The Wicked Web We Weave

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About an hour east of New Orleans lies the fictional town of Raconteur, Louisiana. The citizens live, work, and play while experiencing the joys, sorrows, excitement, and heartache of the good ol’ fashioned Southern life.

There is trouble brewing underneath the surface though. Troubles involving the more supernatural species dwelling this earth. Age old feuds are rising to the surface again, power struggles that are starting to grow exponentially with every passing moment. The Vampires, creatures of the night, are growing increasingly impatient, not only wanting to possess dominion over the bustling city’s nightlife but setting out to conquer the world. Perhaps the witches of New Orleans could help with that? Or have they struck up an allegiance with the Undead’s age old enemy the Wolves? The community is unsettled and people are afraid. A war is brewing, how long will it take before the city of Raconteur can no longer take the heat and everything around them will fall to ruins?


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RPG Rating: 3 2 3

We here at Biandri are a play by post fantasy canine RPG. Let your imagination run rampant, engaging in an immersive community of intermediate to advanced writers. Start your journey as a Biandri native, or cross the threshold into an entirely new world, gaining magical blessings to further primitive survival.

Whether you’re here for the writing or relationships, we surely have something for everybody; captivating and devastating Players vs Enemy boss fights, a character stat system to measure development, easy-to-learn mechanics, and both IC and OOC events and competitions with out-of-this-world rewards!

With the Gods’ and their active influence over Biandri, we hope to provide imaginative freedom to our writers, exploring the continent shrouded with mystery and beauty alike.

Werewolf the Apocalypse (W20) – On Discord


Chronicle: Sheridon NC
Game: WtA (W20)
Platform: Discord

150 years ago Sheridon was a small village with a small Caern… then the Wyrmbringers came.

A month ago… Sheridon was a small mountain town, kind where everyone knew everyone and everyone knew the curses upon its land….

Then the Wyrm came….

Join players in rebuilding their small town and reopening their small caern.

Lightly moderated.


Pokemon Mature Journeys


Adult 18 plus roleplay forum. An new region with towns both by sea, and among land as mature content occurs around it with the human characters being 16, or older. Pokémon are human like here, and can talk like humans as well. Region map is an work in progress as each member adds to it.
Fandom / original characters.
Other members can play as your pokemon / human partners if you wish.
No claims for the fandom characters. Each member has an different story for the same character. Yes 16, and older means growing up some of them.
Pokémon discriptions are different with each member.

The world of pokemon, brand new, Our fellow creatures are human like. Some wearing clothes, and some not, some with hands, and some with paws, some with their animal like mouths, and some with complete human faces. Some with just animal ears, and tails for their fur spots, and some the usual antro way of an animal on two legs. Some females are regular, and some have a crotch down below / are futa.

THE FALL OF MAN: Fantasy Animal RPG l No App

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When humankind brought itself to the doors of extinction, the animals were there to take their world back. Now, having evolved into massive, highly intelligent beings, they live in comfort over the ashes of humanity. What’s left of the human race has taken their place as pets, zoo attractions, and playthings to suit their every desire.

Are you prepared to enter this new world order of court intrigue, civil unrest, and perhaps even rebellion?


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We are a beginner-friendly, semi-realistic, multi-species canine text-based rpg. We feature a friendly community, large and beautiful world with 100 unique territories to explore

MATURE: SILVERMOON AGENCY (Humans, Vampires & Werewolves)

MATURE: SILVERMOON AGENCY (Humans, Vampires & Werewolves) Visit

!!! Step into the supernatural modern day world of organised crime and chaos !!!



Sir Silvermaine is looking for wicked male and females as his evil vampires. He thinks that the vampire race should rule the earth and Humans and Werewolves be subservient and fodder for the Kemetians.

Are you one of the elite Humans specialising in various areas of military fighting tactics and warfare?


The Silvermoon Agency are an elite fighting and intelligence force used to investigate and shutdown the biThazarre underworld actions of the Underworld Lords permanently. Good werewolves, vampires & humans believe in coExistence with other races. Are you one that believes in equality and the good of better man??


enter the wildwood — a fantastical wolf rpg

enter the wildwood — a fantastical wolf rpg Visit

Welcome to The Wildwood, a place of magic and wonder. The lands are overgrown with vegetation and deep with enchantment. Power and magic are overflowing from the land, some places more than others. the touch of humanity is gone, fading from history. Crumbling structures litter the vast wilderness, a relic of a time long past. It is in this sprawling expanse that the wolves make their home. Each pack is distinct with their own personalities and ways of life. The land grants some great powers, or others wings and large fangs. The packs have lived in The Wildwood for as long as they can remember.

Running With Wolves: Rising is a fantastical, literate wolf roleplay. While many characters are completely normal, we like to embrace creativity and fantasy! Unusual fur color, eye color, wings, horns, and powers are not uncommon. RWW is a small community right now with many experienced roleplayers. There are no character limits or sentence requirements.



Abstraction is an all-animal fantasy open-world rpg with very few restrictions when it comes to character creation. We also allow characters from franchises or your own universes! Let your imagination run wild!

Heart of the Wild

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Heart of the Wild is a fun, tight-knit community full of mature individuals actively looking for more like-minded people to join us in creating a story that everyone can enjoy! This is a Canine pack-life roleplaying group that is set on an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific, giving members the choice of joining one of the packs, The Bellatores or Aza’Muar, or roughing it as a Loner and even with the new Character Creation system that has been implemented into the server- There is still a lot of room to let your creativity shine! Since HotW’s initial opening about a year ago now, we have made tremendous changes to our Servers layout and story-line. Pair that with with the cool new bots and features that have also been added to keep things alive and interactive. Some of the other new features include; A currency system and player shop options, A new list of neat mutations your fuzzy pooch could receive, Weekly game and movie nights, And a revamped aging/growth system!