Before The Dawn

Welcome to Alcaera, an isolated and peaceful island in the sunny Caribbean Sea. Though the island bolsters the promise of paradise on Earth, something SINISTER lurks just beneath the surface. While the secret facility on the island is usually at the core of all the rumors, there have been strange sightings throughout the island, tourists […]


An original, modern supernatural fantasy forum. Where all manner of Angels, Sorcerers, Hunters, Demons, Vampires and Werewolves are playable.

The Collapse of Mankind (17+)

The Collapse of Mankind is a 17+ (3-3-3) mature survival roleplay forum where mankind live in a world where humans are not the only thing to be feared. Dinosaurs roam this realm and while some may ignore you, others will not. Join the world of TCOM and try to survive against dangers of all kind […]

The House of Mirth

Step into the extraordinary realm of a moving endless mansion, a place that defies the bounds of time and reality itself. Within its ethereal walls, lost souls and forgotten treasures from across the ages find sanctuary, as residents wield unique keys to call this enigmatic abode home. Delve into the ever-shifting corridors, where magic becomes […]

fantasy sci-fi reality

unique fantasy sci-fi fiction/world building, i hope to make it interactive at some point. incipient, much more to come day by day. see if you like the angle

Colony13 – an adventure in spaaaaaace! (but on Discord…)

It’s the future. Humans have colonised the whole of the Solar System. We’ve not met the Vulcans, and nobody is swishing around lightsabers. But we do have cyborgs and androids, that’s pretty cool! Without faster than light travel, humans are very much stuck to the vicinity of our Solar System. And we’ve done well with […]

Destiny Bond

A WORLD RESET… Watching from afar, the legendary pokemon that created the world realized that it desperately needed a reset. As such, they agreed to purge the world of humans and start from zero. A reset. A refresh. ✧ PRESENT DAY ✧ Five centuries after the reset, humans are on the incline once more. Except […]

Our Homeland

Our homeland is a realistic wild horse rpg. with no magic, crazy colors, or humans in the world of our homeland, horses must rely on wit and prowess to survive. realistic scenarios such as natural disasters, predators, overpopulation, territorial qualms, and more could threaten any life throughout our homeland . . . and it could […]

Amythest Warrior Cats

Welcome to Amythest! we’re just starting out and our clans have yet to be build, after all is not best to build a clan through roleplay with others?