World of Olympians!

Ever wondered what it was like to be a Demigod? To go on dangerous quests with your friend and make amazing memories travelling the world with the guidance of a god’s whisper? Then Camp Half-blood is just for you. Come join us on World of Olympians, a Percy Jackson based RPG site where you can […]

World of Alagaesia!

World of Alagaesia is based on The Eragon Fandom. Here at The Stronghold, we are a family and we need your help to get our word out and get new recruits! We are an RPG site that allows you to truly immerse yourself into the world of Alagaesia! Come take classes, buy items with your […]

New Terra

New Terra is an online Play-by-Post (PbP) roleplay. Essentially, our escapades come about through writing on the forums, rather than clicking buttons or rolling dice. The main aim is for us to write stories of our characters together. The core setting is about a colonist ship from a technologically advanced nation crash landing on a […]

UFOP: StarBase 118: a PBEM RPG

Like Star Trek? Always wished you could serve in Starfleet? This Star Trek play by email RPG may be just what you are looking for   UFOP: StarBase 118 is a Star Trek writer’s group/role playing game that strives to bring the Star Trek you love to your email. Based in the prime universe, UFOP: […]

Black Land

333 – Jcink Premium Modern Supernatural, Small Town Gothic Founded over 100 years ago, the Potawatomi natives called this place ‘Mkete’ke’ – or Black Lands. Settlers borrowed this name, but never knew its true meaning. The natives knew the land was never quite right, and they spoke of malicious spirits that they feared. By time […]

Beneath the Mask

A Revolutionary Canon Persona 5 RPG We offer multiple group based stories, allow members to create their own group based stories, and have a wonderful team of writers that all come from various different websites.

Seven Pillars

We are a brand new site, just getting started, with plenty of sign-up incentives during our soft open. Magic is a part of everyday life for many, but it is also dangerous, and rightfully feared by those with less experience with it. The world was nearly destroyed once… but that was a long time ago, […]

Shinobi Generations Rebirth

Welcome to Shinobi Generations: Rebirth! Like a phoenix rising from the flame, Shinobi Generations has also risen from the grave, and welcomes you to a brand new role playing experience. We take the classic, old school feel of Naruto role play, and introduce modern systems and unique ways to create. It is like a place […]

The Hance Clinic – Freeform character driven psychological drama

The Hance Clinic RPG is a play-by-post roleplaying game, set in the fictional psychological health clinic run by Dr Ann Hance. Based in and around a prestigious clinic on the south-west banks of the river Thames in London, become part of a world of intrigue, investigation and psychological drama. If you love to write deep, […]

Loyalty Binds Us

“Loyalty Binds Us” is an alternate universe Historical roleplay set in London in the year of 1519. The dynastic wars are over, the Renaissance is in full swing; the royal court is the home of artists, writers and poets from all over Europe. On mainland Europe, the forces of Martin Luther gather strength as the […]