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Hey, everyone! I’m Liran and after a hard year of work, I have finished working on my RPG, Astromeda which is heavily inspired by the popular RPG, Undertale! It will have its own crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter very soon.

Astromeda welcomes you to a whole new world where an asteroid hit the earth and left it uninhabitable. Later then, bacteria that came out of it thrive across the land. After a millennium has passed, a group of humans came to check their home planet to see if it’s habitable again but crashed hard on landing. From here our story beings
In Astromeda, you play as a human who belongs to the most advanced species in the galaxy where every choice you make will matter the most in this world.

You will be able to befriend the newly born bacteria race and choose to SHOOT them in battle to end it peacefully, take on a breathtaking adventure across the Earth in a strange, funny, heartrending story, following with an extraordinary original soundtrack.Download the DEMO!

USS Birger

February 20, 2020 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

The year is 2330. As the USS Birger finishes the last of a minor refit, she preps to depart once more for the outer edge of Federation space where she is tasked with providing emergency response and relief for vessels, starbases, and colonies. The Birger is equipped to handle and assist with SAR, natural disasters, medical aid, damage control, and any other emergency thrown her way. With a mix of salty crew and fresh faces, she stands ready to be the safety net when times are dire.

The USS Birger is looking for crew interested in exploring the emergency response world of Star Trek. The small crew will be relied on to be multi-faceted and to think out of the box to solve problems and protect the lives of the UFP Citizens on the outer edge of Federation space.



RPG Rating: 222

Many open positions!
*Chief Positions
*Junior Officer Positions
*Enlisted Positions

New Dawn

New Dawn
February 4, 2020 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

New Dawn is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy RP set in an expanding galaxy of detailed planets, species, and technologies. Carve your own path and create your own stories in this sandbox setting through adventure, politics, battles, or even slice of life.

Star Trek: Theurgy

Star Trek: Theurgy
November 19, 2019 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

The year is 2381. The crew of the Federation starship USS Theurgy has been betrayed. Outlawed and alienated by a parasitically infested Starfleet Command. Fleeing the reach of this hidden enemy, they have to warn the Federation before a new intergalactic war begins, protecting the truth of what they know.

Star Trek: Theurgy is a detailed, quite dark, story-driven and long-term roleplay and while it has a 18+ rating, it is not some shoe-horned excuse to write Star Trek smut scenes. If that’s what you are looking for, you can look elsewhere since you’ll be really disappointed. So, if you are a dedicated and prolific writer, who can write long posts and reply to threads within 7 days, you can check the current recruitment status on our Joining the Crew page.

Furthermore, Star Trek: Theurgy promotes socially progressive views, including all sexualities, identities, male/female/trans artistic nudity, gender equality, civil rights, and multiculturalism.

The Network

The Network
August 29, 2019 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

A Sci-Fi Supernatural RP where shifters are a regulated commodity and Seeing a supernatural creature on the street is normal.

Available non-human species include:
Shifters – various species

No Word Count
No App
No Character Limit

Shadow Fleet – A Star Trek RPG

Shadow Fleet – A Star Trek RPG
November 2, 2019 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

Shadow Fleet was established in January of 2007 with the goal of bringing Star Trek fans together in community discussion as well as canon based, high quality role-playing. Today, we’re a growing internet presence and one of the few RPGs that can offer a friendly, welcoming environment and a place for players to indulge their literary talents with the potential of in-character and out-of-character awards! We are staffed by a team of experienced and enthusiastic players, who are committed to engaging missions and entertaining stories.

We are currently recruiting new players. We invite you to take a look around our six highly active SIMMs, ask our players questions in our Discord server, and perhaps even consider creating an account on our forum.

Shadow Fleet follows the Star Trek prime universe up through Star Trek: Nemesis; with our site exploring what happens thereafter. Come join us and help us create the possible future of Starfleet!

New Terra

New Terra
October 5, 2019 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

New Terra is an online Play-by-Post (PbP) roleplay. Essentially, our escapades come about through writing on the forums, rather than clicking buttons or rolling dice. The main aim is for us to write stories of our characters together. The core setting is about a colonist ship from a technologically advanced nation crash landing on a mysterious alien planet. While the aliens are in the medieval age at best, they have other tricks up their sleeves, namely: magic. Upon New Terra, two worlds collide, science and fantasy.

Unlike many RPGs, we do not have stat sheets. The emphasis here is on the writing and character development, rather than who’s the strongest. That said, there is a core balance and no one gets to start out with more than anyone else. We have an expansive system for building custom alien races, choosing magical spells, and also building up your human characters with different perks. Like a game of Dungeons and Dragons, there’s a great deal of player-staff interaction.

UFOP: StarBase 118: a PBEM RPG

September 29, 2019 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

Like Star Trek? Always wished you could serve in Starfleet? This Star Trek play by email RPG may be just what you are looking for
UFOP: StarBase 118 is a Star Trek writer’s group/role playing game that strives to bring the Star Trek you love to your email. Based in the prime universe, UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG has been providing fun and adventure for over 24 years! We have a comprehensive training program, that will help integrate you into the community, without any experience. With seven active ships, each run by highly experienced captains and each with their own personality and style, we have something for everybody.
Your Star Trek adventure is just a click away. Join an active Star Trek community and lead your character from cadet to captain.. and beyond! This is the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Visit to find out more.

Brave Galaxy

Brave Galaxy
August 30, 2019 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

Brave Galaxy is a new space fantasy RP that uses a combination of character statistics and freeform writing to facilitate writing. BG is semi-literate to literate in writing style, however there is no minimum or maximum word count, and the site has just launched the first plotline. While BG is loosely based off of the mangas Fairy Tail and Eden’s Zero, no experience with either of these materials is required as the world is for the most part original. BG’s community comes from the late Fairy Tail Guild roleplay site, which has existed for over eight years.



USS-Thunderchild —
The year is 2389 USS-Thunderchild had just came back after so many years in
Starfleet,shut down. Now they are back on a new adventure in the Gamma quadrent.
Studying planets, plant life,and other alien life. Hoping we don’t run into un-friendly
races,and also make new friends.
For a while USS-Thunderchild was a great exploration ship, in friendly Territory.
Simply a small message. Welcome to the USS Thunder child. You are free to come aboard and post.