DSRP, A Demon Slayer Alternative Universe Roleplay

Demon Slayer Roleplay (DSRP For Short) is a premium JCINK forum that lets you make a demon or a demon slayer in our original AU! We thrive on creativity and originality, and we do not function on grading other people’s writing. There are no time limits, and no word count requirements (except for special rewards!) […]

Hope Rises: A DC Comics RP

The players and staff of Hope Rises would like to invite you to join us for a new DC Comics universe RP! Hope Rises is set in the modern DCU, and is informed mostly by the Rebirth and Infinite Frontier canon. What We Are: Open, friendly, accepting, sandbox-y, and canon. What We Aren’t: Panfandom, DCEU, […]

Blood of the Covenant

Guidebook ☼ Rules & Regulations ☼ Setting & Lore ☼ Mav Species ☼ Discord Blood of the Covenant is an elemental creature adoption RP set on the newly-discovered continent Solaris. The first travelers to step foot on this untouched land encountered what came to be known as mavericks—intelligent animals with the ability to control the elements. They found that, with a little effort, […]


Scripturient is a multi-genre forum website for literate adult writers to RP together. 🖋 18+ 🖋 Places for both group and private roleplays 🖋 No minimum word count but there are literacy rules for roleplay posts 🖋 Mature content is allowed with a clear warning tags requirement 🖋 RP focused but with places to socialize […]

Siliren – A Unique Preindustrial Fantasy World

The world of Siliren was born over 300 years ago after a great calamity caused huge environmental and social changes. Now a stranger in their own land, the Human race has been forced to adapt to the new sentient beings that have settled on their planet. Based largely in a preindustrial renaissance era, the people […]

seeing double

despite what the news and scientific community might say, human cloning and genetic engineering are very much real. the proof, although they themselves don’t know it, is walking the streets of seoul and living seemingly ordinary lives. but that is soon to change – a shadowy organization that created and then lost them wants these […]


The last great bastion of civilization — that’s Bastiona. When the forces of Malor, the Dark Lord, overwhelmed the forces of the Light’s Alliance, the gracious Queen Alana begged the gods for help. The god Saria answered, and raised Queen Alana’s capital from the very earth, transporting it somewhere else — someplace completely different. This […]


Jcink Premium • No Word Count • Profile Application • Inclusive • Original Character Focused A Post Return of the Jedi/Book of Boba Fett/The Mandalorian Star Wars RPG. While excluding the Sequel Trilogy, we have interwoven both Canon and Legends content to create the New Republic Era that our setting takes place in. We focus […]

Star Wars Galaxies: The Old Republic

Hello fellow Star Wars fans, I bring to you a roleplay not like most others, here our story begun on the Video game Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO on PC, and it has expanded on to forums. A little information about our world: SWTOR: G (Star Wars The Old Republic Galaxies) is a forum […]

Violet Haze Night Club

Semi-literate roleplay server LGBTQ+ friendly server »»-Safe Haven for 18+ »»-Age verification system to keep minors out ∘₊✧─**What We Offer**─✧₊∘ Active staff, willing to help every step of the way Plenty of in and out of character channels Roleplay using Tupperbox