USS Sitting Bull

November 14, 2020 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

To say the last mission didn’t go well is really an understatement. Sure we uncovered a highly illegal and surprisingly well run operation where you could buy anything — even living beings. But we lost the Master Chief who was killed because he was considered too old to sell. And that’s not even the worst part. Former Chief of Operations, Lieutenant JG Larissa Syndel, shocked everyone on the away team when she deliberately killed an unconscious guard.

That brought us back to Earth. The colonists can’t go back to Skunil because the Sheliak are laying claim and you know the Sheliak. Negotiations will be labyrinthine. And there’s Syndel who is now facing court martial. Part of the crew is on shore leave, part will be called as witnesses to the murder, and if that wasn’t enough, our Chief Counselor is preparing an auction of her own — with the Captain as prize! Not to mention the political dust-up that will lead to a big change for the crew.

U.S.S. Eagle (Obsidian Fleet)

U.S.S. Eagle (Obsidian Fleet)
October 5, 2020 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

Towards the end of the Dominion war millions of Cardassians were killed when Dominion guns were turned upon them. After the treaty was signed the Alliance powers offered aid in their reconstruction effort; it did not go nearly as smoothly as everyone expected, then after the synthetics attack on Mars and the ban Aid to Cardassian space was withdrawn.

A few years ago, aid was once again offered along with a small number of Starfleet ships to help keep Cardassian boarder secure from a slow, but study build-up of pirate activities. However, there is more to the deployment of the Eagle that simple border patrol. As a part of Obsidian Fleet, the Eagle should be on the Federation Romulan boarder. However, recently evidence has come to light of possible Romulan or Breen involvement in funding the pirates.

The Eagle is now on the Hunt for those Pirates, their hunt will take them into situations their just was just not designed for.

We are looking for all Senior Staff

The Eonerth Project

The Eonerth Project
September 6, 2020 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

Caronix Co. – Your Home in the Stars!

Have you ever wanted to travel to other galaxies? Experience life as an interstellar colonist? Well the wait is over. Apply for Caronix Co. today to become one of the first colonists to settle Terric-041! The Eonerth Project is an ARG with heavy elements of RP. You take on the role of a colonist in the year 2030 sent to the planet Terric-041 (owned by Caronix Co.) as they attempt to colonize the planet before the black hole Charybdis swallows Earth completely. In a race against time, you are tasked with making Terric-041 a livable, viable home for humanity. This ARG features weekly puzzles, deep lore spanning 3 decades, futuristic/sci-fi elements, and a mystery to be uncovered. So, what are you waiting for? Submit an application today!

Important links:

Caronix Co site:

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ARGU Discord server:

Event Horizon

Event Horizon
September 12, 2020 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

Original sci-fi universe where the members can shape their own experience. Create a character and roleplay through existing content or create your own. Factions, worlds, species–all can be created from the ground up by our members!

Hidden Circuits


In the year 2794, nuclear bombs were dropped on the United States from Russia, bringing a several year long Cold War full circle. Thankfully, prior to this, a majority of children and adults alike had already been evacuated underground. However, the government’s solution to this and to get the world moving once again was less than desirable. They began ‘enhancing’ the younger generations with robotic parts to permit them to fight through the radiation and be more durable should an event like this ever occur again, and to fight the war going on above them. These children were taken from a young age, and trained and enhanced as they grew older. They began with 50, and under half of that remains. This is not the first group to be forced through this process.

The children come from various backgrounds before being taken between the ages of 0-13, Very few of them recall much of this past, and only know the laboratory they’ve been raised in for the past 13 years…

Star Trek: Intrepid

Star Trek: Intrepid Visit

The year is 2158….

United Earth has been at war with The Romulan Star Empire for the past three years. During this time, our allies: The Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites have each taken a more active role in the war effort.

We, and our coalition alike, have suffered many losses at the hands of our Romulan foes and there is much uncertainty as to the outcome of this wretched conflict.

The fate of Earth and the Alpha Quadrant itself rests in the bravery, integrity, and continued sacrifice of many. Will you join the fight to protect our home world, our way of life and help to secure our future in the stars?

Star Trek: Intrepid is an 18+ play-by-forum (PBF) simulation / RPG. We are also a proud SIM-member of Fifth Fleet.

Sim Rating = 3 / 2 / 3

Wonder Comics – Original Superhero Setting!

Wonder Comics – Original Superhero Setting! Visit

The multiverse is teeming with the fantastic, the amazing and spectacular! Super speedster delivery men, Powers Ed classes taught by hyper-evolved space god T-Rexes, and superpowered temper-tantrums from toddlers; all this, and even more bizarre, is the norm for Thratton City. Wonders battle in the skies or leap tall buildings on their way to work, Martians and Aquans share the Earth with Humans and countless other alien species – and almost everyone is at least a little Wondrous.

Come fight the good fight, terrorise the nation, or just live a ‘normal’ life amongst the absurd;

Go forth, and be Wondrous!

The Unnamed Colonies [comfy sci-fi/17+]

The Unnamed Colonies [comfy sci-fi/17+] Visit

The Unnamed Colonies is based on a nameless galaxy, one that sustains multiple planets but only three are currently inhabited.

There is Ria 78N, a frozen planet full of precious gems and metals. There is the northern mining city, Juneau, where you can earn a luxurious life for your family and then the stunning, technologically advanced city of Astora. On Thasenia, the temperature is heavenly and the landscape lush. Live in the mildly precarious mountain territories, Oglasea, on your own homestead or in one of two cities, either by the ocean, or in the valley. Vismora, the youngest, smallest planet, is a dangerous marshland surrounded by miles of gorgeous coast. Live in the thriving harbor town, or move to inland, to the beautiful capitol of the swamps.

Lead a comfortable life or a dangerous, or find your perfect in-between on the Unnamed Colonies.

Galaxy Kings

Galaxy Kings Visit

Your goal in the game is to dominate in your galaxy, become a Master or even an Emperor of the Galaxy. To achieve that you need to defeat your neighbours and expand colonizing more and more star systems. You need to build up a strong economy and powerful fleet. Even if you have succeeded in your goal and eliminated all the opponents in your galaxy, the game isn’t over for you if you want to continue. You can explore the space, find another galaxy and invade it… Each can use own strategy to succeed.
Because all the players are anonymous, each player can create a specific image of its nation, with its own moral and laws. Players may create alliances, make treaties, use intrigue and treachery.

This game is the best suitable for IT people, especially the programmers, who like writing commands and some scripting code.


Astromeda Visit

Hey, everyone! I’m Liran and after a hard year of work, I have finished working on my RPG, Astromeda which is heavily inspired by the popular RPG, Undertale! It will have its own crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter very soon.

Astromeda welcomes you to a whole new world where an asteroid hit the earth and left it uninhabitable. Later then, bacteria that came out of it thrive across the land. After a millennium has passed, a group of humans came to check their home planet to see if it’s habitable again but crashed hard on landing. From here our story beings
In Astromeda, you play as a human who belongs to the most advanced species in the galaxy where every choice you make will matter the most in this world.

You will be able to befriend the newly born bacteria race and choose to SHOOT them in battle to end it peacefully, take on a breathtaking adventure across the Earth in a strange, funny, heartrending story, following with an extraordinary original soundtrack.Download the DEMO!