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    RP Info Here!

    We currently need warriors and a Queen for the Kingdom Exodus. You are welcome to join and take a place as something else, but those are the most needed characters as of now.

    Hello! I have a very in depth RP that I am trying to start up over at Roleplayer Guild! We have a decent amount of characters already and are just about ready to begin RP, however we could always use some more people! There are tons of warrior/spy/miscellaneous spots left. This RP consists of many different themes. I used some ideas from Game of Thrones, The 100, and a few other things. The RP is a Post-Apoc/Kingdom’s Collide type RP with a very substance heavy plot. The link above will take you to Roleplayer Guild where you’ll find the thread containing all the needed information/pictures/RP/etc. Come on over and take a look! We hope to see you.

    Preview of the plot, the whole thing/rest of the information is inside that link!

    ” In the year 2030 the world had fallen to a virus, killing nearly the entire population. Those who had money survived in seclusion, bringing only their strongest knights and warriors with them. The entirety of the world was ash, a global fire destroying anything that was alive, leaving a barren desert behind. Four races surviving the disaster. Exodus, Earthica, Primfira, and Luthra. The handful of people that survived in each race would go on to continue their bloodlines, doing whatever they could to survive the Dark Years after the world had fallen to ash.

    Years would pass before real reconstruction would begin. The races did what they could to stay alive, raising warriors to keep them safe, birthing children to become farmers, medics, teachers, and anything that was deemed a necessity to thrive.

    The once technologically advanced world has fallen so far back it resembles that of 297 AC. As years progress, kingdoms are built. The world stays rather barren, a few dense forests appearing here and there, water sources sparse.

    The year is now 2070, the only surviving kingdoms have now established homes for their people. These kingdoms spread out on the only live section of the earth. Exodus, the wealthiest kingdom, managed to thrive the most due to good money tactics. Primfira, the second wealthiest kingdom, follows in Exodus’s footsteps money wise. The last two kingdoms Earthica and Luthra are the poorest of them all. Having poor money management and aggressive behaviors that caused disruption and war within their own kingdoms. While they are calmer now, these two kingdoms are still fairly dangerous, the people blood thirsty and strong.

    Whether you are from one of the lesser kingdoms, Primfira or Exodus, that is up to you. You will create your story starting now. Maybe you’re a prince or princess in a poorer kingdom, seeking power. Or even the same but in Exodus or Primfira, desperate to leave and become a warrior, become something new. A king, no longer loyal to his queen or a spy, slithering through the cracks, soaking in the rumors that dance along the kingdoms streets. You decide.


    Word of a princess arising in Exodus blows across the kingdoms, now unfolds the chance for a young man or woman to marry into wealth and royalty. A festival being held in Exodus, inviting all from every kingdom to come. Warriors will battle, not for death but to entertain and attempt to impress the royals. Archers will show off their skills, poets, builders, and any other skill set will be put on display, a chance to win the spot beside the princess, or maybe find love among the other many royals attending from Primfira and Exodus. Mothers will force their daughters to attend, desperate to obtain wealth. Sons forced to train or pick up a skill to impress. But the more desperate seek out the whispers that claim the king and queen of Exodus have fallen loveless. Rumors of the queen sleeping with strange men and the king bedding ladies from all kingdoms.

    While having a princess is not uncommon or taboo, Exodus has been known for not allowing outsiders to wed their offspring. They have made an exception, in an attempt to bring peace across the kingdoms.

    Primfira, the sister kingdom, is enraged by the attention Exodus is drawing. They will however be expected to attend, but their intentions may not be so sincere.

    If you attend the event you are not expected to wed, the festival is merely a chance for a better life, wealth, companion(s), or maybe the perfect place to cause disaster.”

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