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    Durin’s Heir

    Not all who wander, are lost…

    We are Once Upon An Unexpected Journey, an AU Once Upon a Time, J.R.R Tolkien crossover RPG. Set predominantly in the wake of the Battle of The Five Armies, a curse, to end all curses, causes injured & dying residents of Middle Earth, to find themselves in a strange & new land.

    All three heirs of Durin have fallen, and are grasping for their very last breaths, when a dark & ominous cloud rips through the horizon, taking anyone who posed a potential threat to its caster, into a horrible world, a world where their lives and memories would be taken, where there were no happy endings. A place of myth & legend, to them, called Morwall. To us, Storybrooke. Our world.

    The curse hits just in time, to spare Kili, Fili, & Thorin, from death, waking up as trauma patients in Storybrooke general, as victims of a serious stabbing attack. But who is the guilty party? Why has such violence suddenly found it’s way into the not so sleepy, sleepy little town? And what is the purpose of the curse in the first place? Who is behind it? Does it all link back to Rumpelstiltskin & the Dark One’s quest for definitive power? Will memories be restored? Can fates truly be changed? And what lies in store for all whom the curse left back in Middle Earth?

    Join us now, to find out, & control your character’s fate. Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Human, Hobbit, & Fairytale characters alike, all are welcome, so sign up now, & begin your path along this Unexpected Journey…

    Here, we strive to create an active, thriving community, where everyone’s individual stories all weave & fit together, to become a part of the over all back story & history within the group, giving you, yes you, the chance to affect the plot over all.
    So what are you waiting for?
    Join us now.
    And pick your side, in what will lead to the ultimate battle against evil and power.

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    Durins Heir

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    Durins Heir

    Site can be located by following the above link.

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