A Sick Elf


This is a role play Where either:

1 your character comes home to find (my character your partner, sick with the stomach flu or cold or vice versa.

2 Your character comes to the hospital complaining of an upset stomach and my character takes care of you and a romance is born.

3 date night gone bad by way of food poisoning, Where one of us unknowingly orders bad food.

My character Resren is an elf with many traits of his kin, but he has a compromised immune system and can get sick easily. Despite his weakness, Resren is also a doctor.

I’m a semi lit to literate role player who is also learning to become a single paragraph role player and as you can tell from reading this I have a thing for tummy trouble so you have to be comfortable with minor descriptions of illness.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

Lucious Vampblood

Lucious Vampblood Visit

Lucious is a vampire Demigod and rival to his twin brother Travis who currently rules the VampBlood Empire.

The RP itself takes place on discord and we have various systems in place to make a more interactive RP experience. Everything takes place in a fantasy world of Sangre with many different possible scenerios to interact in. We follow open-ended storylines allowing the players to decide what the outcome is within reason.
For more info please follow the link given and we will explain more about the RP itself.

Romance Shores


An place you got stranded on that’s open to either your own thing, or something fandom based for worlds while being either a fandom, or own character either human, non-human, or anthro / talking animal. Mature / lemon


still Open / accepting members

Evening Festivities Roleplay and Writing


An adult 18 plus multi-genre filled place. Roam the streets as you explore multiple portals within each district where things can go either fandom based, or original like while being human, anthro, talking animal, or non-human. Roleplay, write, or visit our directory spot where fellow rpg forums, and buttons are shared. Welcomes all kinds of writers both new, and experienced.




Hallo! I am Kite and I have an wolf rp for you!

My pad: https://padlet.com/TogawithAknife
The pack DOC: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15ydR9sUmAqCBwiYq8gX9vHSl6JFUoyFgri4X0zYZ-Hg/edit
Sign ups: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdikzI30CAyp_-In9K7CCxgrnLSGbu2EwYKxnMS2tMs9bjRgg/viewform

You must do sign ups to join!!!!!!

Writing Home

Writing Home Visit

Writing Home is a open-forum Roleplaying site. Whatever story you want, that is the story you can create, be it group or 1 x 1 (as long as it abides by content rules).
Though the site is 18+, we do not allow explicit content on any public forum to ensure it’s a welcoming place for all.
We believe in open and honest communication between site administrators and the users.
We are focused on proper and active moderation to avoid admin/moderator abuse, while also focusing on keeping our users friendly and handling any signs of bullying/harassment timely and properly.
We are still very new and so we’re still moving slow, but we’re excited to see where this site goes and just how big of a community we will build overtime.

So, if you’re interested, take a look. 🙂

Call of Northbrooke

Call of Northbrooke Visit

Call of Northbrooke is a modern-day roleplay that takes place in the year 2019 in October in the American-Canadian border town of Northbrooke, Vermont. This is a modern sci-fi/fantasy fusion setting where magic and sci-fi elements are both equally viable, as it seems as if Northbrooke is an epicenter for a lot of the strange things living in this world. Sure, you can travel and have yourself a road trip, but why would you want to leave?

To keep things nice & short, Call of Northbrooke takes place in a world that had magic, magical beings, and those of that fantastical sort lurking within the shadows of the world. But after a calamity that is only known as “Delta Day” took place, more than 20% of the world’s population became superpowered people known as Metahumans. And the roleplay is about living in this new, rebalanced world.