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    There are men, there are monsters, and then there are legends, but where do each of these things end and the others begin? What creatures lurk in the dark and which stand in the minds of men and yet have not once stood on the soil of this world, what gods never truly made it to ascension, and what men were truly more than mortal, despite none ever knowing that their influence were touched with drops of the divine?

    In a world so old that history becomes myth, where sometimes even the knowledge of the fantastical is only the surface level of knowing the truth, the secrets that the men and women touched with the spark of heroes will uncover will shake the very foundations of creation.


    Hey everyone.

    I’m Rite, part of the team that’s leading the development of the new, play-by-post, rpg forum that’s just been put out on the internet. I’m the one in charge of advertising and getting our name out — and I’ve just been given the go-ahead to let myself loose on the internet and to try and get you to come to our site.

    What will you find? Well, we’re a little different than your typical rpg forum. Firstly, we do require a writing sample and that you’re 18+. We deal with a lot of weighty issues and we want to make sure you’re going to be able to write above a merely hack-and-slash level — I hope you don’t take that badly, in no way are we going to insult anyone’s writing, I promise that’s really not the intent. We’re just trying to create a mature and thoughtful community of quality writers.

    The other reason that we’re being a little choosy is because letting a lot of people in would really overburden the staff, as we run much like a tabletop rpg, in that every, single player is going to be writing with a Dungeon Master and also oftentimes a group of likeminded player characters or npcs created by staff accounts.

    As a side note, this does mean that we’ll be recruiting Dungeon Masters.

    In any case, our players are given every liberty and we avoid letting anyone be bored by letting them embark on epic, world-changing stories that will and can actually affect the world that everyone plays in. So, if any of that sounds good to you, then we’d invite you to visit us at:

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