Forum Roleplay Owner/Staff

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I am Sie, nice to meet you! I roleplayed from very late 1999/early 2000 to about 2015. I’m a web developer/techie by day.

Even though I do not really roleplay anymore, I enjoy keeping Forum Roleplay around because I think it has been helpful to roleplayers. I honestly credit roleplay with a lot of my experience and abilities. Roleplaying helped me connect to the Internet and helped to make me better at a variety of web technologies. It introduced coding HTML and CSS to me. It also helped teach me how to think. In creating a roleplaying game and making it a long-term, successful project, I undertook a lot of challenges most teenagers didn’t face. Fairness considerations, technical considerations — a lot of advanced stuff! A lot of roleplayers are young, so I think learning is definitely a benefit to roleplay. It helped me, after all!

In addition to enjoying the purpose of the site — Forum Roleplay provides a useful experimentation sandbox and maintenance project for me! It has been interesting keeping a WordPress site with users and content up-to-date.

Roleplay History

  • 1999: I started out in Charmander31’s Pokemon Chatroom on Geocities. There was a large group of chatters who roleplayed — either as wolves/werewolves or pokemon. It was very loosely organized; different packs/factions were arranged, each with their own Geocities website.
  • ~2000: The chatroom became desolate eventually. Many of the wolf and werewolf roleplayers moved to Wolfhome, a wolf graphical chat. I hung around on Wolfhome for a while.
  • ~2001: I found a forum roleplaying game called Wild Wolf Society. It was my first introduction to more text-heavy roleplaying. It was awesome!
  • Nov 2001: I started ‘Souls RPG, then known as Bleeding Souls, with a team of two friends. ‘Souls has been around since then, never closing. I credit the seriously awesome community for keeping it around so long.
  • 2007: I left ‘Souls.
  • 2009: I came back to ‘Souls!
  • 2009: I started this site as Tears, Bones, and Desire.
  • 2013: I bought and moved the site over here.
  • ~2015: I left ‘Souls again.