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Forum roleplaying games make frequent use of templates — whether for RPG character sheets or individual roleplay posts. It can be daunting to look at the awesome templates and code everyone else has in a game without any coding knowledge. Forum Roleplay’s RPG code resources both provide free templates and attempt to teach some basic HTML and CSS to the average roleplayer.

Tracking your RPG posts, for example, is a great way to keep proper characterization in mind. Keeping a well-organized character sheet can help you in this regard, too — and in developing your character further. RPG code and fancy templates are not absolutely necessary, but you just might find them useful in your forum roleplaying game journey!

Why RPG Code?

Starting with RPG codes is a great way to get into bigger code projects. It’s a gradual introduction to more advanced coding techniques — maybe you start on a little RPG template, and move on to a forum skin, then onto building a whole website! That’s how Forum Roleplay’s staff got started, anyway — and maybe the same can happen for you!

But I’m No Good with Code…

A lot of roleplayers are at least partially technologically proficient. The fact that they have an Internet hobby beyond Facebook and Twitter is a strong indicator of this! No matter how “stupid” (aka inexperienced) you feel with code, you are more technologically capable than the person who can’t even use an e-mail! Keep that in mind if you feel discouraged!

RPG Code Display

.character-a01 .ooc {...}

Resources in Roleplay Code

  • RPG Post Templates

    In forum roleplaying games, RPG post templates are extra formatting and layouts for your individual roleplay posts. They are a form of RPG graphic, and are most often used to emphasize the mood or tone of a particular RPG post or thread. Post templates are usually optional at roleplaying games. Some roleplaying games mandate them, […]

  • RPG Character Sheets

    The character sheets and profiles offered by Forum Roleplay range in size from a whole website to a simple in-post sheet, that will help you in your quest to keep your character profiles updated! Character Sheets — A History RPG character sheets arose in older forms of roleplaying. You may already be familiar with them […]

  • RPG Post Logs

    Forum Roleplay offers free RPG post log templates for both logging active threads and browsing old threads. Improve your forum roleplaying up by making tracking and archival easier for you — and other roleplayers. RPG Post Logs What Are RPG Post Logs? In short: RPG post logs are a list of your active roleplay threads. […]

  • Forum RPG Group Code Templates

    Great, you’ve formed an RPG group! RPG groups are wonderful. Whether it’s a House in a Harry Potter roleplaying game or a pack in a werewolf roleplaying game, creating with other people is always more fun. These RPG group code resources may help you in your quest for group success. Feel free to use them […]

  • Writing Better Roleplay Code

    This is different from the other RPG template tutorials in that it is intended for general improvements and expanding knowledge. You won’t find any RPG templates here, unfortunately. This tutorial aims to build on top of RPG Templates Tutorial Part One and RPG Templates Tutorial Two. It offers general CSS coding knowledge and is useful […]