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    Back in 2001 three friends in high school Economics class came up with an idea to have a gundam site where you could create your own characters in a brand new Gundam Universe. From there Gundam Legends was born, and the site became really popular as sites like that were all the rage back then. But when everyone started graduating high school and going their seperate ways the site began to go into decline and eventually shut down.

    This is the newest incarnation of Gundam Legends. The game is set in a made up universe which takes elements from all the gundam universes and mixes them in a unique setting. In order to play this game you first create a character, which can be either a character that already exists within the Gundam universe, or a brand new character that you make up.

    After you do this you get to choose a Gundam to pilot, which can be any mech from the entire Gundam universe, or a made up mech of your own design, but you must provide a picture of it. The object of the game is to increase your pilot and gundam’s stats so they are higher then everyone else’s and to eliminate any opposition. You will have the chance to ally yourselves with others via a guild-like group called an Organization which will work together to reach a common goal. Alliances can be made, or broken, but it makes for a dynamic atmosphere.

    There are also special quests you can go on which lead to legendary and unique items to enhance your mobile suit, and there are many skills your pilot can learn that wither speeds up gameplay or gives you an edge in battle, the choices you have are pretty endless.

    Battles are pretty numerous like in any gundam game, which are all written out in a story-like format by one of our writers. There are also many special events that go on, and active community to share the experience with. And finally the most crucial aspect of this game is time, every action takes real-time days to complete. So a quest can take anywhere from 8-20 days to complete, which will actually take 8-20 real-time days to finish. There are skills to decrease this time, but the game is designed to be a slow-paced action game that can be done at your leisure and does not require constant time if someone has a busy schedule.

    Well I hope to see everyone on the forums, and if you are reading this you join in on the fun!

    -Phage, Site Owner and Co-creater

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    If you want to come check us out, the address is here:

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