPG resources, as per the License information.

Download Forum RPG Resources

Essential Roleplay Guides

Download Essential RP Guides

  • Includes the Bad Roleplay, Forum Roleplay Basics, and Good Roleplay Etiquette guides.
  • Guides are offered as unstyled, standard HTML pages. They can be posted to a forum or reuploaded to your own web server.
  • Again, Forum Roleplay does recommend (and prefer) you embed a link to the guides pages themselves. This ensures you get the most updated version of the guide (good for you). It also keeps outdated copies material from circulating around too much (good for Forum Roleplay).

RPG Icon Bundles

Download ALL RPG Icons

RPG Character Sheets

Download Character Site (HTML)

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