I am Sie, nice to meet you! I’ve been roleplaying since very late 1999/early 2000.


Current RPGs

I do not currently roleplay.


REMEMBER: I do not provide support for most of my resources, sorry!

‘Souls RPG

Roleplay History

I started out on chatrooms — specifically, Charmander31’s Pokemon Chatroom on Geocities. There was a large group of chatters who roleplayed — either as wolves/werewolves or pokemon. It was very loosely organized; different packs/factions were arranged, each with their own Geocities website. All of this went totally offline when Geocities went kaput; however, the chatroom became desolate long before Geocities itself died. Many of the wolf and werewolf roleplayers moved to Wolfhome, a wolf graphical chat.

I hung around on Wolfhome for a while before I found a forum roleplaying game called Wild Wolf Society. I started ‘Souls RPG, then known as Bleeding Souls, with a team of two friends. ‘Souls stuck around since then, never closing. I credit the seriously awesome community for keeping it around so long. I did end up leaving ‘Souls myself in 2007, but I came back in June of 2009 and I’ve been with it since.

I started Forum Roleplay as Tears, Bones & Desire in 2009, too — it ran up until mid-2013, when I bought the domain and moved over here.

Learning Through Roleplay

I honestly credit roleplay with a lot of my experience and abilities. Roleplaying helped me connect to the Internet and helped to make me better at a variety of web technologies. It introduced coding HTML and CSS to me. It also helped teach me how to think. In creating a roleplaying game and making it a long-term, successful project, I undertook a lot of challenges most teenagers didn’t face. Fairness considerations, technical considerations — a lot of advanced stuff! A lot of roleplayers are young, so I think learning is definitely a benefit to roleplay. It helped me, after all!


I played Kaena Lykoi from 2002–2010. She’s my longest-standing character, but the thing that has made her so awesome is the family that has spawned directly from her. There are tons of Lykoi characters on ‘Souls RPG now, and it’s just amazing to be involved with that many fictional lives.

I tend toward female characters, but encounter no issues playing males. I enjoy conflicted and dark characters — a few of my favorites have been more than a little on the nutty side. Eris Eternity, for one. I like negativity in my characters — though not the “woe is me” sort. I’ve had some fun with Vasiliy Russo, who managed to blame himself for everything, no matter how clear it was the other person was to blame.

I really like torturing characters, and also killing characters off, too. Whoops!