Remnants – “We’re All That’s Left”

At first, they called them the undead, but everyone knew the truth, long before the newspapers printed it. The dead were not rising, no, the living were falling. Leaders, saints, and parents alike had their minds destroyed, and their bodies ripped apart by boils. They were not humans, no, but they weren’t quite animals either. […]

The Wicked Web We Weave

About an hour east of New Orleans lies the fictional town of Raconteur, Louisiana. The citizens live, work, and play while experiencing the joys, sorrows, excitement, and heartache of the good ol’ fashioned Southern life. There is trouble brewing underneath the surface though. Troubles involving the more supernatural species dwelling this earth. Age old feuds […]

Writer looking for a safe space and or partner to join up with

Okay, so here is the deal. I love to write. I’ve been writing in roleplaying games for the better part of my life. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now and it’s my cure for the insanity that is my life. I am someone that posts regularly, loves to participate and I am […]

sonic high school RP

Exactly what it sounds like! a semi-lit, freeform roleplay where you can be a canon character and/or your own OC! Whether you’re a new fan or just trying to relive the cringe days of your youth, all are welcome!


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Home // Discord RPG Rating: 3 2 3 We here at Biandri are a play by post fantasy canine RPG. Let your imagination run rampant, engaging in an immersive community of intermediate to advanced writers. Start your journey as a Biandri native, or cross the threshold into an entirely new world, gaining magical blessings to further primitive […]

Hidden Circuits

In the year 2794, nuclear bombs were dropped on the United States from Russia, bringing a several year long Cold War full circle. Thankfully, prior to this, a majority of children and adults alike had already been evacuated underground. However, the government’s solution to this and to get the world moving once again was less […]

Remnants | New Zombie Survival Roleplay | High Ranks Open!

Come Watch Our Trailer: Trailer   The world has fallen, and the undead have taken over. It’s a story we’ve all heard hundreds of times. For roleplayers looking for a twist on this classic formula, Remnants is the place for you! Remnants is a forum roleplay in which everyone over the age of 16 has […]

Fragmented Memories – A Digimon RP

“Director Laurin rushed to boot up the information for Fragmented Server, and saw that pockets of data had sprung around the region where there were none before. With fright brewing inside Director Laurin’s heart, she grabbed the nearby phone and called the Digi Nations. “Operation Tamer is approved for deployment,” she said, breathlessly.” Two digital […]

Estorica: The Land of Cavus

Age Requirement: 18+ (Does not mean there is a focus on smut, just a requirement for our member base) [ HOME // FORUM // DISCORD ] Estorica , a land brimming with magic, once had magic before. It was a world filled with gods but now they are nowhere to be seen and dangers are starting to crawl from a hole in the world […]