Revillution After Dark

Revillution After Dark is an adult roleplaying section on This section is for adult roleplayers 18 years of age or older. The roleplays within this section cover adult themes such as sexual acitvities, sex, masturbation, etc. The roleplays in this section are not a structured story, they are their own plots and the people […]

The Demon’s Light

The Demon’s Light is a roleplay series about five very different teenagers: Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, Melissa Devlin, Marshall Rooke, and Savannah Whitesmith, all of whom are on a journey looking for the mysterious light that brought them together. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that is caught in a struggle between demons and […]


RPG Initiative is a community for all roleplayers. We focus on all text based roleplaying forms that are hosted on the internet. We encourage roleplayers to find each other, discuss roleplay and grow as collaborative writers here at the Initiative in a safe environment. Site Features – RPG Directory – Playby Directory with 850+ options, […]

Metro: Beyond

FEAR THE LIGHT. FEAR THE DARK. FEAR THE FUTURE. In the year 2013 World War III erupted in a nuclear storm. Billions of lives were erased from the world. The desolate bones of what was once Moscow now stand over the last bastions of humanity. 23 years later the survivors exist in a state of […]

kismet divided

Inspired by the Loveless anime (but not Loveless at the sametime). Septimal Moon – the government – has been oppressing its people for decades, prioritising those with written fates in the form of “true names” over those without such fates. Those that are in the know are amassing in retaliation. Will you join the other […]

World Of Tir

World Of Tir is a fantasy-adventure roleplay in a place where gods roam around and may interact with you! It has a wide variety of options in terms of schools of magic and races and you may even choose to not be a mage in this magic-filled world! OOCly this site has quite a few […]

mythical greenislandforest fox/wolfpack

this story is about mythical and magical island where is all kinds of wolves and other creatures. too let you know if you leave you may never come back their ar no alphas but there other ranks like queens kings prince and princesses. all there is a magical border around the island only the creatures […]

By Wit & Whitby

By Wit & Whitby is a Victorian-era site set in a coastal tourist town. Later on popularized by Bram Stoker’s infamous Dracula, it was rich with history long before our protagonists’ stories unfold. Do you like… • No word count? • No activity checks? • No character caps? • Skipping the application approval process and jumping right […]

RECRUITING: Witcher RP [Discord] 18+

Hi everyone! I’m part of a Witcher based forum-roleplay group, we use our own Wikia to store the info needed, and we post/RP on Discord. I was wondering if any of my fellow Witcher fans in here, might be writers/roleplayers. We do have some requirements of course: Be 18+ in age, due to violence/horror/adult themes […]

WE WILL RISE // The 100 AU

Super-active 100 rpg that follows canon up to the end of Season 2 before diverging into an au storyline of its own with one little twist: Not everyone died at Mount Weather that day Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty irradiated the Mountain. Thirty survivors now deal with the grief of loss and rebuilding, many hell-bent on […]