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Invictus tells the stories of three canine gangs fighting for survival in these sprawling lands of Cegrem City. No one can be trusted, not even your own kind. Fights break out and alliances form, treachery is committed, and then dogs disappear. Will you contribute to the corruption or move against it in your story?

Invictus is a modern day stray dog roleplay set in a land that features a big city. In Cegrem, challenges await each character around every turn. Three rival dog gangs, humans, diseases, and natural disasters threaten your character’s existence. You can choose to join one of the gangs or tough it out on your own. Whichever you choose, don’t take it lightly!

Invictus is a brand new canine roleplay! We are an extremely friendly, player-devoted, intermediate writing community where players of all types are welcomed. We value writers who are committed to roleplay and willing to make friends!

Fantastic Tails

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Fantastic Tails™ is a fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of Antera, and populated by anthropomorphic animals from numerous species and cultures. Antera is home to powerful magic harnessed into incredible technologies that have improved the quality of life of most of its inhabitants. Great airships carry cargo to gleaming cities, illuminated by magical streetlights and kept clean by automatons and running water. Trains race across tracks than span nations, connecting cities and allowing citizens to travel at amazing speeds.

Not every inhabitant of Antera is so lucky, however. Some struggle for access to these technologies while others suffer from centuries’ old grudges or newer prejudices. In the shadows, criminals provide what goverments may not and with easy magic comes the temptation of Corruption.

This book includes everything you need to run the game, including rules for creating and playing characters, and the world lore.

The Ancients Discord RP Group!

The Ancients Discord RP Group! Visit


We are looking for active role-players in a new, expansive world… Our home, Astraea! With a globe larger than planet Earth; it is filled with magicians, deities, humans, beasts, spirits and many other entities of your own creation. Design up to two entities of your choosing, each with their own sets of abilities/powers and weaknesses to incite interest and balance out encounters with other members. Astraea is a war, romance, family, drama and ERP orientated world. Your characters may roam freely, but be ready for anything. Gods always watch and humans rebel.

This role-play is perfect for fantasy lovers and even those who prefer to roleplay as humans. There are jobs, ranks, special roles, civilizations, religions, pantheons and a lot more on its way. Recently, we’ve revamped most of the server and though it’s still under construction, we’ve got the basics down so the roleplay can already start. We would appreciate any suggestions you may have if you do, decide to join us. We are also looking for active staff members who will help us with planning events and maintaining the livelihood of the server.

Once you join, you’ll be prompted to verify that you are eighteen years or older, even if you do not wish to participate in ERP. This is to keep track of who is underage and who isn’t in the server. If you’re underage, you’ll still be able to participate in basic roleplay. There is so much to explore in the world of Astraea, that it’s best that you come in and take a look for yourself! Who knows, you might love it! If you don’t, we won’t hold you hostage.

We are:

-LGBTQ+ friendly.


– Tupper NPC.



-And RP crazy!

Lost Paradise

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Welcome to Lost Paradise, home to many creatures big and small! Lost Paradise is an animal/fantasy based roleplaying site, with two separate main games. One is dedicated to the site’s own world and territory with three official groups and a backboard for unofficial groups. Along with this there is a section to roleplay Warrior Cats! This section has the five main clans and then a backboard for unofficial clans, but do keep in mind that this section does not stick to the story of the books and is an AU! The site is a 313 roleplaying site with friendly mods and community as well as a discord to hang out in! We hope to see you there!

REIGN OF THE APES: A Planet of the Apes RP

REIGN OF THE APES: A Planet of the Apes RP Visit

The year is 2157 and the world as we know it is fractured. From the ashes of nuclear war, apes have risen to become the dominant species. Humans? Are left to serve as their pets and slaves. But somewhere in “The Forbidden Zone” there is talk of a revolution lead by the mythical ape Caesar. Talk that may just spark hope for peace among the species, or spell doom for them both.

Reign of the Apes is a heavily-AU Planet of the Apes RP that combines all aspects of its parent canon. Newly reopened with a short app, and no word count, there’s a million reasons to GO APE.

Animal Crossing: Realms of Whimsy

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Animal Crossing: Realms of Whimsy (AC:ROW) is set in the fictitious Kingdom of Nook, located on an island surrounded by vast oceans. Prospective citizens generally arrive by boat from other settlements or kingdoms; some are washed up ashore, the victims of pirates or harsh storms that pound the seas during the autumnal monsoon seasons.

AC:ROW is a blend of Animal Crossing and high fantasy elements, with knights, magicians, mythical creatures, cute villagers and just about anything else you can think of! We encourage members to shape the world through their characters and their stories.

Miles Up Shore

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A fully sandbox, character-driven feral dog RPG that takes place in the wilderness of the Canadian Yukon. The humans abandoned the river valley a long time ago, leaving behind their exhausted coal mines, derelict town, and most notably their dogs. (Though it isn’t the focal point, due to the potentially mature nature of the RP, you must be 18+ to join.)


Moonwake Visit

An original Warriors role play following the exiled FrostClan and their journey to reconnect with StarClan after their moonstone cracks. With internal divisions over their faith and future splitting the clan, as well as the looming threat of a hostile rogue group in the marsh to the south, FrostClan’s way of life as they know it will soon come to an end. Will they reunite, and stay together as a unified clan without their ancestors? Or will they listen to the strange prophecy and leave their lands to return to a home none of them have ever known?

SILVERMOON AGENCY (Humans, Vampires & Werewolves) {ADULT}

SILVERMOON AGENCY (Humans, Vampires & Werewolves) {ADULT} Visit
ALL your characters fit under ONE account, ONLY ONE site Login needed.. (No more multiple emails for every character!!) But NO ONE needs to know they’re your characters if you want to keep it a secret, only your selected game PGM, GMS, will know your login name.
Please allow two weeks (not negotiable) after you have been granted your login status if you wish access to play ADULT RP games. You can Rmail me as ladysharlyne while you wait the 2 weeks and you can join General and Mature games on site. You can play as many games as you wish. Please do not Rmail any Admin, Moderators etc just me as each GM takes care of their own games.

!!! Step into the supernatural modern day world of organised crime and chaos !!!



Sir Silvermaine is looking for wicked male and females as his evil vampires. He thinks that the vampire race should rule the earth and Humans and Werewolves be subservient and fodder for the vampires

Are you one of the elite Humans specializing in various areas of military fighting tactics and warfare?


The Silvermoon Agency are an elite fighting and intelligence force used to investigate and shutdown the biazarre underworld actions of the Underworld Lords permanently. Good werewolves, vampires & humans believe in coExistence with other races. Are you one that believes in equality and the good of better man?


Thank You From

ladysharlyne (Rmail on