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Equitate is a small town/equestrian rpg opened in May 2019. EQ is based in a fictional town in North Carolina. Welcoming all types of characters from all walks of life we have no word checks, no posted activity checks, and regular site wide events that are optional to participate in!

The Rift – Summer Camp

The Rift – Summer Camp Visit

The Rift: Summer Camp offers a well-supervised and organized camp experience for teenagers. Traits of self-reliance and teamwork are nurtured through the camp’s diverse programs: archery, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, crafts, drama, swimming, sports, hiking, outdoor living skills, team sports, and ropes course. Horseback riding is included at no additional charge, and riders attend two classes per week, weather permitting. Led by capable, engaging counselors whose top priority is offering your child the best summer experience possible; our staff are handpicked for their friendly personalities, enthusiasm, and expertise.

But…what happens when the teens arrive, there is no supervision waiting? If the bus that drops them off is long gone before they discover that cell and internet service won’t work, cutting them off from the outside world as surely as the thick coverage of trees that surround them.

Join the Shiloh County Emergency Response Team!

Join the Shiloh County Emergency Response Team! Visit

Join the Shiloh County Emergency Response Team, and become a firefighter, sheriff’s deputy, or emergency medical technician! SCERT is a forum-based play-by-post roleplaying game set in a fictional US state where members take on the roles of members of the fire department, sheriff’s department, and emergency medical services. No real life experience is required.

The Hance Clinic – Freeform character driven psychological drama

The Hance Clinic – Freeform character driven psychological drama Visit

The Hance Clinic RPG is a play-by-post roleplaying game, set in the fictional psychological health clinic run by Dr Ann Hance.

Based in and around a prestigious clinic on the south-west banks of the river Thames in London, become part of a world of intrigue, investigation and psychological drama.

If you love to write deep, complex and psychologically driven characters, playing with improvisation and the unknown, then you’ll love this game. Everyone contributes to the plot, as the plots are constructed in direct response to the characters and their motivations in a free-flowing manner.

Learn more at our website and submit your characters today.



Since the knd was founded by numbuh 0 Aaron was a regular 7 year old kid on his birthday he always wanted to join the kids next door ever since he was young he wanted to serve kids everywhere and battle adults who mistreat children in anyway they wanted to.

Rivers Run

Rivers Run Visit

Your death need not be the end.
For those who awake in the River flowing by the hamlet of Rivers Run, a second chance at life is theirs to take. As they leave behind everything they have ever known and are immersed in a portmanteau of cultures and eras, they must survive the strange, the foreign and the unknown.
Rivers Run is a mature post-by-post role-playing game set in an original, low-fantasy world accessible only by death in the real world. Open to new characters, or as a home for those without games, Rivers Run is focused on character development and creating a fun community for all.

Modern Nations

Modern Nations Visit

A Geopolitical Nation Simulation set on an Alternative Earth, join as the country of your choice, taking control of their Economies, Military and Government. Weigh in on various matters of state, and faced with a number of choices.

Engage in military operations from counterinsurgency to conventional warfare, or participate in organisations like the Global Assembly. Your time is now, what will you do? Ally or conspire against other nations, each led by a player like you.

Not interested in handling the affairs of a state? Set up your own news network or private enterprise and take the world through other means…

Welcome to Modern Nations!