THE FALL OF MAN: Fantasy Animal RPG l No App

Set hundreds of years after nuclear war devastated Earth. Animals have taken back the world, with humans regulated to pets in the new world order. However, somewhere deep in the woods, word of rebellion is heard. A new battle for supremacy may yet be underway.

Phantoms of Aurelius

Phantoms of Aurelius is a Yu-Gi-Oh! roleplay forum with an original urban fantasy setting, emphasizing day-to-day life in a New Jersey boomtown where the supernatural thrives. No moment is a dull one in the city of Aurelius, home of legendary Pro Duelists who pass the torch to future generations through the Four Academies. Not only […]

Camp Half Blood: New Era

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! We are a Percy Jackson-inspired roleplay server, with lore diverging from the novels so that you, your friends, and anyone else can be a part of the story as the main characters! You decide how to tell your story as a demigod residing at Camp Half-Blood! We have features such as: […]

Dragon Lore

Welcome to Elesya. A place where magic runs rampant and the creatures of fairy tales are real. A place where humans and wizards coincide harmoniously and peace has fallen over land for one hundred. One hundred and fifty years ago the beings of Elesya were torn apart by war. Searching for the ultimate weapon. For […]

Fantasies Roleplay

Adult / 18 plus We’re an multi-genre roleplay / writing forum that welcomes both fandom, and original characters. Let’s live out our fantasies in a place which welcomes all types of writers where the storyline can either be your own creation, or being dropped into an world from video games, ect.


We are an 18+ modern Supernatural Premium JCink roleplay site taking place present time in a fictional city on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. We are a pretty laid back site that focuses on plots and character relationships. We allow both rapid fire and full length posts on this site. We have both site […]

Edenbridge [jcink]

For hundreds of years, Witches and Werewolves have been hiding in plain sight in the small, fictional, coastal town of Edenbridge, Oregon, trying to keep the peace among their species. Now that their secret existence is being threatened by the influx of humans, tensions between packs are high and rivalries are coming to the surface […]


We are a beginner-friendly, semi-realistic, multi-species canine text-based rpg. We feature a friendly community, large and beautiful world with 100 unique territories to explore

Shannii Writes Forum

This website has many other things besides just an RP section. As a staff member of the forum, we are looking for as many members to the RP section as possible. The community is welcoming, and accepting of new RPers and new members. We want all of you if possible! The RPs here range from […]

One Piece – Here We Are.

Tired of One-Piece Role-Plays that never get anywhere? Irritated by players who ghost and/or post infrequently? OP-HWA is an episodic arc-based roleplay that allows players to take on any roles they choose. We are a group of active players that are looking to expand our player base, and we’d love to have you on board. […]