Eden’s Requiem

The Plot Set in the year of 2045 on the planet Earth, Eden’s Requiem takes place in a world not completely unlike our own– albeit a bit more along the line in technological developments. Humans live fairly similarly to how they do in the modern day, with a bit of a twist; the world is […]

Love by Chance the RPG

Love by Chance is a RPG based around the story and characters from the TV show Love by Chance and the book My Accidental Love Is You. The story begins where the end of season one ended. Ae and Pete are happy, together – but something is stirring, will Pete’s father suddenly become involved in […]

Animal Crossing: Realms of Whimsy

Animal Crossing: Realms of Whimsy (AC:ROW) is set in the fictitious Kingdom of Nook, located on an island surrounded by vast oceans. Prospective citizens generally arrive by boat from other settlements or kingdoms; some are washed up ashore, the victims of pirates or harsh storms that pound the seas during the autumnal monsoon seasons. AC:ROW […]


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Çità de Masca

The City of Masks is a play-by-post (p-b-p), historical fiction roleplaying forum about Venice, circa 1574, during the Italian Renaissance when all of Italy was changing… and so the world, where stories about “normal lives, loves, intrigue, mystery, conspiracy, corruption, instability… courtesans, honored and lower class… greed and abuse of religious power… and government cover-ups” […]

Shooting Star ✦ a Genshin Impact Roleplay

Shooting Star ✦ a Genshin Impact Roleplay is an animanga post-by-post forum roleplay set in an alternate world of Genshin Impact. Original and canon characters are welcome. We follow Genshin Impact’s current storyline, from both game and manga, yet our world is shaped differently by our unique travelers.

White Sand Empire

http://www.whitesandempire.com ——————————————————————————————– Welcoming Address, Strongly advise you read. ——————————————————————————————–​ Hello, I am known as Somber, I have posted this entry with the hopes of eliciting potential wayward roleplayers. This is a call to adventure and intrigue set in a fictional universe, loosely inspired by Middle eastern and Mongolian culture and myths. The setting is a […]

Maledictus: A supernatural horror roleplay

You take a left on your walk home that you are sure wasn’t there before. The road wavers before you and out the corner of your eye you think you see twisting roots. Shadows that have too much form. The wind carries a whisper, welcome home. MALEDICTUS is a jcink premium supernatural and horror roleplay […]

The Order of The Black Rose

Original Urban Fantasy Roleplay focused on an esoteric Secret Society akin to the Illuminati. 18+ premium Jcink board 3/3/3 Community focused dark, occult elements with a balanced system of magic, locked selectable species and optional factions to join (or make your own). Our AU is special, homebrew original and based on traditional folklores with an […]