Elysia Visit

Elysia is a literate warrior cats site set in Vancouver Island following two Clans, CloverClan and GroveClan as they battle against the elements, and each other.

After the mysterious disappearance of three scouts, CloverClan comes to realize that they aren’t the only cats in Elysia. Their mutual hatred is spurred, as CloverClan concludes that GroveClan is keeping their warriors hostage, while GroveClan is unaware of the scouting patrol’s existence. While the two Clans remain distracted, cats are vanishing from patrols, dens, and even the nursery. They both have a common enemy, in the most unlikely of places.

Ruins of Wildwood

Ruins of Wildwood Visit

For over 10 years, wolves thrived in the remote wilderness that is the realm of Relic Lore before vanishing suddenly in the beginning of 2019. Humans reintroduced wolves to the land more than a year ago, and many previous residents have returned as well, causing the Lore to thrive once more.

Game development is 100% member driven. We offer a wealth of features for members including:
Automated thread logs to keep track of your characters!
Bi-weekly random event prompts for your characters
Fun point system to follow your character’s growth
A stat based fighting system that scale’s with your character
Linking character profiles
Fully customizable profiles
Sandbox environment: 34 territories and over 100 member-created sub-territories featured on our interactive map!
New board-wide plot announcing soon!

Currently there are three onsite packs but there is still room for more. Come join us at www.relic-lore.net and become a part of our community!

Blackberry Brambles: A Feral Cat RPG

Blackberry Brambles: A Feral Cat RPG Visit

Blackberry Brambles is a semi-realistic, play-by-post feral cat RPG  with focus on organic character and world development. Set in a derelict theme park village surrounded by wilderness, it’s clear the land has its own agenda – and that the living and dead are closely intertwined.

Featuring free-form character creation with no character limit, low word-count, dice-roll PVP, a colony system, reincarnation, and more in the works!

We’re currently in open-beta, and look forward to seeing you!


SILVERMOON AGENCY (Humans, Vampires & Werewolves) {ADULT FREEFORM}

SILVERMOON AGENCY (Humans, Vampires & Werewolves) {ADULT FREEFORM} Visit
ALL your characters fit under ONE account, ONLY ONE site Login needed.. (No more multiple emails for every character!! Please allow two weeks (not negotiable) after you have been granted your login status if you wish access to play ADULT RP games. You can Rmail me as ladysharlyne while you wait the 2 weeks and you can join General and Mature games on site. You can play as many games as you wish. You can also contact me on Discord: #8223. Please do not Rmail any Admin, Moderators etc just me as each GM takes care of their own games.

!!! Step into the supernatural modern day world of organised crime and chaos !!!



The Vampire Conspiracy are looking for wicked male and females as evil vampires. They think that the vampire race should rule the earth and Humans and Werewolves be subservient and fodder for the vampires

Are you one of the elite Humans specializing in various areas of military fighting tactics, espionage and warfare?


The Silvermoon Agency are an elite fighting and intelligence force used to investigate and shutdown the bizarre underworld actions of the Underworld Vampire Lords permanently. Good werewolves, vampires & humans believe in coExistence with other races. Are you one that believes in equality and the good of better man?

https://r.rpol.net/game.php? gi=32550&date=1669410842

Thank You From

ladysharlyne (Rmail on RPol.net)
Discord: ladysharlyne #8223

DARK CARPATHIAN KNIGHTS ~ {Inspired by C Feehan Carpathian Series} [ADULT ~ FREEFORM]

DARK CARPATHIAN KNIGHTS ~ {Inspired by C Feehan Carpathian Series} [ADULT ~ FREEFORM] Visit
This site only needs one login! You can play in as many games with as many characters you wish with only ONE login!!
Please allow two weeks (not negotiable) after you have been granted your login status if you wish access to play ADULT RP games. You can Rmail me as ladysharlyne while you wait the 2 weeks and you can join General and Mature games on site. Please do not Rmail any Admin, Moderators etc just me as each GM takes care of their own games. You can also contact me via Discord: #8223


{A game inspired by the works of Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathian series}

Carpathians are an ancient, long-lived species from the Carpathian Mountains. Their species was in danger of extinction for hundreds of years due to warfare, fertility problems, and the loss of their males to vampirism. In recent decades, however, the Carpathians have begun to find mates in humans with psychic abilities and have discovered the cause of their infertility and high child mortality rate. Their numbers are growing, despite the threat of the Vampire Hunting Society.



GAME LINK: https://r.rpol.net/game.php?gi=75779

Thank You From
ladysharlyne (Rmail on RPol.net)
Discord: ladysharlyne #8223

Inle – Post-apocalyptic Wolf RP


Looking for group members for a forum based post by post RP. Semi-lit, no word count, 13+ Discord group also for chatting and reply pings only.

Inle is a post apocalyptic forum based fantasy Wolf RP with no word count, written in third person.
Inle is set on earth after the thaw of an ice age that humans had caused by choking the planet, bringing about the extinction of almost all life. After the planet started to heal, the gods woke up. Calling themselves the elementals, they nurtured the planet back to a habitable state, and started to manifest living beings to fill it. This time, there would be no human beings, and wolves should be given the chance to dominate the planet. The four elementals created one wolf species each to bestow their magic gifts onto, hoping that if they were in touch with the elements, they would not destroy the planet as the humans did.

Four species of wolves, magic, mutations, currency/xp system to level up

Westport City Strays

Westport City Strays Visit

Join our 313, semi-realistic stray dog roleplay with unique gaming mechanics! On Westport, group creation is free-form and your character can have a direct impact on the politics of the city. We are inclusive, accommodating, and excited to write with you.

Dawn Wolf RPG

Dawn Wolf RPG Visit

― Oldschool Wolf Roleplay
― Realism Genre
― Freeform/Sandbox Style with no OOC plotting
― No Word Count
― 16+ Community
― No Staff (we have a board maintenance team!)
― Ability to create your own pack and subarea
― Set in fictional Pacific NW valley during early 1900s


Invictus Visit

Invictus tells the stories of three canine gangs fighting for survival in these sprawling lands of Cegrem City. No one can be trusted, not even your own kind. Fights break out and alliances form, treachery is committed, and then dogs disappear. Will you contribute to the corruption or move against it in your story?

Invictus is a modern day stray dog roleplay set in a land that features a big city. In Cegrem, challenges await each character around every turn. Three rival dog gangs, humans, diseases, and natural disasters threaten your character’s existence. You can choose to join one of the gangs or tough it out on your own. Whichever you choose, don’t take it lightly!

Invictus is a brand new canine roleplay! We are an extremely friendly, player-devoted, intermediate writing community where players of all types are welcomed. We value writers who are committed to roleplay and willing to make friends!