it’s Eleven Eleven – Make a Wish

it’s Eleven Eleven – Make a Wish Visit

…Close your eyes and make a wish. Welcome to Mount Angel! 11:11 is a no word-count, inclusive roleplaying community interested in playing slice-of-life roleplays with creative individuals who are looking to escape into a world full of wishes.


11:11 is a Premium JCINK roleplaying forum featuring small-town living, full of big experiences – and creative storytelling. 18+ and 3-3-3 rated, we invite anyone and everyone to join us on this journey!


Mount Angel has everything – from the small-town drugstore to the local grocery store, preschool to the local college, beautiful parks to public services, and everything in between. All that is missing is you!

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search

Finding Forever – the Soulmate search Visit

Finding Forever – the fast-paced game of finding your Scientifically Proven™ soulmate!

Be a STAR in the newest international reality TV show game, pairing psychology and science to find TRUE LOVE!

Inspired by shows like Are You The One, Love Island, Temptation Island, Paradise Hotel, etc.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Inclusive Community, and VERY PLOT DRIVEN!

[ 18+ ]|[ Player-Oriented ]|[ Premium JCINK ]|[ Discord ]

Iko Rush

Iko Rush Visit

Welcome to Iko Rush, a Roleplay forum that is based in Alaska where members can play wildlife, humans, and even canines. We have unique award systems, events, sled team races, hunting and exploration BWP’s, and more. Iko-Rush has gone through a reboot of our skin and updating some of our rules and guidebook information so if you see some changes that’s why! We are a welcoming community group to all members and lifestyles, but our RPG is 17+ only due to content and our Site Rating is [3-3-3]

We offer an unlimited amount of playable characters for members to create and adopt, No word count pressure as long as you give your RP buddy something to respond to – that’s all we ask. Members can create sled teams, get their sled gear, adopt canines, play with other animals including farm creatures and other minor wildlife! Human Characters can be designed with Play-bys (Face-Claims) or you can design them with art and Creature Characters have use of our Lineart database to design.

Panacea Academy

Panacea Academy Visit

WELCOME TO PANACEA ACADEMY! A prestigious boarding school for grades 9 – 12 located forty minutes from B.C’s capital city, Victoria. Join the Academy as a high school student or a staff member. If civilian living is more your thing then there’s plenty to do as a resident of Victoria City!

We’re a lovely little community recently reopened but originally from all the way back in 2015! We’re open to beginners as much as we are veterans. We are anime/manga face claim roleplaying site that mostly takes place at a boarding school but members are welcome to create characters who live and work in the nearby city. If such a setting sounds interesting to you then come on over and take a look around!

Love Island Replay

Love Island Replay Visit

Love Island Replay

Now accepting applications for Season 4 – celebrating love in the snow just in time for Christmas!

Join a premium JCINK community focused on the fun of playing together & the thrill of finding love! Romance & ship roleplay inspired by the hit reality show Love Island and Love Island the Game. LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Inclusive Community, and VERY PLOT DRIVEN!

Super active & interactive community, since June ‘20.

[ 18+ ]|[ Player-Oriented ]|[ Premium Board ]|[ Discord ]

The Order of The Black Rose

The Order of The Black Rose Visit

Original Urban Fantasy Roleplay focused on an esoteric Secret Society akin to the Illuminati. 18+ premium Jcink board 3/3/3 Community focused dark, occult elements with a balanced system of magic, locked selectable species and optional factions to join (or make your own). Our AU is special, homebrew original and based on traditional folklores with an emphasis on “low” magic and interpersonal relations. Characters are free to embark on their own personal stories or play among canon in our dark, dangerous city of New York. They can play against the Secret Society, be within it, join it through roleplay or carve their own corner in the AU. We utilize Discord as our Out of Character companion and thus heavily recommend all players join our discord to learn more and join us ( )

If It Kills Me

If It Kills Me Visit

Welcome to If It Kills Me. A Boston Crime, 18+ Jcink Premium RPG

It’s no secret that crime is part of the blood that runs through the veins of this city.

The Murphy and Gaviano families have long been at war, well over a hundred years. However, 30 years ago, the patriarchs of the families finally came to an agreement and the sectors of crime were allocated to prevent more unnecessary death.

Only now, the next generation is in charge and while they were trying to keep up appearances, an act, apparently of the Gaviano family’s doing, has reignited the turf war.

All bets are off now, and no one is safe, not even civilians.

Because crime is in their blood and these groups will do whatever it takes to maintain their family honour, even if it kills them.


Equitate Visit

Equitate is a small town/equestrian rpg opened in May 2019. EQ is based in a fictional town in North Carolina. Welcoming all types of characters from all walks of life we have no word checks, no posted activity checks, and regular site wide events that are optional to participate in!

The Rift – Summer Camp

The Rift – Summer Camp Visit

The Rift: Summer Camp offers a well-supervised and organized camp experience for teenagers. Traits of self-reliance and teamwork are nurtured through the camp’s diverse programs: archery, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, crafts, drama, swimming, sports, hiking, outdoor living skills, team sports, and ropes course. Horseback riding is included at no additional charge, and riders attend two classes per week, weather permitting. Led by capable, engaging counselors whose top priority is offering your child the best summer experience possible; our staff are handpicked for their friendly personalities, enthusiasm, and expertise.

But…what happens when the teens arrive, there is no supervision waiting? If the bus that drops them off is long gone before they discover that cell and internet service won’t work, cutting them off from the outside world as surely as the thick coverage of trees that surround them.