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    Ruin has come to our family.

    You remember our venerable house ? Opulent and imperial… It is now a festering abomination, crawling with the seeds of madness and decay.

    But We are the Flame ! And Darkness fears us. More and more come each day through the old road, to join this Crusade of righteousness against an eternal evil. Some may say that they came here in a spirit of Greed, following they lust for riches and fame, others may find the Hamlet a suitable place to live their abhorrent lives…

    But all will serve. All will feed the purpose that is ours. Come ! Seize your destiny ! And explore the…

    Darkest Dungeon.

    Hi ! I am Unter, a moderator on the Darkest Roleplay. If you are interested in joining our lovely community, we do have a discord to discuss what you may want to play ! You may click on this to check out our forum ! The discord link is written in the rolling news on the top of the forum. Take care to read our rules closely.

    The Darkest Dungeon is a really grimdark setting, and despair will accompany your characters at every turn. Death in an expedition is likely, but we always take care that it becomes a fair and enjoyable experience ! We do not run any DLCs, but we are going to introduce the Crimson Court and we are thinking about the Colours of Madness !

    This RP was born on the ooooold Darkest Dungeons forums, and it migrated into its own little forum a year ago ! Our community is still pretty small, with ~13 persons that are active in the roleplay. This is why we wanted to do this little ad so that more people can enjoy our experience !

    I hope you will find our setting interesting, and that we can see you in game !

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