The Last Island

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Welcome to The Last Island, a post apocalyptic survival site. It’s 2050 and the world has been almost fully submerged in water due to Global warming and natural disasters.

It’s mere weeks since the last of the earths upheavals and survivors are slowly finding their way to this island, learning to forage for food, learning to adjust to a new life. Maybe they’re lucky enough to find other survivors, maybe they prefer to be alone. Whatever the case, this is their new home and it’s up to them to make it work. There will be countless challenges ahead of them, but after surviving the flooding, these people can survive anything, right?

In The Last Island, you are one of maybe a few thousand humans left alive, left to scavenge for food, to fight off predators, to build shelters and simply to survive. Are you a brave new settler? Are you a scavenger, scouring the shorelines for anything useful to trade? Or maybe you’re a pirate, pillaging young settlements and taking what you want. You de

Maledictus: A supernatural horror roleplay

Maledictus: A supernatural horror roleplay Visit

You take a left on your walk home that you are sure wasn’t there before. The road wavers before you and out the corner of your eye you think you see twisting roots. Shadows that have too much form. The wind carries a whisper, welcome home. MALEDICTUS is a jcink premium supernatural and horror roleplay focused on character development, community building and inclusiveness. Set in the fictional town of Ashbourne, a small town in the middle of nowhere that no one ever leaves, supernatural creatures and humans alike try to find a way to survive together despite their differences and the many dangers the place offers them. Rated 3-3-3, MALEDICTUS counts with a profile application as well as a point system, character levels and inventory usage to make the universe as immersive as possible, while also offering players the freedom to choose whether or not to take advantage of that.


ALL your characters fit under ONE account, ONLY ONE site Login needed.. (No more multiple emails for every character!!) But NO ONE needs to know they’re your characters if you want to keep it a secret, only your selected game PGM, GMS, will know your login name.
Please allow two weeks (not negotiable) after you have been granted your login status if you wish access to play ADULT RP games. You can Rmail me as ladysharlyne while you wait the 2 weeks and you can join General and Mature games on site. You can play as many games as you wish. Please do not Rmail any Admin, Moderators etc just me as each GM takes care of their own games.

We are just starting our story**Our universe which is only inspired by the TV Series, book, games or any other media. Canon and madeup characters are allowed**


The Walking Dead takes place after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The zombies, colloquially referred to as “walkers”, shamble towards living humans and other creatures to eat them; they are attracted to noise, such as gunshots, and to different scents, e.g. humans. A Group of survivors from the Atlanta, Georgia, region attempting to sustain and protect themselves,



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Remnants – “We’re All That’s Left” – Come Join Our First Event !

Remnants – “We’re All That’s Left” – Come Join Our First Event ! Visit

At first, they called them the undead, but everyone knew the truth, long before the newspapers printed it. The dead were not rising, no, the living were falling. Leaders, saints, and parents alike had their minds destroyed, and their bodies ripped apart by boils.

They were not humans, no, but they weren’t quite animals either. They cared about one thing, and one thing only: Meat. The meat of children.

The disease tore apart the horribly fragile world. It spread like wildfire, and the Earth was knocked from its very foundations. It only took a month. A month, and human civilization, from Iceland to Thailand to Peru, was no more.

But not all was lost. Not yet.

“The kids, they’re all that’s left. Pray for them. Please, just pray.”

It was the last headline printed, before the journalists who had written it tore each other apart, limb from limb.

Come join the Remnants community at our Discord:

Check out our trailer!

Come check out our first event trailer!

Legends of Nor’Ova: Saga of the Awakened

Legends of Nor’Ova: Saga of the Awakened Visit

The catastrophy was the Great Collapse. 18 years following the Great Awakening, the Dream World collapsed and a great change took place in Nor’Ova. The eight elements merged back into the original four from before the Great Magic War, but magic still persisted. The stored magics of the dream world rushed into the real world, creating great magical instabilities resulting in magic storms and the like. And the people and creatures that never lived in the real world but did live in the dream world were given life.

It is a time of great uncertanity, where people breatly awake two decades still trying to find their way, people given new life that only existed in the dream world, and the people of the real world have to learn to survive a world that seems to be breaking apart.

Remnants | New Zombie Survival Roleplay | High Ranks Open!

Remnants | New Zombie Survival Roleplay | High Ranks Open! Visit

Come Watch Our Trailer: Trailer


The world has fallen, and the undead have taken over. It’s a story we’ve all heard hundreds of times. For roleplayers looking for a twist on this classic formula, Remnants is the place for you!
Remnants is a forum roleplay in which everyone over the age of 16 has been turned into flesh-hungry zombies. Now, it’s up to the children of the world, to rebuild.
This roleplay includes different factions, all of which hold their own space in the landscape of fallen Seattle.The City Council – As far as these kids are concerned, laws are the backbone of civilization. They live in the Space Needle, and have the power to create forcefields.The Legion – In direct opposition to the Council, these kids view life as little more than one long battle. They live in Pike Place Market, and have the power to enhance their fighting abilities.The Pacifics – These kids are split into two factions: Those dedicated to faith, and those dedicated to science. They live in the Pacific Science Center, and have the power of divination. The two factions constantly find themselves at odds.The Kids of the Pasture – These kids have dedicated their lives to service of a deity whom they call The Core– a deity who lives at the center of the Earth and who can only be worshiped via planting crops, as the roots are believed to nourish this god. They live in Chihuly Glass and Garden, and have the power to control animals (and, possibly, even humans.)The Jackals – These kids have no care for law, order, or structure. They are rogues, with only a home base uniting them. They live in the Seattle Central Monorail, and have the power of illusion.The Boardwalk Kids – These kids are perceived as being incredibly brave, but, despite a perfect-seeming exterior, the boardwalk kids live under the constant fear of being thrown out of their home, if they inspire their leader’s ire. They live in the Seattle Aquarium, and have the power to enhance their natural abilities.These are only the current groups in Remnants. The world is changing, and anything can happen! Remnants is waiting for you. Come and help put the world back together!

YUJO – A Brand New Cyberpunk-style Tabletop RPG

YUJO – A Brand New Cyberpunk-style Tabletop RPG Visit
18+ Required

YUJO roleplay discord server

⚡ The year is 8025. The city: YUJO – a dystopian new world order and technological superpower, lies in lawlessness.

The government overthrown, order is upheld by dangerous gangs and crime bosses who’ll do anything to maintain power and control over their territory.

Humans have evolved. Either part machine or part animal, civilization is split by Cyborgs and Hanju who are constantly striving for a way to peacefully co-exist while remaining loyal to the ties that bind them.

Explore YUJO via free-roam role-play or complete a quest to gain control over the empire with others of your class. As danger closes in around you and new alliances are formed, will you remain loyal to your relationships or loyal to your cause?

YUJO roleplay discord server

YUJO is a fully-fleshed tabletop RPG played in Discord!

Inspired by DND, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, and some of the best RPG games out there!

YUJO roleplay discord server

🤑 All of our bots are home-made or premium! 🤯

Plus, enjoy unlimited free music and movie streaming from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Disney+, and even live TV! You never need to pay for entertainment again.

Join YUJO!


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Do you like supernatural beasts? Do you like cyberpunk dystopian megacities plagued with corruption and sweet 70’s-80’s-90’s vibes? Do you like role playing? Well, we’ve got a treat for you. Welcome to Vexxor, the hodgepodge slurry mixing post-apocalyptic dystopian themes with the vibrant, semi-futuristic neo-retro aesthetics of cyberpunk. Not to mention, the demons… Our demons are classified as anything surrealistic, so that encompasses all your typical supernatural creatures. Werewolves, vampires, witches, and so many more options are available. Dive into the year 2159 in a city separated by what’s under your skin. But whether you’re a demon trying to make a living in the Warehouse Districts or a human living the posh neon life of luxury, one thing is for sure, things are changing (and not necessarily for the better).

– 18+ ONLY
– 3.5 year old site
– No word count
– Lax activity requirements
– Jcink Premium
– Sandbox or Plot-Driven options available

World of Eldritch County – A Lovecraft RP Community

World of Eldritch County – A Lovecraft RP Community Visit

Hello everyone! My name is Res, Mayor of Arkham (MoM) on the unlaunched WoX site, World of Eldritch County! I’ve come to announce the full opening of our server to new students and potential grad staff users. The World of Eldritch County, based on the Cthulhu Mythos books, written by H.P. Lovecraft (and successors), is a 16+ WoX-style RP site filled with horror, science fiction, fantasy, and the occult!

World of Eldritch is 16+ ONLY, due to the graphic horror of Lovecraft’s work. We do not allow for explicit sexual content, due to the allowance for 16-17 year olds on the server and site. We are working towards funding a fully interactive, professionally programmed forum site, however right now we are topicing on discord in rp channels!

The Price of Blood

The Price of Blood Visit

The Price of Blood is a grim-dark fantasy RP based off of the world of Eden, one of the final bastions of life that remains inside of the world after The Sundering, a mysterious, apocalyptic event. The metropolis is home to different races and classes, with every citizen expecting to contribute to the society and maintain life behind the Gates of Eden. However, many factions stir within the mega-city, demanding to overtake the previous order of the Saints and to take the resources and control of Eden for their own hands.

Will you help defend the natural order, or will you join the chaos against the Saints’ Council and the mysterious danger in the Deadlands? Want to be a Vampyre, the Blessed of Eden? Or perhaps you’d like to let your feral side show as a Valrufur, the Hounds of Eden? Perhaps you are interested in a taboo mixture of a Halfborn, the Hindered of Eden? Pick your race, choose your duty, and join the apocalyptic world of Eden! Rated M.