Fear The Unknown

Fear of the Unknown is a recently created beginner to literate roleplay forum based around the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. The Danvers Pack and Winterbourne Coven of North America are at peace with their brethren, though danger looms in the distance. Faced with the threat of war, it’s a fight to retain peace and […]

Winter in Bohemia

Winter in Bohemia is a multiple play by post RP board with a small group of members that would love to welcome some newbies to our ranks. We currently have nine main board RPs with a tenth opening very soon! We have a pretty awesome RPG hack which means members can have multiple characters without […]

The Remnant Project: Non-Canon RWBY AU

• A world that your characters change through periodic events that unlock new abilities, areas, and technology for the entire site on successful completion. • Post-Great War, Mistral City and Haven Academy focused setting with no canons, no rank claims, no maidens, and no God interference. Trainee focused so that every character can conceivably roleplay […]

Modern Nations

A Geopolitical Nation Simulation set on an Alternative Earth, join as the country of your choice, taking control of their Economies, Military and Government. Weigh in on various matters of state, and faced with a number of choices. Engage in military operations from counterinsurgency to conventional warfare, or participate in organisations like the Global Assembly. […]


Imagine Hogwarts wasn’t a school for adolescents but an elite university designed to hone and refine young witches and wizards into legends. At least, that is what they put in the pamphlets. Hogwarts University for Witchcraft and Wizardry is a private institution where those seeking a higher understanding of magic and what it has to […]

A Better Place

A Better place™ is a brand new cyberpunk rpg set in the futuristic city of vertical#1 and inside the endless possibilities of the virtual. Thereere, everything you own belongs to someone else, including the destiny of your immortal soul. We’ve got: – a small but active community – plots are coming off the ground and […]


You’re lost in a foreign world rife with many curiosities… including magic. | OBSCURA is a high fantasy, multi-species animal roleplaying game set on a temperamental planet where mysteries await you… > DIY magic system. > Crafting through storytelling. > PVP, if you are into that. > An ever-growing world. Literally. > Quests galore! Discoveries, […]

Starlake Village


Moorland Manor

MOORLAND MANOR An 18+ diverse, character driven, historical rp set in 1899. FAQ ♦ Policies ♦ Registration ♦ Claim List Moorland is a Downton Abbey inspired historical site set in Yorkshire in 1899 with some light horror elements, primarily ghosts. We’ve been going for a couple of years (a brief 2015 period of four months, then […]


Otliv is a freeform wolf roleplay. The land of Otliv is based in a fictional area of North America, featuring a wide variety of landscapes. Due to Otliv’s isolation, it has been relatively untouched by humankind. While it is considered a safe-haven for wolves and other canidae, danger still lurks. Members are encouraged to roam […]