Star Wars: Hallowed Halls (Senate RP)

Star Wars: Hallowed Halls (Senate RP)
September 6, 2022 Futuristic and Sci-Fi RPGs

It is the year 2,700 C.R.C., more than 5,300 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. After the Hundred Years Darkness, when the Sith ruled the Galaxy, the Republic, with the help of the Jedi reconquered Coruscant, and rebuild the Senate anew. The Sith banished beyond the Outer Rim, the Republic has now been on the slow marge of rebuilding from a century of galactic warfare and destruction.

In this RP, you play as a Senator of the Galactic Senate. Your Senator has the chance to participate in Debates, on General Topics, Bills, or Emergency measures. Using your rhetoric skills, negotiating behind closed doors with your fellow Senators, and campaigning for yourself, allows you to further your goals and agenda.

We have the HoloNet Public Network available for you to ‘message’ all your personal opinions in 400 words or less.

The website uses a mix of Canon and Legend Lore, bringing you up to speed to the science and tech of 5,400 BBY.

We have a personal Discord for use as OOC communications.

Valiant Hearts — Dragon Age 4 AU

Valiant Hearts — Dragon Age 4 AU
September 7, 2022 Fandom RPGs


The year is 9:48 Dragon, and the world is once again shaken by both natural and the unnatural forces. There’s a lot in play, ever since Fen’Harel removed the Veil from its place between the worlds, losing his own life in the process. Thedas is reverting to a similar nature as the one the Evanuris knew, the Thedas that the Dalish tell stories about. Whether that is a good thing or not, is yet to be seen.

The Kingdoms of Thedas are each suffering in their own way, and the Chantry’s reputation is decreasing with each passing day. With two Blights upon the horizons, and nobody to band the kingdoms together, or stand against the demons spilling forth from the Fade, life in Thedas is precarious. There are alliances forming and breaking everyday.

Will the demons take you out, or the darkspawn?
Has the Fade affected you?
Life is changing fast, it’s time to find out where you stand…


LGBTQIA+ friendly. No WC. Two Activity Options (1 post every 2 months; 1 post every 6 months). Ever-Changing World. Members Encouraged to Write Lore. No Micromanagement.

Ruins of Wildwood

Ruins of Wildwood Visit

For over 10 years, wolves thrived in the remote wilderness that is the realm of Relic Lore before vanishing suddenly in the beginning of 2019. Humans reintroduced wolves to the land more than a year ago, and many previous residents have returned as well, causing the Lore to thrive once more.

Game development is 100% member driven. We offer a wealth of features for members including:
Automated thread logs to keep track of your characters!
Bi-weekly random event prompts for your characters
Fun point system to follow your character’s growth
A stat based fighting system that scale’s with your character
Linking character profiles
Fully customizable profiles
Sandbox environment: 30 territories and over 100 member-created sub-territories featured on our interactive map!
New board-wide plot announcing soon!

Currently there are four onsite packs but there is still room for more. Come join us at and become a part of our community!

No Surrender

No Surrender
August 27, 2022 Fandom RPGs

Jcink Premium 18+ Forum

Harry Potter AU with the freedom to be creative. There are no limits.

Set in 2021, the Ministry was attacked and only one unspeakable has died. No one knows the reason behind the attack other than the veil had been destroyed. The person behind the attack vanished into thin air and cannot be traced. Silence of The Perished is the name of the cult that created the attack and they want to cause chaos in the magical world as well as introduce magic to the muggle world. They are recruiting all those against the Ministry or who just want to cause chaos. Children of The Sacred was formed in order to prevent another dark lord or lady to rise but is now focused on creating order in the world.

How the plot goes is entirely up to the players. We have very few rules on characters that you can play and on post length. So if you ever had a character turned down for a different site, come and make them here.


Why Join?

  • Easy registration
  • Active Plot (player directed)
  • No Word Count
  • No Activity Checks
  • Discord for Quick RP
  • Friendly staff
  • LGBT+ Friendly

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Metro: Beyond

Metro: Beyond Visit


In the year 2013 World War III erupted in a nuclear storm. Billions of lives were erased from the world.

When air raid sirens sounded over Moscow, citizens had less than five minutes to find shelter. The most fortunate among them – or perhaps least – were able to take refuge inside the city Metro.

There they survived by making the most of their surroundings. Salvaged parts kept vital systems running. Citizens learned breed livestock, and cultivate produce, left on the supply lines.

In the meantime heavy radiation drastically twisted the world above. Familiar creatures vanished, and monsters clawed their way to the surface. With time, and human error, the Metro began to decay; while the surface above remained irradiated and uninhabitable- the very air toxic for decades following

Even annihilation was not enough to pacify humanity. Within only years, the Metro dissolved into war; primarily conducted between factions that would become known as the Red Line and Fourth Reich. Where these radical factions are not attempting to disperse – or forcibly impose – their radical ideologies, the vast tunnels of the Moscow Metro are rife with mutants and murderous bandits… Among other Things.

Nearly three decades later the last remnants of human kind fight for survival beneath the desolate bones of Moscow.


Metro: Beyond is a Post Apocalyptic survival horror with both sci-fi and sci-fantasy elements.

– No App
– No Word Count
– No Character Cap
– Forum AND Discord RP options
– No Activity Checks
– Character Mod for easy posting and customization – no account switching necessary!
– Automated PlayBy/Face claiming

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RPG Initiative

RPG Initiative
August 5, 2019 RPG Resource Sites

RPG Initiative is a community for all roleplayers. We focus on all text based roleplaying forms that are hosted on the internet. We encourage roleplayers to find new partners, discuss roleplay in all its forms, and grow as collaborative writers in a safe environment.

Site Features

RPG Directory. Advertise your forum with a free listing, or browse a vast variety of Active roleplay forums across all genres.
Playby/Face-claim Directory of over 1,000 options, and detailed filters to help you find the perfect face for that new character!
– Personal RP Blogs
Pre-made Graphics & Resources including banners, avatars, signatures and more!
Themes and Mods
RPG Resource Directory
– Software and Hosting Options
– Guides for RP, Coding, and Software usage.
– Discussion Forums for both Players and Staff to ask advice, explore interests, and discuss various aspects of text based roleplay.
– And Loads More!

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Golden Days

Golden Days Visit

Welcome to Golden Days! We’re a brand-new 18+ sandbox site on the Jcink platform. We welcome writers of all walks of life and activity levels, and aim to be a place you can be proud to be part of! We’re currently celebrating one month of being open with our first event: Genre Palooza!

Absinthe – Victorian London

Absinthe – Victorian London Visit

Politics & Court Intrigue | Active Discord | PoC Canons & Originals Open | LGBTQIA+ & Newcomer Friendly Community

Absinthe is a realistic historical forum set in London in 1852 at the height of the Victorian era. Established in 2018, Our emphasis is on the written word and the ability to tell a dramatic and engaging tale woven with intricacy to entrap the reader. Our concept is based on popular literature and musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Jekyll & Hyde, Jack the Ripper, and My Cousin Rachel. The site was originally created as a complement to the field of historical sites catering to those who wish to step back in time and create a world around historical ancestry. We welcome dark intrigue here. As we are a 3/3/3 rating, we encourage well-thought-out plots that contain violence, mystery, calamity, the macabre, and suspense. Those of us who write here enjoy living in the shadows and writing in blood, or the angst and intrigue of a new romance.

Three on a Match

Three on a Match Visit

Three On A Match is an 18+ 3-3-3 modern-day fantasy and supernatural RP set in the fictional city of Easthaven, Massachusetts. Our lore draws inspiration from Lovecraft, works like The Dresden Files and Hellboy, penny dreadfuls, and folklore and mythology from all over the world. We have seasonal events, robust magic lore that allows you to customize your characters to your heart’s content, and an agile storytelling dice system that is optional to use. Join us as we explore the life and times of supernatural creatures, spooky spectres, and witchy humans.

In this world, everything mythical and unknown is real, the good and the bad.