Darkwhispers, an rpg for the spooky at heart


This is an active pbm rpg. It allows one to explore the minds of those darker characters from Victorian literature, horror movies both old and modern, and even t.v shows paranormal in nature.These characters interact and live out their stories on the streets of LA. Freddy Kreuger’s family runs a bar. Come on in. It’s Dracula’s favorite hang out. Or check into the Hotel California where you will enjoy your stay but can never leave. Those who check in are usually hiding from something or someone. Sarah Sanderson is there as is Ichabod Crane to give an idea of character range.

Black Land

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333 – Jcink Premium
Modern Supernatural, Small Town Gothic

Founded over 100 years ago, the Potawatomi natives called this place ‘Mkete’ke’ – or Black Lands. Settlers borrowed this name, but never knew its true meaning. The natives knew the land was never quite right, and they spoke of malicious spirits that they feared. By time they realized these stories were more fact than fiction, it would be too late.

In more recent history, Meketekee was featured as a setting in a successful and well known horror film. This made the city a tourist destination for anyone seeking out the occult and all things spooky. Little do they know what waits for them in this humble Midwestern city.

Hunters • Police Department • Government • University • City Living • Small Town
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It’s been 10 years since the Contaminated took over the country, and now society has finally found it’s feet in this new, dangerous world they live in. But something is lurking beneath the surface, and threatens up upturn society for a second time…

Post Apocalypse Discord based RPG set in 2029 America.

– Open World // Sandbox
– No Word Count
– Factions // Join or Create your own
– Mature // 14+

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1. moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.

Decadence is a unique and interactive supernatural rpg for adults We are very plot driven with many opportunities for influence. 

Jcink Premium . 3-3-3 . Inclusive Community 
No Word Count . Shipper Apps . Creative Freedom
Discord . “Discord Challenges” . CAH for Points & More!

The supernaturals run the biggest hub in the United States, Denver Colorado. Humans and shifters are subspecies and considered slaves! But there is a resistance! “The Rebels” have a camp outside of the city and are growing in numbers! 

The future cannot be all dark, but it is in your hands.

Come explore your wild side!