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    Durins Heir

    In brief, We are an AU Once Upon a Time, J.R.R Tolkien crossover RPG. Set predominantly in the wake of the Battle of The Five Armies, & post Once Upoan Time, seaon 4A, a curse, to end all curses, causes injured & dying residents of Middle Earth, to find themselves in a strange & new land.

    Check us out http://ouatxanxunexpectedxjourney.jcink.net

    Fili| Phillip Adalstan : Face Claim: Dean O’ Gorman.
    Elder brother to Kili. Therefore shares with him the Storybrooke surname of Adalstan. Middle Earth memories evading him, he is now known as Phillip, & enjoys nothing more than partaking in a beverage, or two, with his younger sibling, or whatever other tom foolery his brother has planned. After surviving, an apparent savage bar brawl, in which Kili was also involved, when suspicions fall heavily on his little brother for the instigation, Phil’s instincts are to stop at nothing to protect him. Even if it means shouldering the false blame himself…
    Middle Earth background, is as canon, up to the point of what would have been Fili’s death in BOTFA.

    Rumpelstiltskin : Face Claim: Robert Carlyle.
    His quest to achieve ultimate power finds itself treading his most treacherous path yet. Discovering an ancient elvish parchment hidden away deep within Regina’s vault, speaking of an object, capable of bestowing great power upon any who possess it. A parchment, he knew only too well. For it had once been in his possession at the Dark Castle. It spoke of an unknown land, & a powerful being said to be called Sauron. One who’s true power, could rival even his own. He had sought to travel to this world, or to summon the being, but found himself sidetracked in the creation of the Dark Curse. But now, the parchment has arisen once more. At a time where he seeks to free himself of the bonds of his dagger,& keep his power. Setting in motion the most devastating alliance yet.

    Legolas/Leon Ashworth: Face Claim: Orlando Bloom.
    His cursed life has him placed as a deputy in the Sheriff department, alongside Emma Swan. Lightening the load so that Charming can spend more time with new baby Neal, as & when required. Engaged to Tara/Tauriel, he loves her completely, & has done so since he can remember, dating back as far as their childhoods. All is well, until one of his suspects in a savage assault & murder investigation, starts to come between them (Kili).

    Azog/Alexander.: Face Claim: Neogtiable.
    A pawn of Sauron, still, to them known as ‘The Necromancer’, Azog, is fully aware of Middle Earth, & everyone’s true lives. His memories are intact. He, is charged, by Sauron, as a debt from saving him from death, by Thorin’s hand, with making certain that memories are not restored, & that the curse remains. This means essentially keeping Kili & Tauriel apart, as their true love’s kiss, will break the curse. Therefore, Aozg must do all he can, to keep it from happening. Resorting to whatever methods necessary. In doing so, he is also causing pain to the line of Durin, so, cold & ruthless, he is more than happy to carry out his duties, & focus his energy on ruining them all. He has already begun his task, setting up & framing the youngest heir of Durin, for being the ring leader in the attacks, & for the murder of Alfrid- a scheming, grasping little man, on the mayors committee, with a chip on his shoulder about the residents of Middleston (area of Storybrooke the Dwarves inhabit), & their business.

    Our other current core characters are as follows:-
    Regina Mills
    Henry Mills
    Snow White
    Prince Charming.
    Belle French.

    More Information on them is available on request. Same goes for the highlighted roles. Though the Storybrooke characters, are as they would be in the series, as they are still themselves.

    If you have any questions etc, feel free to PM me (Kili) directly on the forum itself, or DM us on Twitter @OUAUJxRPG
    Or respond to this thread. You can also request my aim if that is your preference.Or there is a cbox on the site you are more than welcome to contact us on. Just follow the link at the top of this post for access to the site, to look around & get a feel etc, or to contact us there.

    Certain things are still undergoing construction currently, as we are new, so do excuse that. But we are looking to fill core characters to the plot, so we can get things running ASAP.

    Other notes:
    Intermediate to advanced writers preferred. Knowledge of the Tolkien novels, not essential, so long as you have a firm grasp on the movies. Site & over all plot, is/will be, member driven. Here, we strive to create an active, thriving community, where everyone’s individual stories all weave & fit together, to become a part of the over all back story & history within the group, giving you, yes you the chance to affect the plot over all. LGBT friendly.

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