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    Convergence is set in a fandom multiverse where events have been set into motion to cause beings from disparate dimensions to, despite all odds, meet each other. With the multiverse becoming more widely known, dark forces seek to reach out and take whatever power they can muster from these chaotic opportunities, and it’s up to those who would stand against them to put a stop to these evil schemes. The background and lore of this series is constantly expanding, creating a rich and varied history with a growing cast of thousands.

    Who We Are: We are The Convergence Series, a multifandom crossover roleplaying group. Our roleplays have been running since 2014, and we’re always looking for new members! We have established lore, but don’t let that scare you away; we strive to make our roleplays easy to join, no matter what your level of roleplaying is!

    What We Do: As stated above, we specialize in fandom crossovers. If you’ve got favorite characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons, comic books, anime, video games, then you’re more than welcome to join us here! We’re also OC friendly, to boot! We have a little forum all to ourselves where we do our roleplaying, and we have a variety of different roleplays we offer! Our specialty is Main Events-large group roleplays that last for a month each. Each one we’ve had tends to be based off a popular franchise: Marvel, DC, Legend of Zelda, Bioshock, Gravity Falls, Danganronpa, Castlevania, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fate, and so much more! We also offer a variety of other roleplaying options: small group roleplays, jump-in sandbox roleplays, and even one-on-one roleplays! There are many things you can do, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be hosting a Main Event one day!

    Where We Are: Convergence is located on a small forum called Storyteller’s Circle, which can always use more members!. Now, there is one small catch before you start roleplaying: STC requires new members to be cleared through an application process before you can roleplay (in order to weed out bots and spammers). It’s not hard at all, though! All you so is make an introduction thread, post ten times in the general community section, and boom! You’ll be approved within a day or two. We also have a Discord server that you’re free to join, and our very own wiki!

    So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and join us! We’re super excited to roleplay with you!!

    Storyteller’s Circle:

    Our Discord:

    Our Wiki:

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