Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse

Ever wondered how fantastic the beasts are in Australia? Tallygarunga is a Potterverse-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia. Characters can attend school at Tallygarunga, become part of the Narragyambie community, or even get their magical university degrees at Victoria Magical University. A wide range of opportunities is available for characters aged six to six-hundred, and […]

USS Sampson

“Si vis pacem, para bellum.” English translation: “If you wish for peace, prepare for war. Peace Keeping forces along the Romulan borders had not been going well and they had been assigned to keep peace along the new Raeyan transit corridor – which atracted lots of “attention” if you will. The Task Force needed a […]

Midgard – Where Worlds Collide

The year is 2184, the setting, an alternate reality of earth. As natural disasters began to gnaw at the earth in the earlier half of the 2000’s the human race inhabiting earth began to become more and more aware that maybe, just maybe they aren’t alone. As suspicions grow and with the power of the […]

External Sites for Posting RPG Ads

There are a number of RPG advertisement sites where you can post your RPG to a wide audience of forum and online roleplayers. Outside of advertising to individual roleplaying games in their advertisement forums, it’s really helpful to list your roleplaying game on a number of roleplaying game listing sites. RPGfix (Strongly Recommended) Distant Fantasies […]

Designing Roleplay Templates with Readability

Now that you’ve read the Roleplay Post Templates 101, Roleplay Post Templates 201, and RPG Post Log tutorials — you have a lot of tools at your disposal. It’s super cool to create stuff, so one problem newbie HTML/CSS post template creators run into is design over readability. If you mess with the letter-spacing, word-spacing, […]

Free Photoshop Animal Art PSD Templates

These free Adobe Photoshop templates consist of hand-drawn, custom artwork. The templates on this page consist of animals in their natural form: horses, cats. Layers are separated into color and lineart layers — customize to your heart’s content! Use these animal artwork templates for free RPG characters or companion animals — or whatever you’d like, […]

Werewolf Art PSDs

Werewolf forum roleplaying characters get custom art, too! These digital artwork templates were created in Adobe Photoshop. They consist of were-canines: wolves, coyotes, and canine hybrids. Most templates are made in Adobe Photoshop 6, with lineart and color layers separated for easy customization. Often a sketch layer is included, which you can remove if you’d […]

The RP Nexus – Marvel, Fallout, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more!

The RP Nexus is a multi-roleplay community where several large scale roleplays are hosted (ranging from Marvel, to Fallout, to Star Wars, to Harry Potter and more!) as well as featuring the ability for you to host your own roleplays here! We roleplay on our XenForo forum software and have an active and friendly community […]

World of Remnant

World of Remnant is an AU, post-Volume 3 RWBY roleplay. Opened February 2016, we offer the opportunity to play both canon and original characters in the RWBY universe. Our plot has branched off from the end of Volume 3 and is currently set 2 years after the conclusion of V3.


A JRPG-inspired fantasy roleplay. Set in the world of Drylla, the races vie for survival. But strange things are beginning to happen around the world: monsters are appearing in greater numbers, strangers who claim to have come from a foreign land to seek refuge, and a group known as the Rhakoth who claim to be […]