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    We live mainly the time period the books and most roleplaying games skip over โ€“ generally the 1980s and the beginning of the ’90s โ€“ we’ll see how the society healed from the long war, and what happened when in the summer of 1992 a rumour spread that the Boy Who Lived battled Voldemort inside Hogwarts! How is your character adapting? Or is it a muugle who’s yet to find out about the secret world of magic? Or perhaps a muggle who’s absolutely terrified by magic like Mr. Dursley? In addition to the final two years of the first wizarding war, in this RPG muggles and the everyday life and festives or wizarding families can stand out.

    This time and setting provides nearly endless possibilities for your characters and gives room for almost any kind of character! Both, muggle and wizarding sociaties are equally available. So also muggle characters have tons of possibilities even if they didn’t know anything about magic’s existance. And the extensive information package makes sure that anyone who’s interested can enjoy playing here, as you don’t necessarely need to know the story or the Potter universe beforehand!

    This might be an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to combine everyday life to the enchanting universe of the Harry Potter books!

    * * * * *

    NEVERMORE OFFERS, among other things:

    ~ Small application! Also relatively free-form.

    ~ No word count, as long as your average game post is more than a few lines. This hopes to target writers from intermediate to advanced but beginners are welcome. After all, you can develop writing skills only by writing and reading.

    ~ Extensive cast of playable species and character types & you don’t need any special permissions to have them! In addition to witches, wizards, squibs and muggles you could play vampires, werewolves, hags, goblins, house-elves, centaurs and ghosts! There’s info on many other non-playable magical creatures as well from which you can get great character and game event ideas.

    ~ In-depth information package on the game’s universe from which you can get tons of character and game event ideas, yet also players’ suggestions and wishes for the universe’s and game’s development are warmly welcome and encouraged!

    ~ Strongly canon based, but lots of adapting has happened so AU is allowed!

    ~ Generous god-moding rule that still doesn’t rob anyone off their rights for their character!

    ~ Over 12 years long timeline to really get into your character’s life + you’re free to set game events outside it as well!

    ~ Free-flow gaming; you can set game events to any year at any time. Grow your character as quickly or slowly as you want to!

    ~ No main plot, as in this is mostly a character plot driven rpg but you’re free to suggest side plots that could involve many characters if you enjoy them!

    ~ Offline style. You don’t have to be on the forum at any specific time.

    ~ Annnual character awards where your character can win brilliant and fun titles!

    ~ Monthly Potter related polls!

    Feedback is always appreciated!

    –> ~ WELDOME! ~

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by  Kieran.

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    + While all the basics of the Harry Potter Universe has always been blended into the indepth lore for this RPG’s universe, I realized it’s not enough for newbies in the fandom. That it can get overwhelming to try and grasp the universe’s basics through indepth lore while trying to think what kind of a character one might like to play.

    So, I have now pulled together and written short-ish summaries of the most essential basics of the HP universe. See the link at the top of our INFO page. Yet it’s totally optional read, to anyone.


    + I brought also my muggle characters here.

    + Added more info about Magic. About how it is unstable. To have more downsides to its use, what with the canon having so little and thus making it way too convinient and overly-powerful. Hopefully those visions make magic a bit more interesting yet less likely to be used at every turn, for this rpg.

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    + Set up the site calendar. (All current in-game threads/stories in chronological order.) There in the main menu behind the link “GAMES”. ๐Ÿ™‚


    + Finally I translated my Guide to Forum Roleplaying Games, and linked to it in the Basic Info section. It’s very useful for beginners both in forum RPing as well as creative writing in general.

    + I’m giving another shot to the monthly polls. Maybe this year they have some popularity? As it is middle of February this current poll will remain for all March as well, and the next one will be up in the beginning of April. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    + Brought my vision of Barty Crouch Jr. & his family over here. ๐Ÿ™‚


    + Info about Hogwarts Staff.

    + Info about the value of wizarding money within their society at the top of the Money section.

    + More background for and slight revision of Time Travel. (Main text.)

    + Info about underage magic-use to the Laws and values section of Other Essentials – General.

    + More info about The Trace section of Other Essentials – General.

    + Info about the Courts of Law to the The Ministtry & crimes section.

    + More info on accidental magic. (Added the last two paragraphs.)

    + More info on werewolves, the middle paragraph in the General section.

    + Info about the wizardkind vs. muggle customs/inventions. It is a more realistic vision than the books have, so it became one of the must-reads before joining for those who want to create a witch or a wizard character.

    + More clear and detailed info on what sources and how this RPG bases on, in the Basics sections, the Base field which is the very last one.

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