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    Site info: Harry Potter forum RPG where we live mainly the 1980’s & early ’90s. Other than the canon events we don’t have a site wide plot but we’re character driven and you can set threads to any year in any timeline order. Also outside the site timeline.

    Contact info: On our guest friendly Suggestions & Questions board – (you can post to that topic or start your own), or replying to the ad on our Wanted! board, or you can register on the forum and send an owl my way.



    * I’d like to link my werewolf child, Hunter, and his family to Remus as a friend.
    Hunter becomes a werewolf at ag 7 (in March 1987) and is cured at age 13 (in March 1993), he doesn’t attend Hogwarts in 1993 so I’d like them to befriend before that year. I do realize their age difference is huge, like, Hunter could be Remus’ child. But that’s why I’m doing this Wanted Ad – because it requires specific interest in visioning a friendship between an adult and a child. Especially as they are very different in their attitudes and feelings about being a werewolf, and as to a parent an adult wanting to befriend a child might be questionable until they get to know the adult.
    My original idea was that if Remus had become a hermit after losing all of his best friends in such a tragic way at the end of the war, Hunter would end up being the one who helps him to get back into the society. But if that doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to suggest other ideas. Through what kind of events they’d first meet and what paths their story would take, depends on what your vision of Remus is like. I am however hoping that they’d become good enough friends for Remus’ death to affect the then-teanage Hunter.
    Note that we have an established vision of werewolves in our universe. There’s still a lot of room to personalise.


    * I’d like Albus to be the one who in 1987 introduces the wizarding society to my Benjamin King, and helps him find and learn some control of, his own magical powers. Ben was abducted from a wizarding family when he was 5-years old, was tortured by a wizard for months and raised as a muggle by a squib – until in 1987 in his early thirties he finds out about magic and that he’s a wizard. Hence his early childhood experiences, he’s initially not very excited or sure about magic. And he doesn’t learn his true identity and past until in 1992.

    * I’d also like Albus to be the one to introduce the wizarding society and its history to my family of muggles whose young son, Asa, repeatdely finds himself meddling with magic in one way or another. A couple of times wittnessed by Dumbledore who then would decide to reveal magic’s existence to his family in order to minimize the risk of the boy getting hurt on one of his adventures. This would happen some time in the late ’80s. The family has Jewish backgrounds and especially the mother has some deep-rooted World War 2 traumas which is why i’d prefer the introducer to magic and the wizarding society to be Dumbledore. What with its recent history including the wizarding equivalence of Hitler and the Nazis…


    * Muggle colleagues/friends for my Jacob King, who works in the Metropolitan Police Service, in London.
    I’d like to have a couple of these, a man and a woman. Wouldn’t need to be a group, though. They’d met in the work circles and become good enough friends to enjoy hanging out on spare time as well & for those friends to want to and be trusted to babysit Jacob’s kids sometimes. I have no bios for them, you’re free to vision them as you wish but do note Jacob’s personality.

    * Muggle friends for my child characters Hunter and Asa. Like, around their age and individually as Hunter and Asa won’t meet before 1992.
    I’d like to explore the 1980’s in Britain through the eyes of a child and his friends, as in the plot lines would focus on the muggle society and muggle stuff – while of course could be occasionally spiced up with magical elements as we are in the HP universe. They are not ones to hang out with girls, so the friends would need to be boys. Although I am open for suggestions when it comes to girls.

    Anyway, Hunter’s friends would not learn about his werewolf infection unless our visions and plots formed them into a close enough friendship. Like, I’m not saying ‘never’, just that Hunter’s condition is revealed by the family only to their inner chircles and to anyone else only in a need-to-know situation. His werewolf infection can be used in other ways, even if not revealed. Note that both of my characters live in an upper class neighbourhood, so if you’d like the friend to live in the same neighbourhood their family would have to be wealthy or have another realistic reason for being able to afford a house there. Other than that I really don’t care what income or social status their family has.

    You’re free to vision the character, just note my character’s and their parents personalities.


    I’m looking for someone to write/play Barty Jr.’s father – to cover the 1960’s, 1970’s and the last two years of the First WIzarding War (1980-1981) from Crouch Senior’s point of view with me as I write/play his son Barty Crouch Jr. It might also be interesting to explore a bit what their life was like when Junior was under the Imperius Curse imprisoned/saved at home. But mostly I’d like to write and further develop Junior’s childhood and teenage years interactively with someone else.

    My vision of them and their relationship is very different from the common / most popular vision.

    My Barty Crouch Jr. as a child and teen is not a psychopath/sociopath, disturbed or evil. And Barty Crouch Sr. is not abusive, cold or extremely dismissive towards either his son or wife. And though he is ambitious and works a lot he is not downright a workaholic before his family is gone. His relationship with his son is very close and bond strong, and he tries to be the best father he can be and actually succeeds to be quite good – just fails to balance his home life and work life well enough while he is passionate about his career and ambition as a lawman and to some degree extends it to his hopes for his son who has very different dreams and interests, and his son is…well, sensitive, demanding and a troublemaker. Among many other things.

    While I can understand why the most common and popular vision of the Crouches is what it is, it’s not my cup of tea. In fiction I prefer something to not be doomed from the very start, something good and beautiful turn bad despite of a lot of effort given to make it work but never really get completely destroyed because it was so strong. I prefer visioning the Crouch family to be – while wealthy – more like every-man rather than what one might imagine a rich upper-class family to be like.

    Also, my vision of them is far more muggle lifestyle oriented than any other I’ve ever seen. All of my wizardkind characters are so because I – and they – find it offers more possibilities, what with it being much easier for a person to mix a lot of magic into muggle lifestyle living than try to make use of muggle stuff after having focused mainly on the wizarding community. But with the Crouches it’s not the only reason.

    If this sounds like something you might be interested and genuinely inspired to write about with me – potentially for many years to come, please do read about this all in detail from my Barty Crouch Junior’s biography – I’d ask you to read his Personality and Life sections through because it’s all important and touch upon Barty Senior and Mrs. Crouch as people and parents along with telling about Junior himself. There’s also at the end a bit more about Barty Senior individually as the other parts of course focused more on Junior.

    I believe I have left quite a lot of room for you to add your personal vision of Barty Sr. in as well and I’d be happy to hear them out and discuss them and make compromises if needed. But please do note that I can’t agree to any huge and deep changes to what I’ve already accomplished – because I’ve been visioning them actively for 6+ years and thus they’re very much established themselves in my mind as well as in my heart. 🙂

    I have always had that play-by for Barty Sr. and if you’re fine with it then great – but you wouldn’t have to use him if it’s not how you’d imagine him. But, in that case I must ask you to pick someone who’s at least somewhat alike as in not completely different. I mean, I have attached that face and being to the character for the past 11 years. ^^

    Other notes:

    * I’m open for planning plots and relationships beforehand to some degree, but I’d much prefer playing out the first meeting through an actual game event before diving into much details of any other parts of the plans. I feel that way everything gets a much stronger base/ground to build on.

    * If you do pick one of these, please be sure you’re inspired enough and have the time to stay and develop them actively for a long time – as well as play on the site in general and not just with me. I understand that sometimes life just gets in the way and you may have to quit but I’d rather not see everything fall apart just because the other player lost interest. It already happened once with one of these plots.

    * Please make sure you’re comfortable with our activity rule and how I enforce it. We are not one of those who can always post multiple times a week nor do we require it or any specifics. I personally can post many times a week but I may just as easily sometimes post only once a week, while sometimes I need 2-3 weeks to vision my next post or let my brain breathe. However, 2-3 weeks between a post is rare from me and I would not allow frequent multiple-weeks inactivity from anyone else either.

    * I’m a passionate writer, I love to dig into my characters heads and into situations, advance the plots reasonably slowly as in not hurry from a situation/moment to the next. It would be awesome to find players who have the same or similar writing preference in those terms. 🙂
    But of course if a canon character gets a player outside this Wanted Ad, I wouldn’t ask it or these plots to happen. (Side note: Barty Crouch Sr. and Mrs. Crouch are NPC characters controlled only by me if the Wanted Ad isn’t picked.) Hopefully all of these ads will catch on because I’d really like to play out and develop these plots and relationships.

    Thank you so much for checking out this Ad! <3

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    All are still open!

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