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Storyteller’s Circle: A multi-genre roleplay forum designed to support a wide array of stories and player interests.

We offer a supportive staff, numerous features to help support roleplays of all types, a live discord, and above all a healthy dose of enthusiasm and inspiration derived from a group of people dedicated to seeing Storyteller’s Circle prosper.

If you’re a roleplayer looking for a fresh start on a new site and who values a healthy community and supportive environment, then I welcome you to come join us at Storyteller’s Circle.

** We provide personal forum space for large roleplays or tabletop roleplays that include multiple sub-forums for sorting threads, tabbed threads for organizing information,  an integrated bbcode dice system, google document embedding, moderator privileges over the roleplay’s forums, and optional co-GMs.

New Player looking for new challenges


Okay, so here is the deal. I love to write. I’ve been writing in roleplaying games for the better part of my life. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now and it’s my cure for the insanity that is my life. Things happen however and unfortunately RL sometimes gets in the way of that.

I am someone that posts regularly, loves to participate and I am open to anything. I’ve been in a lot of groups over the year and there isn’t really anything I wouldn’t write or wouldn’t want to at the very least try out. I have a broad range of interests and that shows in everything I do. I am willing to create bio’s or at the very least even try out by sampling some of my writing.

So if there are groups that need some fresh blood and are looking for new players, please let me know. I’d love to find myself a new challenge and I am very easygoing and open minded when it comes to trying out new things.

You can always contact me here

Thxs Cat

Mist Falls (Brand New)

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Welome to a new play-by-post RP forum. Mist Falls is a small village set deep in the forest by a magnificent waterfall. Make the town yours with various stories. Anything can happen here. Suggested for beginners and those more seasoned.

Twin brother on Santa Verda


This is a want ad for Romulus Saber, the twin brother to my character, Remus. Other than the ad linked, most of him is open. If you’d rather not flesh out a full character, I have him written up fully already. He is being used as a NPC for Remus at the moment, but if adopted, the full character account will be transferred over (with the full write up for his profile and abilities already done). You are, of course, more than welcome to edit and add anything you’d like to his personality, and even change up his abilities if you don’t like the ones he has.

For his claim, we will share Brian Haner Jr. Also pictures can be found under Synyster Gates. I would love for him to have long hair, because thats what I’ve always pictured him with. If you’re interested, feel free to hit me up on discord! I have plenty of resources available for help 🙂

USS Sentinel

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The year is 2389 and balance of power is in turmoil. It has been a year since the destruction of Romulus in the Hobus hypernova and the Romulan Star Empire has resealed its borders. The Klingon empire is resurgent and roiling, taking the opportunity in Romulan weakness to strike forward into expansion. The Dominion are silent, lurking in the Gamma Quadrant, perhaps waiting for the right conditions to return. It is a precarious time for the Federation.

I am Captain James McCullen. The USS Sentinel is an Intrepid-class starship that is part of Starfleet’s 22nd Fleet. The Sentinel’s primary focus is exploration and science-based discovery, but with the current state of the galaxy, we may be called upon to carry out other duties for the Federation.

The USS Sentinel is a free-form play-by-nova role-playing game set in the Star Trek universe. We use Discord to keep updated and chat OOC, but our writing and storytelling are all carried out via Nova.

The Healing Garden

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This setting will take place at The Healing Garden, an underground restaurant with various rooms: Dining Area, Masquerade Room, Garden, Bar, Kitchen/Lab, Volcano, Waterfall, Pool, and Inn. The underground restaurant is also a club that serves only the most important people in the world. It is located underneath solid ice in Antarctica, built in an underground cave near a magma deposit that melts the ice and naturally warms the water and atmosphere. There is no electricity or communication with the outside world here. What happens here, stays here.

Revillution After Dark

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Revillution After Dark is an adult roleplaying section on This section is for adult roleplayers 18 years of age or older. The roleplays within this section cover adult themes such as sexual acitvities, sex, masturbation, etc. The roleplays in this section are not a structured story, they are their own plots and the people writing them are only limited to their imaginations. If you are 18+ and looking for an adult roleplaying forum, Revillution After Dark is a free place to express your adult writing desires and creativity.

Notice:An account upgrade is required to gain access to the adult roleplaying section of the site, upgrades are usually handled within 24 hours but usually much sooner.

mythical greenislandforest fox/wolfpack

mythical greenislandforest fox/wolfpack Visit

this story is about mythical and magical island where is all kinds of wolves and other creatures. too let you know if you leave you may never come back their ar no alphas but there other ranks like queens kings prince and princesses. all there is a magical border around the island only the creatures can go in and out of the borders. humans don’t take part as a character in this roleplay story because the humans. are trying to find the island and invade us. their is law and order in this story you must follow these rules anyone who is not queen king or a warrior may not go pass the border anyone who does is own their own to defend for themselves on the other side of the border their are bad and dangerous from the far front of the island is fire island where the evil queen sits oh and ps there are no kings in this story. but if you want to be king or queen you have to show your worthy to show that you have to protect and fight for what is right.

Looking for Ted Bundy roleplayers!


Hello, my name is Mako. I’m currently looking for literate roleplayers to roleplay as Ted Bundy (Zac Efron’s version). I will roleplay as my transgender ftm OC. The roleplay will be MxM. We can discuss plots and genres in the DMs. We can do long term or short term.


1) I only do semi-literate to literate roleplays. My average is 5 sentences-2 paragraphs but I could do more. I often match my partner’s length. Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language, I just want to be able to understand you.

2) Everything LGBTQ+ is accepted. My character will be a switch or a submissive.

3) You must be okay with mature/PG-13 themes. We don’t have to have a rp full of cursing but you shouldn’t be squeamish about it.

4) When you contact me, tell me the following: Your name, your pronouns and your favorite genres.

CONTACT – Vampy#2495 or