Alternate Universes

Alternate Universes
June 25, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Our writing group contains several forums from various settings. Each has become it’s own fan-driven universe based on the creativity of our writers. It’s rating is 3/3/3: ADULTS ONLY.

We write collaboratively with one another to build the story so that all writers can enjoy it. Our stories and characters are based off of many Universes (DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Urban Fantasy, etc…) but this is not for profit. It is for enjoyment and to help us hone our writing skills – therefore the use of copyrighted materials is considered fair use.

DC: Based on Batman and the Outsiders, this is a version of DC that is molded around the characters coming together into a group that handles things that have fallen through the cracks.

MARVEL: The Hellions are beginning their journey into superherodom while dealing with the stresses of being mutant young adults. Their mentors are also handling missions. We also have the Marvel Knights – for urban fantasy lovers.


June 24, 2019 Fandom RPGs

What if the Dragonborn never existed or mysteriously vanished before their destiny could be revealed? How would the land of Skyrim cope with dragons, a civil war, and genocidal elves all fighting over what remained of the land? Who would step up to save the world from Alduin, the vampire lord Harkon, Miraak?

Skyrim needs heroes and it’s up to you to help save the world.

Project Babel: A AU RWBY RP

June 23, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Project Babel is an AU, forum based RWBY Roleplay, focused on player driven stories, featuring non-canon characters and plotlines. We’re looking for anyone familiar with RWBY and eager bring their own original creation to life.

Project Babel is a pg13 rp, with semi-para to multi-paragraph posts.

If you’re interested, you can visit our Website, where you will also find a link to our Discord server.

Rick and Morty / Gravity Falls to server

June 18, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Prepare yourselves, I suck at advertising, but please bear with me on this~

Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls roleplay group with literate writers. You can roleplay as canon characters or if you have an OC of either show that is perfectly fine as well!

Do you have a Rick and Morty OC or a Gravity Falls OC that you want to rp with? Feel free come by and see what we have to rp wise! We are relatively new and could use a few more people, and are still a bit slow on the roleplay side! This is a server for those who want to rp Rick and Morty and or Gravity Falls, you can also rp a crossover of the two if you prefer. Feel free to join if you like.

Don’t want to RP? Well then, feel free to just make friends or whatever you want!

If you would like to rp within the server, then you are allowed to request a roleplay thread within the Thread Requests area, it can be Rick and Morty Related, it can be Gravity Falls related; if you hav

The Quest for Arrakis II

June 13, 2019 Fandom RPGs

“There is no escape—we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”
― Frank Herbert, Dune

Quest for Arrakis II continues the decade long history and political machinations of the original Quest for Arrakis. It is an intense setting that stays true to the canon as set forth by Frank Herbert and focuses primarily on power politics and grand story telling. Much like the in the novels most anything is possible…if the player is willing to pay the right price.
The setting is an alternative universe to the world as designed by Frank Herbert and taking place some twelve centuries before the time of Paul Atreides. The Corrino Empire has suffered through a devastating war which has taken the life of the previous Emperor and plunged the human race into a period of economic collapse and massive social unrest. Old Houses have fallen or been reduced in power leaving a vacuum for the ambitious to make a name for themselves.

The Witcher

June 1, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Hello! I am looking for someone to help me develop a character. I will be playing a female elf bard and I need someone to play a witcher, I do have a simple outline for a witcher but you can honestly just play whatever you’d like. The witcher I have planned out is named Betlam, he is from the school of the vipers. That’s really all I have so please hit me up if your interested!

Naruto Winstorm

Naruto Winstorm
May 2, 2019 Fandom RPGs

It’s been 100 years since Naruto Uzumaki’s time, the peace he once built has long been lost in a sea of hatred. Countless countries are at political warfare with each other for revenge, territorial gain, resources and more. Some countries like the Land of Lightning and the Land of Earth have been abducting refuges of war that posses Kekkei Genkai and turning them in to weapons for bloodshed. If you want to learn more, join us. WE ARE FORUM BASED!!!

Dragon Ball: New Era

March 31, 2019 Fandom RPGs

– We’ve been running for two years and have a dedicated community of core players.

– We mix the storytelling power of literate roleplay and the excitement tabletop RPG mechanics.

– We allow only custom dragonball characters, no canons.

===================STORY SUMMARY================

– It’s been over 500 years since the end of Dragonball Super.

– Earthlings have expanded out into space and made colonies on most planets. Capsule Corp is a galactic entity with Earth as one of the central hubs of commerce.

– The Galactic Patrol has been turned into the Galactic Empire and aim to secure peace and order through force.

– The Frieza Force has fallen apart, leaving behind a massive vaccuum of power.

– The newly risen Saiyan Dominion seeks to conquer and unite the galaxy.

The Ministry

The Ministry
March 22, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Several years have passed since the Battle of Hogwarts, and the witches and wizards of the Ministry have worked to rebuild their world as best they could. The war has left its mark on everyone, and with the fall of one threat, another has emerged. Follow the stories of those who continue to protect the wizarding world from not only dark wizards, but also regurgitating toilets, giant squids, raging turkeys, mistletoe nargles, and yes, the occasional prejudice or two.

We offer a fast-paced, highly active forum experience with a strong emphasis on community and an older player base. With bawdy humor, heart-wrenching feels, and campy fun all around, there’s no being left out of the chaos. Sign up for our roleplay shops and participate in one of our many boardwide plots to earn prizes. From trolling poltergeists to mass jailbreaks, one never knows what will happen at the Ministry.


March 14, 2019 Fandom RPGs

Naruto: Catalyst is a serious role-play based in an alternative timeline of the Narutoverse. Where everything is carefully organized and monitored to ensure you recieve the best role-playing experience that we can give you. Catalyst is focused heavily on the political relationships of the five great shinobi nations as well as the instability of the world.

In Catalyst, you will join your chosen village and strike out to ensure its dominance over the others through a number of Game Mastered monitored events while at the same time not limiting your ability to role-play freely with others and forge your own path.

No one starts out as invincible or overpowered in Catalyst — Here you must work to train your shinobi and earn the fame (or infamy) of the shinobi world. You choose your path, whether you want to be a loyal shinobi to a certain village, or want to be a feared missing Nin. But be careful — every action has a reaction!