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    We are a fanmade freeform forum roleplaying site based on James S. A. Corey novels and Syfy’s Expanse Universe. We just opened our board and have 10 unique writers. We are the only Expanse RP board that we can find, so wanted to create one for those who are looking for Expanse RP. We will be doing mini events the upcoming week.

    Hundreds of years in the future, humans have colonized the solar system. Humanity has expanded and reached for the stars. Earth has become more than simply the birthplace of our species, but as the United Nations, just one of the few active governments within the Solar System.
    We have split ourselves far and wide across the nearby expanses of space. Mars, once an independent colony, long ago broke off from the government of Earth in the first Interplanetary war, becoming an independent state as the Martian Congressional Republic and operating its own military.
    Both governments utilize those humans who live on a vast array of space stations and moon bases across the solar system, these ‘belters’, live supposedly independent lives, though are economically and militarily inferior to both Mars and Earth.
    Fear, tension, and hate rise throughout the solar system as Belter’s have their limited resources tightened and Earth carefully watches Mars in a powerful game of interstellar dominance.

    Current Events | News Feed Timeline | The Databank (wiki) | Interested? Our Guide to the Expanse RP | Our Discord |​

    We will be starting our timeline at the end of Season 1 of “The Expanse”, as that is the most widely available format. As we progress, we will be adding mini rp events to tie in the larger events of the books. Everything will be member driven as writers roleplay their reactions and progress us through the board-wide storyline.

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    We are live and doing amazing with roleplays! Please feel free to drop by and see our current Mini Event on Ceres Station

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