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    Mojo: Greetings all, this is a paid Advertisement of Mojovision(tm). I am here to pitch to you my newest sensation. Over here in Earth 19 I have…well opened the eyes of the Elder of the Universe, the Grandmaster. You see, I made him realize that with his Reality Stone…he can turn his reality…INTO THE ULTIMATE REALITY GAME SHOW.

    FORGET A MERE CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS FOLKS, AT ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, EVEN BY REQUEST…REAL FIGHTS, REAL CHALLENGES, AND TO THE WINNERS…THEIR DREAMS MADE MATERIAL. WEALTH, POWER, THE DEAD COME BACK TO LIFE, McRIBS ALL,YEAR ROUND….someone seriously asked for that last one. Yours for the taking. Even the Cosmic Gods can join in, back mortals and win perks. We got a perfectly legal cosmic betting pool. All you need to do is sign up.

    Trust me…do I look like a man who would lie? *turns* Why are you laughing at me Major Domo? I…cut the feed. This ad is done.

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