RPG Post Logs

Forum Roleplay offers free RPG post log templates for both logging active threads and browsing old threads. Improve your forum roleplaying up by making tracking and archival easier for you — and other roleplayers.

RPG Post Logs

What Are RPG Post Logs?

  • In short: RPG post logs are a list of your active roleplay threads.
  • Also called: post logs, post trackers, thread logs, thread trackers, and many other things. “Post log” is not standardized across forum roleplaying by any means.
  • Alternatives include: listing roleplay threads in your forum profile, your browser bookmarks, a forum software subscription or bookmarking solution, etc.

Why RPG Post Logs?

Keeping track of your owed RPG posts is important. This is especially true in forum roleplaying games where you can have seven characters involved in ten threads apiece, slow-moving threads, etc. You don’t want to leave your other roleplayers hanging, of course! A list of your active roleplay threads embedded into a forum post may be easiest for you track, but as stated — there are a lot of alternatives! Whatever works easiest for you is what you should do.

RPG Post Archives

What Are RPG Post Archives?

  • In short: RPG post archives are a list of your finished, inactive, dead or otherwise finished roleplay threads.
  • Also called: archives, and often called a lot of the things that post logs are called. Archives are explicitly for dead, finished, or otherwise “done” threads.
  • Alternatives include: Private lists for you yourself to browse — but these are inaccessible to the public.

Why RPG Post Archives?

If you want keep a publicly accessible archive of your RP character’s past threads for others to browse, you’ll probably need to hand-write or hand-code it. Using something that integrates both archive and post log tracking makes this much less painful a process.

When you’re writing an RPG post, you want an archive of your character’s threads so you don’t have to stop, search the forum, and browse for the proper topic. If you track the topic titles or who you were posting with, you’ll know exactly where to go.

RPG Post Logs: Resources

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